Dr Vape: For the Best and Top-Quality Vape Devices and Accessories

    Dr Vape: For the Best and Top-Quality Vape Devices and Accessories

    DR Vapes

    Dr Vapes first started in 2014 in the UK. Which quickly became a favorite amongst the vaping community due to the rise of demand and intense flavor all-day-vape status. Since then, DR Vapes has been working hard to introduce the best-selling flavors complete with ever-popular salt nicotine, E-Cig Accessories, and hardware.

    Vaporesso Gen S Full Set-Up | Combo

    The Vaporesso GEN S Kit is an exceptional selection for your latest high wattage kit. With the 220W Vaporesso GEN S device in exclusive colors with the ultra-flavorful 8ml capacity Drip Tank.


    • 220W Max Power
    • Comprehensive Temperature Control
    • AXON Chip Inside
    • Pulse Mode: Fires Every 0.2s for 27% More Flavor & Vapor Production
    • Power ECO Mode: Longer Battery Life
    • Smart TC Mode: Accurate Temperature Control
    • DIY Mode: Customize Your Settings
    • 91" OLED screen
    • Zinc Alloy Construction
    • Single Power Button
    • Three Operation Buttons
    • Micro USB Port
    • Fingerprint-resistant Rubber Coating
    • Fire-resistant Polycarbonate Layer
    • 4-Layer Metal Spray To Reduce Wear
    • Top Refilling Tank
    • Turn and Push To Open Tank
    • Insulated Layer Between E-Liquid & Tank


    • 1 Vaporesso Gen S (mod)
    • 1 Set of 25R or 30Q Batteries
    • 1 Single Drip tank
    • 60ml E-liquid
    • Voopoo Drag 3 Kit Combo


    • 1x Voopoo Drag 3 Kit
    • 1x 120ml Dr Vapes E-liquid

    Specification and Features

    • Size: 138x25x52mm (including tank)
    • Output: 5-177W.
    • User modes: VW, RBA, Smart, Super (over 80W in RBA mode)
    • Battery: 2×18650 (not included)
    • Display: 1.08in Colour TFT screen.
    • Resistance limits: 0.1-3ohm.
    • Material: Leather and Zinc Alloy.
    • The Drip Tank - 3-Pack

    The latest hardware release of Dr Vapes! The core element of the Drip Tank is Intense flavor, intelligent design, and incredible durability.


    • Size: 46x24mm
    • 15Ω Resistance
    • Best performance: 50 Watts
    • 5ml Capacity
    • 40-50 Wattage
    • Package
    • Drip Tank Base
    • Flavor Temperature Guide
    • Drip Tank Pod(3)
    • User Manual
    • The Drip Tank - 3-Pack (Pods Only)


    • Size: 46x24mm
    • Best performance: 50 Watts
    • 15Ω Resistance
    • 40-50 Wattage
    • Capacity: 3.5ml
    • Package
    • 3 Drip Tank Replacement Pods
    • User Manual
    • Flavor Temperature Guide
    • Odb Battery Wraps - Og Pink

    Each package contains 4 x 18650 OG Pink wraps

    Odb Battery Wraps - The Drip

    Each package contains 4 x 18650 The Drip wraps

    Disposable pods

    Fly  Disposable Pods

    It is a portable and low-wattage disposable vape pod system that has utilizes a closed-end vapor system.

    • Flavors
    • Pink Panther iced
    • Pink Panther
    • Pink Panther smoothing purple
    • Panther gold Panther
    • Package
    • 1 * 1.3 Ml device with 450 puffs
    • 5% nicotine

    Black fly pods

    • It has rich, warm vanilla tobacco balanced to perfection. Black is the best for tobacco lovers.
    • Package
    • 6 premium Dr vape e-liquid
    • 50MG nicotine
    • Pink fly pods

    Suppose you are ready for a switch eruption and syrupy taste, then look no further. It is fresh blackcurrant drenched in cotton candy nectar.


    • Pre-filled 1.6 ml of premium Dr vapes e-liquid
    • 50MG nicotine
    • Pink ice fly pods

    Suppose you want to indulge in the excellent refreshing taste of a fairground slash pop mouth-watering frozen blackcurrants wrapped in blankets of fluffy sweet cotton candy


    • 6 ml premium dr vapes e-liquid
    • 50MG nicotine
    • Pink smoothie fly pods

    Treat yourself to the taste of freshly squeezed blackcurrant juice and sugary cotton candy delightfully whipped together with lashings of thick, velvety cream.


    1.6 ml premium e-liquid

    50MG nicotine

    Purple fly pods

    Its greatness blows of your senses. It is made with the most flavorsome blend of grapes picked straight from the vine. Purple fly pods are a sure hit with any fruity juice lovers.

    • Package
    • 6ml Premium dr vapes e-liquid
    • 50mg nicotine


    Vaporesso Gen S Full Set-Up | Combo

    The GEN S Mod has an 0.91" OLED screen and is compatible with the favorite type of batteries. When installed, the GEN S can charge your  DRIP  or OG PINK ODB 18650 batteries in 60 minutes with a required charger that has a 2.5A fast charging piece.

    The AXON Chip in the GEN S device has four powerful modes so that you can vape your way. Try out Vaporesso's signature Pulse Mode, which fires your coil every 0.2s as you hold the button down for 27% more Dr Vaper flavor and vapor production and an ultra-consistent vape experience.

    Vaporesso's unique multi-layer device construction makes using the GEN S a gratifying experience along with the superior technology built into the device. Your device has a layer of light and resilient fire-resistant polycarbonate to start with. This combination of Vaporesso and Dr vaper is the best.

    The package includes an 8ml Drip Tank built to stabilize unique Dr vape flavors, exciting vapor clouds, and match with Vaporesso GT Coils. Subject to the coil of your choice,  you can choose to vape at 15W or 110W. The drip tank improves vaping at higher power.



    • Great build quality
    • Color options
    • Very lightweight
    • Nice soft feel
    • Handles 26 mm atomizers without overhang
    • The screen is bright and stress-free to read
    • Perfectly laid out and easy to use menu system
    • Battery door easy to open and switch out batteries
    • Voltage and watt curve modes available
    • Accurately rated for watts
    • It has a boost circuit
    • Good TC performance
    • High amp limit
    • Fast charge rate (2.24 amps)
    • Tank looks great and matches with the mod
    • Perfect power mode performance
    • Large 8 mL capacity


    • The screen is small and white and black
    • Subpar coil performance
    • Black Delrin 510 tip is plain-looking
    • No listing for amp and volt limits on-site or manual

    Fly disposable pods

    Are you a newbie? Do you want a Quick, cheaper, effective, and discreet way to enjoy vaping? then this is the best disposable pod for you

    Not to forget their products live up to their name and taste amazing particularly the blackcurrant cotton candy. I am just in love with the Pink Series! The best e-liquids on the market! Juices are quality.

    I've used Dr Vapes products for some time now as they sell pretty much my favorite liquid (Blue), and every time the experience has been perfect.


    • Balanced slick design and balanced pool
    • light, slim and portable
    • Outodraw system
    • Cheap
    • Self-contained and easy to use
    • Intense flavor
    • Full-day battery
    • Five flavors


    • They pollute more
    • Cheaply made


    What is Dr vape pod?

    It is a replacement coil for a tank; we created the solution to ensure that the tank is top quality and cost-effective in the end run. the advantage is the ability to change coils easily and also to switch between pods with a variety of liquids

    where can I purchase mods, pods, and vaporizers? 

    Dr Vape has the most extensive online selection of vape products in the market. Be sure you will never miss what you want from tanks, pods, mods, and  Ecigs. 

    How do I track my orders from Dr Vape? 

    Just log into your account to get an update on your order information. When the order is shipped, you will receive an email confirmation that comprises a tracking number and guidelines for tracking your order online. The order will be trackable within 30 days of the ship date. 

    How do I return what I ordered from Dr Vape? 

    There is a specific guideline that is supposed to be followed, and we must be contacted to claim your refund. Without contacting us, the return will be void. Kindly use the contact page to send us information about the refund.


    we select our products to the customers liking. Even if you're an expert or newbie you all your needs are taken care of. Let's pin and have a field with doctor web products.



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