WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Dragon Vape: Dragon Vape E-Juice, Flavors, and other Dragon Vape Equipment Review

9th May 2021 | 339 | upends v

Most people have turned to vaping rather than smoking. Since vapes have proved to deliver the most desirable flavors and satisfactory vaping sessions, it is not something to be surprised by. Of late, there has been a trending tendency of more use of e-cigarettes generally but mostly among young people. Talking of e-cigarettes, they include a diverse group of devices that lets the users inhale an aerosol, which contains nicotine, additives, and tasty flavorings. In this article, you will come to a deeper knowledge of and liking towards one of the most loved and celebrated vape pens in the modern market.

What is Dragon Vape?

Dragon Vape Company has been the pioneer in the electronic cigarette industry and has ever since been around to provide the best hardware and vape juices of all time. You are on the right path to know the various features of the Dragon vape and its awesome performance levels.

Dragon E-Juice Review

The Dragon Fruit liquid is a fruity kind of juice with flavors of a dragon fruit well known as Pitaya. Once you open the bottle, the sweet fruity scent of the dragon fruit is gradually perceptible. The user is left with the uttermost sweet and pleasant smell to enjoy for as long as he or she desires.

If you take a keener interest at the taste level of the juice, you will realize that it is rather sweet. The aromatic power of the juice can be lively be felt. Being curious enough, you will take the taste sensation of the dragon fruit to be slightly fruity, acidulous and relatively sweet, much more like a cactus.

Dragon E-Juice Flavor

The unbelievably amazing lychee dragon is a distinctive flavor profile that genuinely packs a punch. If you get to access this kind of flavor, you will notice how fresh the dragon fruit flavor is, along with a hint of luscious lychee located at the inhale and a smooth strawberry medley right on the exhale. This tropical flavor would be a gem to your taste buds.

The E-liquids tend to be economical since you will have to use them in small quantities. Most e-liquid come in 15ml bottle size. For every bottle, you would have consumed 3mg of nicotine. Get your best collection from the Dragon vape products and experience its greatness.

Other Dragon Vape Equipment

Wotofo Elder Dragon RDA Tank

The Elder Dragon RDA displays a compact pagoda shape. In all elements at the deck bottom, a tai chi symbol is drawn. Since Pagoda is always seen to be sacred and powerful in oriental culture, this is the concept behind the design of this vape tank.

To allow different coil directions, the Elder Dragon RDA has a 22mm post-less build deck. You will marvel at how easy and intuitive it is when installing the vape equipment’s coil. It feels really delightful when you get a chance to see and hold this equipment.

It is all fun when you wish to clean the Elder Dragon RDA since it has got detachable air inlets. There are also two screws right at the deck bottom that is meant to hold the air inlets in place. The juice well on the deck is pretty much deep, so it needs less frequent drips of the e-juice.


  • It has an Airflow locking feature
  • It has got an awesome Flavor
  • It Possesses a dual post-less deck


  • It produces a whistling airflow

Dragon Skin Prebuilt Coils

Not only does a Dragon skin pre-built coil look incredible, but also they deliver an unbeatable flavor you will yearn to taste. These coils are handcrafted and are extraordinarily styled to match with all types of RDA accurately. You can find the Nichrome and stainless steel coil much ideal for your vaping experience.

These coils are loved because of their lightweight nature since they weigh 40g only. This Dragon skin pre-built coils measure 3mm long, with a diameter of 1mm, which means that they are just but tiny coils. The small-sized wire delivers a 0.12-ohm resistance. For these coils to perform their heating role, a power of 30-120 watts is primly required.

You have to keep in mind that this kind of coils is best recommended for experienced users only. For beginners, you have the starter kits at your delivery for the best vaping results. It is normally fun when you can make something by yourself. The Dragonskin pre-built coils allow you to install them whenever you desire to start your vaping sessions.


  • It is cheaper to build the coils by yourself.
  • It consumes less power compared to other types of coils
  • It is light for optimum portability


  • It needs proper care and maintenance for long-lasting function

Swon Vape Battery

The Swon Vape Battery is one of the most powerful batteries made by the Dragon brand. It is a built-in 650mAh Class. The battery has got magnetic attachment that ensures an excellent connection from the atomizer to the battery every moment.

 The battery is not that huge since it has the following dimensions; 64mm by 31mm by 31mm by 16mm. This makes it compatible with the small-sized vape pen. You will be needed to use the USB charger, which the Dragon vape pen coms with faster and convenient recharging.

The battery is protected from over-charging or over-discharge. A Lithium battery that enables you to heat the e-liquid inside the vape for up to 4 temperature settings. Remember, you are not left to guess anything concerning the temperature levels. There a LED indicator that displays a green color to indicate low temperature, blue, red, rainbow, to indicate medium, high and pre-heat temperature, respectively.


  • It has a discrete size and a lightweight nature
  • Provides easy and convenient charging
  • Has safety protections, for example, over-charging


  • The stylish plastic panel pops off

AV Dragon Style Mechanical Tube Mod

These represent the battery compartment section of an e-cigarette device. And the mods are not absolutely independent since they require 18650 batteries to be purchased separately for the AV Dragon Style Mechanical Tube Mod to operate.

This Mod features a stunning, full engraved dragon pattern on the middle tube. You may tend to wonder what material this Mech Mod is made of. Well, this is 25mm by 90 copper equipment, which serves you for a long time without wearing down.

You will appreciate its marvelous portable nature, which is brought about by its small and slim design. This device also measures 192gthat will highly encourage you to carry it to wherever you wish.


  • It delivers fantastic flavors
  • It is convenient for frequent vaping
  • Consumes less power


  • It requires frequent buying of batteries

Dragon Hitz Tank Atomizer

This Dragon Hitz Tank Atomizer is ideal vaping equipment when it comes to vaping. This device can allow you to operate it within the range of 15- 20 watts. This makes it an economical machine in terms of power cost. You will definitely meet a pre-installed, built ceramic coil that heats up the e-liquid to your specified temperature.

Thanks to the bottom airflow and the four large liquid holes designed on this equipment, to ensure that very vicious extracts can be vaporized successfully. To fill the Dragon Hitz Tank Atomizer, you will have to unscrew the lid to locate the two holes. Remember, you are not supposed to fill the wax or liquid into the middle opening.

This device employs the inhalation method, whereby you are needed to inhale the sweet vapor directly from the device. What makes the Dragon Hitz Tank Atomizer most appreciated by most vapers is how light it is. It measures 0.90 kg only. Along with this weight, its slim design makes it a highly portable tool to carry around.


  • It produces more vapor than other vapes
  • Possess high-quality materials and structure
  • Has many flavor options


  • They are less cheap


If you are looking for the perfect vaping sessions, then you will definitely have to visit the Dragon vape equipment. For the most flavorful E-Juices, you will be served with the best quality that every vaper would yearn to use. There are well re-known vape tanks that have large capacities for more e-liquid use per vaping session. Get your Dragon vape equipment at your access, and your vaping life becomes more fun.