Dr. Dabber Vape Pen Review. The Features, Design, Build Quality, and More About Dr. Dabber Vaporizer

    Dr. Dabber Vape Pen Review. The Features, Design, Build Quality, and More About Dr. Dabber Vaporizer


    What is the Dr. Dabber vape pen?

    If you have been in the vaping industry for a while now, then you are aware of the Dr. Dabber. The brand has been known for having the best wax pen and having the high quality dab rigs.

    The dr. dabber switch is a hybrid product that holds both an electric oil rig and a dry herb vaporizer at the same time. The pen features a high-end induction heating method that could heat up within a few seconds through electromagnetism. 

    The dabber switch can be used as a desktop device or a portable one. The device has a tiny switch at the bottom that will allow you to switch between dry and wax vaping. The pen is highly optimized meaning that you can get up to 25 different heat settings and there is also a built in light bulb that can give you more than 25 LED displays. 

    Features of the dr. dabber pen

    • The power output of the pen can reach up to 120 watts
    • The battery capacity if of 33.3 watt per hour
    • There is a 64kb internal memory for usability
    • There is a pass-through charging features
    • There are many protection features for over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature and short-circuit.
    • There are multiple modes for different types of materials
    • You get precision heating cups for induction
    • The pen is unique with its self-cleaning modes

    Build and design of the Dr. Dabber switch

    The Dr. Dabber is a slightly bulkier device standing at around 10” and has a weight of more than 1 pound and a half. The weight is not so much and it can feel heavy duty. The shape of the device is a sleek hourglass design and has been finished using a black satin cover.

    There is also an aesthetic beefy knurling located at the top of the device. The coils for induction purposes is hidden behind a thick layer of frosted glass and it never comes into contact with any herbs or wax. The best feature of the frosted glass is that it only comes into contact with the metal induction cups and looks like a winning device for people who like having neat stuff. 

    The induction cup internals are made of ceramic hardware, but there are other materials available such as quartz, sapphire and silicon carbide. Though some of these materials are sold separately, the glass tool and the carb cap come with black silicone seals which are necessary to provide a superbly secure fit and ensure that the glass is protected. The carb caps are highly recommended for use. 

    The device itself comes in a huge box that could resemble a video game system or anything that comes in a packaged box. The tools are perfectly organized in the box and it adds up as the storage system for the device when you are not using the pen.

    The box is multifunctional and it can be used for carrying the device around because it has a handle at the top. Even though the Dr. Dabber switch is more of a desktop device, it can be easily used for portability purposes and you can just put it in your backpack anytime you want to travel.

    The battery capacity of the dr. dabber switch is very strong and it could easily hold up to 150 sessions on one charge. The most impressive feature about the battery is that it could go from a flat charge to full in less than thirty minutes. Additionally, you get a pass through feature that lets you use your pen even when it is charging.

    One thing you will note about the LiFePO4 battery of the Dr. Dabber is that it comes with its own charging cable that resembles a laptop. The battery of the pen can be replaced and if you ever lose it or get it damaged, you can easily purchase a whole new unit. There are many built-in safety options that come with the pen, including a two year warranty. There is a lot that has been put in thus pen in terms of performance, and also with long term usage in mind. 

    How to use the Dr. Dabber switch

    The whole device utilizes three buttons and one switch. You get a plus and minus symbols on the device and there is the activate function when you press the middle of the device. The GO button has a Dr. Dabber logo on it and you could notice a slight overstretching curve.


    Generally, the device is very straightforward and it comes with a well detailed user manual for easy operation. For those who do not fancy the use of user manuals, you could use the small instruction cards that are found at the bottom of the device just below the plate. 

    • To turn on the device, you can select between the dry herb and oil selection by selecting the left or right switch positions respectively. The switch is easy to notice because it has a leaf and oil icon. When you press on the middle position, the LED lights will light up. 
    • If you want to look at the heat setting you are using, you can use the + or – button and you can use the same buttons to adjust your heat settings. to save your selected heat setting, press on the GO button and it could also save the setting automatically if you do not press the button for five seconds
    • After you have pre-set your heat settings, the LED lights will indicate using a pink light. Every light displayed indicates a 20% charge of the pen and if they are all flashing simultaneously, it means that your battery is running at less than 10%. With a low battery percentage, you can only get one session on the pen. 
    • To turn on the advanced mode of the pen, turn off the device firs and press on the GO button while switching the button. The multicolor LED lights will turn on and after you select your heat setting, you can get the five cycle ranges which hold five pre-sets each.                   

    Pros and cons of the Dr. Dabber


    • The device used the induction heating technology
    • The pen is versatile and uses dry herb and concentrates
    • You can get up to 25 heat settings when using the advanced mode
    • The pen can fully heat up in seconds
    • The heavy duty nature of the pen makes it reliable
    • You get nice aesthetics when you buy the device
    • The bubbler attachment of the device is great
    • The whole device is well designed making it easy to use
    • You get a good battery life that is long lasting


    • If you vape on high settings it can turn your dry herbs black
    • The vaporizer is only usable with dr. dabber accessories
    • There is no visual interface for the pen

    Alternative vape: UPENDS

    Uppen plus

    The Uppen plus pod system is a major upgrade from the former Uppen pod. The pen still utilizes the same Etchip coil that gives you an extraordinary taste that you get when using the Uppen pod.

    The metal cap that is fitted on the pen can protect your liquids from getting oxidized when you are not using them. The metal cap therefore ensures that you get freshness anytime you use the pen.


    The Dr. Dabber switch is a high quality device that has a worthwhile price tag and uses a cutting edge heating technology. The pen is very impressive and the long lasting battery life make the pen a very good investment.

    You get a top-tier build quality when using the device and the switches and accessories are made using very durable materials and the glass bubbler is very thick and strong. The pen is additionally versatile in functionality and it gives you options of vaping on dry herbs or wax concentrates.

    The dab rig can heat up in five seconds making it a very easy to switch device. The device is not very cheap which means that it has been built into perspective with high end glass pieces which retail at a fairly cheaper price. 


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