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Does Vape Juice Expire? Can Vape Juice Go Bad

12th May 2022 | 13 | ZengGreta

Just like the normal cigarette, vape juices become stale and lose the much-needed flavour. The only difference is expiry dates shouldn’t be displayed on cigarette packages. So, would you consider the expiry date or staleness of your e-liquid when determining whether the vape juice is expired? Can a vape juice expire and still retain its original flavour?

Does Vape Juice Expire

Whichever vape juice you choose to vape, the quality of e-juice flavour determines your level of satisfaction. But when direct lung vaping is involved, your health is more important. And since different vape juices use different ingredients, how quickly the vape expires, becomes stale or the flavour grows stronger differs from one brand to another.

Vape juices expire over a certain period of time. Generally, a well-stored vape juice expires after 1 - 2 years.

When reading the written date, it’s good to differentiate between expiry date and best before (BB) date. Whereas the latter means it's best to use before the stated date, the former means it shouldn’t be used after the written date.  

Can Vape Juice Go Bad

When talking about vape juice, the term “go bad” is defined in many ways. But restraining ourselves to "flavour and smell" would make more sense. It’s through the process of oxidation that vape juices go bad. Some vape users use the term "stale" referring to a change in flavour.  

Whether the vape is made from propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), it will go bad after a certain period of time. Also, whether vape juice is in a tank or not, the additional ingredients comprising chemical compounds do have the best before date and therefore expire.  

With vaping juices containing 0.5 t0 10 per cent flavour additives, a chemical reaction has to occur after a certain period of time. Again, colourings added to vape juice can best be used for a defined time. So, the answer to the question, “Can vape juice go bad” is “Yes”.

Whereas colour change may not be a worry to many people, change in flavour and smell should make you consider it a health hazard.

How Do I Know Does Vape Juice Expire  

It doesn’t require an expert for anyone to know a vape juice has expired. There are many physical changes that happen to vape juices that you can see or smell. All you need is to keenly compare the vape juice's current colour with how it was during purchase.

In general, since you memorized the characteristics of your vape juice during purchase, is there any change two years later?

Various changes can make you know a vape juice has expired. They include:

  • Fade in flavour especially in VG

Almost every vape juice is available in several flavour variants with Upone having the highest -6 delicious flavours. Once you get used to your favourite flavour any slight change will be easy to notice. And that’s why it’s good to get used to a specific brand.

Immediately you taste a change in your vape juice flavour, think of expire date. Is it an issue of staleness or it has expired? Taste being a very crucial component to vapers, a bad taste will not go through unnoticed. An old juice will definitely have a change in its flavour.

  • Change in smell and “mouth feel”

When filling the vape pen tank, you always smell the vape. Just like food, vape juice will stink when stale or if it's too old. All you need is to sniff the vape juice and if there is a change in smell, it's time to dispose of it.

It doesn't have to have reached the expiry date to change in smell. In case it happens, do use it.

  • Formation of residual at the bottom tank

Vape juices are made of different components and if kept for a long period, the components will separate. This will lead to a residual settling at the bottom of the vape tank or storage bottle.

Not every components separation is as a result of juice expiry but if you doubt the age of the vape juice, it's wise not to use it. However, when the separation of the components is normal according to its previous reactions, shake the bottle well before use.

  • Slight chance of the juice colour  

This is a common phenomenon as vape juices grow in age. There are instances, in which the vape juice colour will start to change after a week or even several days. To some, this may be due to oxidation while to others it may be due to chemical reactions when exposed to heat.

Oxidation is a normal process that occurs when nicotine is exposed to oxygen or heat. But if the vape juice is more than a year old, check the expiration date or best before date before use.

  • Change in the liquid's viscosity

Viscosity refers to steadiness in the thickness of the vape juice. If you notice the top components are lighter than the bottom, you should first doubt the juice. When the juice is old there are chances you’ll find the juice have a discontinuous viscosity.  

 Is It OK To Vape Expired Juice

Just to ask; is advisable to eat expired canned food? And why would vape juice manufacturers stamp expiry dates on the bottles if the dates are of no use? It is not okay to vape expire juice as it is harmful to your health.

Whenever a packed substance intended for consumption remains unused until the written expiry date is reached, some of its components becomes poisonous. Preservatives added to vape juices lose their strength over time allowing bacterial and fungus to grow. Equally, the chemical or mineral components start to crystallize as they age.

Vegetable glycerin is abstracted from vegetables which we all know is susceptible to bacterial growth. Likewise, some of the flavourings and nicotine used in the manufacturing of propylene glycol breaks down to form toxic compounds that are harmful to the body.

Nicotine can even break down upon exposure to sunlight.

 Some juices are so good that you won’t notice any change. Whereas some people claim to have used vape juices several months after expiry, it's not advisable to use your body as a research tool.

In the case of the "Best Before" format, you should provoke all your senses and evaluate the juice condition to determine whether to vape the juice or not.

How Long Does E juice Last  

Vape juices last or e-liquids have their expirations dates limited to between 1 and 2 years from the date of manufacturing. Vegetable glycerin (VG), nicotine and propylene glycol (PG) are the main ingredients in any vaping juice. These ingredients do expire after a certain period of time.

There are other many ingredients used in the making of e-juices. They have a shelf life too. And whether stored in a well-ventilated dark room or otherwise as directed by the manufacturer, the e-juice components will expire one day.

Since e-juices are composed of different ingredients, how long each lasts differs from the other. That’s why we recommend you stick by the stamped expiry date. And if drastic changes occur to the juice before the stated date of expiry, consult the supplier or manufacturer before using it.

Why You Should Consider UPENDS Products

Among the exterior environmental factors that affect the taste and smell of e-juices are air and sunlight. Uppen Plus is a distinctly designed vaping pen whose design is meant to protect the e-juice freshness by protecting it from exposure to air.


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Its extreme taste does not easily fade away. Thanks to the tightly fixed body and the powerful coil. This makes it easy to detect any change in smell and taste. And just like the Upone, the strong stable flavour doesn't go away so fast. So in case, it goes bad, only one vape is enough for you to notice the change.


It is true vape juices do go bad and they also expire after a period of 1 -2 years. Through the change in flavour and smell, it’s very easy to know whether it's stale, it has gone bad or it’s expired. And that's why you should stick to one brand and one flavour.