Do Gas Stations Sell Vape Pens? Read to Learn Whether Gas Stations Sell Vaporizers

    Do Gas Stations Sell Vape Pens? Read to Learn Whether Gas Stations Sell Vaporizers

    Find Gas Stations Selling Vape Pens Open Near Me (My Location)

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Gas Stations selling vape pens near me(my location).

    Vaping has grown to become a common activity in many countries and with the relaxed laws, there are less repercussions concerning vaping. Most of the vape pens in use have been approved for consumption and even with the relaxed laws, some regulation is required.

    Many people have switched to vaping after quitting the use of combustible tobacco and this comes after it was proven that vape is the best alternative. You can therefore use your vape anywhere you want to and you could even carry some in your backpack.

    For some people, they may not have carried enough product to last them for a day and they might need to get a refill or a new kit. To get a new vape pen, you will need to buy one from a vape store or make an order online and get it delivered to you. But what happens if you are travelling or you are far from a vape outlet?

    Is it worth checking into a gas station to check if they can sell you a vape pen? It is quite not clear whether gas stations can sell vape pens or the type of vapes they are allowed to stock.                    

    Sale of vape pens in gas stations

    At some point you might have noticed that some gas stations have vape pens available at their counter. It goes without saying that the common use of vape pens have made them available even at the nearest gas stations to you. Some gas stations sell vape pens but this is determined by a lot of things.

    One thing you can be sure of is that there are limited selections that are allowed to be sold at a gas station. The longevity and quality of these vape pens may also differ compared to what you would find in a specialty vape shop.

    But you might also be lucky to find a few notable brands you are familiar with at the gas station counter.                   

    Factors that determine sale of vape pens at gas stations

    Frequency of customers

    A gas station may choose to stock a few selections of vape pens because most of their clients ask for it. For some people, going to a vape shop may seem too hectic and considering that vape products are equated to cigarettes and are much safer, you can easily stock them at a gas station without so much hassle.

    Type of vape pens

    It is clear that there are many types of vape pen, these include wax pens, oil pens and dry herbs. It is therefore important to consider the type of vape pen in question to know the availability. Most of the cannabis related vape pens are not likely to be sold at a gas stations due to regulations and exposure. Therefore, a gas station can only stock e-cigarettes because they are mostly needed by people who are quitting smoking

    The longevity of the pens

    Vape products such as e-liquids tend to get oxidized when they are exposed to air or light. When a gas station stocks too many e-cigarettes, they are likely to get bad before the whole stock is sold. This depends on the number of people who actually go to buy vape pens. There might be very few people who use e-cigarettes within that area so it is better not to assume their preferences.

    Government regulations

    It goes without saying that laws and regulations in the US differ from state to state and this is one determinant of whether you can find a vape pen in a gas station. Some states are against vaping or sale of vape products so it will be very unreasonable for a gas station to sell vape pens in such jurisdictions. In other states, the sale of vape pens is only allowed in vape stores and there could be tough measures put in place to curb external sale.

    Buying vape pens in a gas station vs. buying in a vape store

    There are many advantages and disadvantages involved with purchasing vape pens in a gas station vs. buying in a vape shop. Each of these options have their own weight and you will find that every option works. 

    Buying at a local vape shop gives you more convenience because they most likely have what you are looking for and if that is not the case, they might have other options for you that still work.

    You will get your questions answered appropriately and you can be guided on how to use the pen you are buying. When at the local vape shop, you will also be able to see other [products and ask about them. This adds up as a learning opportunity for you in terms of vape products. 

    At a gas station, there are only limited selections of vape pens. You will mostly find that the vape pen you are looking for is not being stocked and you might have to settle with an option that does not adequately serve you.

    You will also not get enough guidance concerning your purchase because most of the staff serving you do not have much knowledge about the product. Compared to the gas station vendors, the local shop dealers have more information about the products. 

    Vape pens you can buy at a gas station

    Logic pro vaporizer

    This cape pen is very cost friendly and very portable. This pen is suitable for customers who prefer to vape with convenient devices and simple pens. The pen is fitted with a 650mAh battery and it can be regarded as a good pen for moderate vaping sessions.

    One reason you can find it at a gas station is because it is mostly wanted for its 2 capsule bundles that comes when you buy the kit. This means that you get prolonged vaping sessions without worrying much about the device running out on you. 

    The pen is certain to give you 1200 puffs and that is almost five times what you would get in a regular e-cigarette

    Blu pro kit

    The other pen that has been easily found in the gas stations is the blu pro kit because it is an ON-GO vape pen full with an 1100mAh battery and 10ml of tobacco juice. The tank capacity makes it a very good device because it can last for a very long time especially when one is on the road.

    The long lasting charge leaves you with less recharging and refilling issues. One thing you will enjoy about the device is that it is compatible with a blu PRO clearomizer and a blu PRO rechargeable pen.   

    V2 pro series 3 vape pen

    This pen works well with dry-herbs and concentrates and that is what makes it a perfect pen to purchase from a gas station. This is one of the most versatile vape pens and with it, you can vape on dry herbs, wax and oils as you take a trip.

    The flexibility of the pen has made it a favorite for long distance travelers. One thing you need to remember is that the device is not available in gas stations because of marijuana regulations and licensing.


    The EGO AIO is also an all-in-one device and is a product made by the popular joyetech company. The company is trusted and their products are cheap and reliable. Buying this pen at a gas station will cost you less than $20 and that makes it a good option for people who want to vape on the go.

    The pen is somewhat sizeable than a traditional e-cigarette but you can trust that it is very portable and an easy fit for your pocket or backpack. The 2ml capacity tank will come in handy when you need to switch up your vaping.

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    Gas stations always come in handy when you need to pick a few supplies. It is with no doubt that the sale of vape pens at Gas stations is something worth the effort. This has made it easy for –people to access vape pens on the go.

    Most of the people who buy vape pens at the gas stations are travelers who are seeking to refill their stock before they run out. Buying a vape pen at a gas station may also be convenient because of the proximity.


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