Dry Herb Vaporizer Instruction and Review. Types of Dry Herb Vaporizers and More Details

    Dry Herb Vaporizer Instruction and Review. Types of Dry Herb Vaporizers and More Details

    If you have been trying to find a more safe way for enjoying your marijuana without having to smoke or eat edibles, then you need to consider using a dry herb vaporizer.

    This device is unique and is ideal for people who prefer to vape instead of smoking. There are a variety of dry herb vaporizers that you can find in the market and each of them offers varied experiences and you can get multiple benefits from them compared to using joints, edibles and bowls.

    These vaporizers give vapor clouds that have plant material and you can inhale them to get a natural pathway of cannabis effects. One good thing about the dry herb vaporizers is that they are easy to use and this is one feature that makes them easy to use by beginners.

    Not only do beginners use the pen, but also advanced vape users prefer the pen due to its convenience and the better combustion abilities the pen has. 

    What is a dry herb vaporizer

    A dry herb vaporizer is a portable vape tool that can heat up dry cannabis elements to give a vapor that carries plant material. When vaporizing on the pen, it gives flavors and aromas and you will easily feel these effects when you are using the pen.

    While you may find pens that use oil, wax and other elements in a cartridge, this vape only works with dried cannabis flowers that are loaded onto a chamber. 

    Dry herb vaporizers might look somewhat more intimidating that an oil vape pen and there are many steps to follow when you want to use the pen. The pen has many components that you need to work with and the process of loading the pen is very much involving compared to the simple steps of inserting a pre-filled cartridge.

    Many dry herb vape pens follow the similar basic instructions that you are already aware of if you are a user of vape pens. You will only get a few variations in some of the specifications compared to the other models available. You can be sure to check with your user’s manual before you start vaping on the pen. 

    Types of dry herb vaporizers

    There are two major types of dry herb vaporizers that you can find in the market at the moment. The two types are portable and desktop. The portable vaporizer is the most common one and it the most common one, always referred to as vape pen. The pen is a compact device and it can be easily fitted into the pocket or bag and even store it in your home drawer when you are not using it. 

    The portable pen is easy to carry around and it is necessary if you need to take small and quick hits here and there. This is because the pen can only hold a small amount of crushed leaves and it is best if used solo or between two people at maximum.

    On the other hand, the desktop vaporizers are bigger in size and have a plug in feature for powering. Many people use this device when they are at home because it is bigger and the bulkiness makes it inconvenient for carrying around because it needs more storage space.

    The desktop vaporizer holds more herb compared to the vape pen and makes it an ideal selection for long lasting usage and chilled sessions. The technology used to make the desktop vape pens is very advanced and has more power compared to the ones you get in portable vape pens.

    You can get bigger hits that will enable you get more vapor. The larger holding capacity is good for group vaping but it can also be used for solo vaping. 

    Parts of a dry herb vaporizers

    • A ceramic heating chamber, some are made of metal
    • There is a battery or a butane heating source
    • Provided charging cables and cords with plugs
    • There is a filter and sieving screen
    • A mouthpiece is also provided

    How to use the dry herb vaporizer

    Grinding the dry herbs

    Before you use the dry herb vaporizer, it is important that you ensure your buds are well ground. When you get yourself a good quality grinder, then you are sure that you are getting the best quality.

    This can break the buds into smaller pieces and you need to ensure that the grind is soft and not too chunky. A soft powder makes it easy for the hot air to move through them from the vape pen bringing along all the good trichomes of plant matter. 

    Packing your dry herbs

    After you have gone through the process of grinding your herbs, it is time to load them onto our pen. If you have a bigger heating chamber, it will be easier to load and use. This is true especially if you are using a desktop vaporizer because it is more user friendly owing to the large space that they utilize. 

    When packing your dry herbs, make sure that they are lightly packed and if you pack them too tight, it can easily constrict the flow of air making the vape experience poor.

    If you put less than the required amount of powder, you will only get air when you take a draw from the pen. It is therefore recommended that you use a more light pack that has a good edge capacity to give you the best flavors and aromas from your herbs. 


    Selecting your temperatures

    There are a variety of vape pens to use for the purpose of dry herbs, some are very easy to use because all you need to do is to charge them. You will also find the most complicated devices to use and you will get multiple settings for the temperatures. You will find pens with manual dials and some with electronic displays but at the end of them you get to know what pen you are using. 

    The best temperatures for the herbs is somewhere around 375-410°F but most of these pens have different builds for varied temperatures. It is therefore important start vaping at lower temperatures and move up to higher settings. Once you get to higher temperatures above 415°f then you are subjecting your herbs to getting burnt.

    Charging your dry herbs vaporizers

    If you are a common user of wax pens, then you will need to be well prepared to open your vape pen. Most of these pens work differently and it is necessary that you conform the instructions about charging of your vape pen. You will find a manual both online or in your kit.

    It is important that you do not keep your vape pen in your charger for a very long time because it affects the batteries a lot. The functions of the vape pens are different and they all depend on the pen you are using.

    To charge the pens, you need to connect the provided USB charger to a power source and ensure that the indicator light comes on. Also never leave your vape pen charging all night. 

    How to clean a dry herb vaporizer

    Cleaning your dry herb vaporizer is a very easy process and it is better than the other vape accessories such as glass pipes. You need to focus mostly on not soaking the components in cleaning solution. The first step when cleaning your pen is to make sure that the heat chamber has cooled down and this depends on the materials.


    Remove that detachable parts and take out the remnants of the herbs on the pen. Use a pipe cleaner with a little isopropyl to take out the debris and any residue. The cleaning brush will come in handy when you need to clean the filters and you can also soak the filter screen in some isopropyl alcohol. When you are done with the internals, find a dry cloth to wipe the outside of the pen


    Dry herb vaporizers are some of the essential vaping tools that are available in the market. They are easy to use and have been proven to be very efficient in passing cannabis elements, you therefor have to ensure that you get yourself one of these pens in your collection. 


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