Detailed Review and Instructions of Innokin Proton and Innokin Plex Kit

    Detailed Review and Instructions of Innokin Proton  and Innokin Plex Kit

    Ensuring that the best products are used while vaping is a great goal of every vaper that values great vaping experience. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to go for products that are from reliable companies. Have you come across Innokin products before? Would you like to have a detailed review of thee Innokin Proton Kit and Innokin Proton Plex Kit? Do not worry! We know that you would love to have a review of Innokin and that is why, in this article, we shall be bringing to you the detailed review and instructions of Innokin Proton and Innokin Plex Kit.

    1.      A Brief Outlook of Innokin

    Created in 2011 in China, Innokin is a brand that puts together high quality standards, awesome innovations, and classical designs to create one of the best e-cigs and vaporizers you would find in the market today. The brand is widely known as Innokin Technology and they deal in a wide range of vape products that include accessories, equipment, tanks, pods, systems, liquids, and so on. Two of their very popular products are the Innokin Proton  and the Innokin Plex Kit that we shall be looking at below.

    2.      Innokin Proton 235W Box Mod Review


    2.1 Design and Quality

    Even though the Innokin Proton Mod comes with a tank attached to it, the product is quite portable and well easy to carry about. It is a quality 18650 box mod that is available in three colours. The product presents in a plastic plate material, and it comes with a side fire panel. The product comes with a joystick that enables easy adjustments of its temperature settings and watts.

    The Innokin Proton features a very quality screen display that comes with six different colour themes- we found that amazing! It has the capacity to take about 28mm tanks without any difficulty. It is powered by strong dual 18650 batteries with a wattage range of 6W to 235W.

    2.2 Features

    It comes with Joystick menu control

    Adjustable power from 6 to 235W

    It has a wide colour screen that makes it easy to use

    It comes with a large fire bar

    It is a dual 18650 device but does not come with batteries

    It has a USB charging port and a firmware update port

    It has temperature controls

    2.3 Performance

    The device starts firing at the exact time that you press the sidebar. It comes with two different coils that have been tested to be able to last much longer than most coils out there. The coil does a great job of delivering a steady flavour and an amazing throat hit. The coil has the capacity of handling around 60ml bottle of any e-liquid of your choice, it does a great job delivering both flavour and vapour- it even delivers more when you are using an e-juice with high VG content.

    2.4 Instructions on How to Use Innokin Proton Mod Kit

    You can turn on or off the device buy clicking on the sidebar three times

    Either lock or unlock it by holding the fire push joystick

    Enter the menu by clicking the joystick three times

    Exit the menu by hitting the firebar

    Easily adjust the Wattage by pushing the joystick left or right

    Adjust the Temperature Settings by pushing the joystick up or down

    Navigate through options with the joystick

    2.5 Pros

    It comes with diverse menu options to choose from

    It has a strong battery life

    High Quality product

    Features 6 different screen colours

    Amazing Design

    Easy to use

    2.6 Cons

    Its TC performance is average

    The 510 is centered

    3.      Innokin Plex Sub-ohm Tank Review

    3.1 Design and Quality

    This kit comes with almost every single thing you would need for an amazing vape experience, well except for batteries.

    The dual 18650 battery mod comes with a quite large screen, great design, and controls that are joy-stick powered. The product comes in a kit that is packaged together with Innokin Scion II tank and it is available in three different attractive colours. It is designed in a rectangular shape and comes in a texture style. The tank and the resin drip tips add perfect beauty to this product.

    It comes with a 1.45 colour screen that makes it easy to use and navigate between various options and choosing your choice out of the 6 display colours. The joystick controls make it very possible for you to adjust between the menu and settings. There is also a firing bar that makes it quite easy to fire. Though it does not come with a battery, you can easily fix a good battery to the product and use comfortably.

    3.2 Features

    It has a maximum e-liquid capacity of 4ml

    It is made with superior stainless steel material

    It has a dual adjustable bottom airflow control

    It is 510 connection device

    3.3 Performance

    The Mod performs excellently while in both wattage mode and TC mode. It starts almost immediately you fire it without any delay. Its produces splendid vapour and flavour together, with each draw coming out as smooth as ever.

    3.4 Instructions on How to Refill and Change the Coils

    Refilling is quite easy as there is a label at the top of the tank that directs you on what part to push. One you push, the centre part opens to the side and there is the filling hole right there. You might have to tilt the tank a bit so as to avoid overfilling as the coils are a bit bigger than the tank.

    To change the coil, just unscrew the base of the tank, you then unscrew the coil, remove it, and screw in the coil.

    3.5 Pros

    A large Screen that makes it quite easy to use

    Great Quality

    Comes with an easy to understand manual

    Features Joystick Control

    Comes with an inbuilt watt curve mode

    3.6 Cons

    The tank is a top-filling system which can make it leak in your pocket at times

    4.      Innokin Proton Vs Innokin Plex

    Both products are a great one from Innokin. They are both easy to use, come with really great quality, and have a really awesome performance. They both come with the joystick control feature and the display screen is clear and good. The major difference is that the coils of the Innokin Plex are small and that makes it a not too perfect Sub-ohm tank.

    5.      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Innokin Proton and Innokin Plex Kit

    5.1 How much is Innokin Proton and Plex kit?

    The Innokin Proon kit is sold for $61.99, while the proton plex is sold for about $59.47.

    5.2 How do I clean my Innokin Proton and Plex Kit?

    If you find out that your Innokin has been exposed to certain dirts, either residues from e-liquids or others, clean with a dry paper towel. It is very wrong to clean it with water or any form of liquid as this might damage the product.

    5.3 Does Innokin Proton have firmware upgrades?

    The product comes with a micro USB port that makes it possible to charge the product very fast, and not only that, it serves as a spot for delivering firmware upgrades.

    5.4 Do Innokon Proton and Plex Kit have a Warranty?

    There is a six month warranty on all electronic components which means that you can easily have them replaced within six months of purchase. Please note that payments are final and you can get refunds- you only get replacements.

    5.5 Is Innokin Proton and Plex Kit worth it?

    Overall, we can categorically say that these products are not bad at all. They are great products from Innokin as both of them are quite easy to use, have really great qualities, and are loaded with really amazing feature that would give you a great vaping experience. The only clause we found with the Innokin proton plex is that is coils and small and so they do not make it a perfect sub-ohm tank. Generally speaking, the products are worth trying out.

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    7.      Conclusion

    Innokin is one of the top brands out there when it comes to standard vape products. The innokin proton and plex kit from them are highly exceptional and you might want to try your hands on them the very next time in the market. Try checking UPENDS.COM out if you are looking to buy these products and other amazing ones.


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