WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

D.T.F.O. Vape Pen Pack Review. The Features, Performance, Pros, and Cons About D.T.F.O. Vape Pen Pack

9th Jul 2021 | 80 | upends v

The D.T.F.O. vape pen is a portable vaporizer that combines the technologies of different vape companies. The vape pen uses a unique design structure, which is by far the most advanced technology you can find in a vape pen. The design is iconic and looks something like a pod with a covering on it. The design is the best guarantee that you will get one of the best products with the best experience.

The pen has a very similar structure to the other vape pens in the market because it possesses a sturdy and compact stature. The pen is good for the vaporization of liquids and herbs, making the pen a very suitable device for multiple usages.

The blend of features makes the pen a perfect and quality vape device. This pen is simple and can be used by both beginners and advanced vape users. The fact that this pen can be used by anyone is the most attractive feature you can find. 

The pen comes with its own casing that allows you to carry your pen, and they are primarily sold in pairs. The pen has a good heating time, which is very suitable for every vape user seeking performance. The pen has a good resistance that gives the best mouth to very soft lung hits. You, therefore, get a pen that is all-around and can serve you effectively. The pen has a controllable temperature control feature that is good for maximizing your vaping experience.                 

Features of the D.T.F.O. vape pen

  • The pen has a 1100mAh rechargeable battery. 
  • The pen uses a 510 threading that can be used for universal connections
  • Has a proprietary charging system
  • Temperature control system for personalized vaping
  • The pen has compatibility with many coil types
  • There is a top-loading design for coils
  • Uses convection heating that ensures efficiency
  • L.E.D. display to indicate the power amounts

When you get yourself the D.T.F.O. vape pen, you will be amazed by the unique design of build that the pen uses. The device looks like a fountain pen with a cap to it, and it looks very discreet and private.

The vape pen design might appear to be very common within the vaping industry, which is one reason why this pen is mainly preferred by people. The D.T.F.O. vape pen comes in a black case that has the red engraved letters that read D.T.F.O.

One notable feature about the D.T.F.O. vape pen is that it has good functionality and compatibility. From the design and the outer material, you can see that the pen is durable, versatile, and portable. In addition, this has to be one of the most discreet pens that can serve many vape enthusiasts with its ability to vape low-key.                           

It goes without saying that the D.T.F.O. vape pen is strong because of the stainless steel finish that has been finished with a few matte elements. The mouthpiece comes with the cartridge already mounted on it, and you can take it apart if you need to use a new cartridge.

The pen has a matte black finish that looks so good and appealing to everyone who uses the device. You will feel the small structure of the pen when you hold it in your hands, making it easy to pocket and carry around. 

The D.T.F.O. vape pen is among any vape pens that use the single button control function. This single button design gives the pen a usable and straightforward feature that is appealing. The button can turn the device on and off while it can still function as the voltage control.

One thing about the pen is the different vaping modes that have been added to increase the performance. It can burn your substances at varied voltages giving different strengths. The 510 threading on the battery is necessary to replace worn-out tanks and use tanks from other brands. 

D.T.F.O. vape pen coils

The D.T.F.O. vape pen features one of the high-tech coil designs you can find in a small vape pen. The pen uses the ceramic coil technology that has become very common among the numerous vape pens.

Depending on how you like vaping, you will find many ways to adjust the pen to work according to your personal levels. You can be sure that the coils on this device have an improved heating technique which is very efficient.

The holding capacity is good enough, which means that you can add more concentrates to your chambers. You are sure that you will not suffer problems from accidental attacks because this pen uses a durable material.

D.T.F.O. vape pen mouthpiece

The mouthpiece of the pen is the most essential part of the pen. The mouthpiece already comes with the tank, and it is included in the package, so you do not have to pay for it.

It is a very thoughtful feature to have a dab tool included on the pen because you do not want to have too much weight carrying extra tools in your packaging kit. In addition, the mouthpiece can be detached when you want to clean the device.

Being a multiple-purpose vape pen, the mouthpiece and airflow system can easily get clogged after using it back to back. The buildup of substances can be very irritating and giving tight draws, which happen when the air holes are blocked. You will also realize that such dust can easily make the mouthpiece not close well, and this gives you the extra task of cleaning your device frequently. 

D.T.F.O. pen battery

The D.T.F.O. vape pen has a good battery capacity which is very efficient for any vape pen. The pen takes less than three hours to completely charge, and when it is fully charged, it can last for more than twelve hours. This vape pen can take you through more than one hundred sessions, but that entirely depends on the voltage settings and length of draws. When packing your substances, you also need to be sure that you make them somehow light to avoid you from straining. 

The L.E.D. The indicator on the battery is necessary to let you track the amount of battery left in your vape pen. Unfortunately, you get an internal battery that can neither be removed nor replaced. So if you have issues with your battery kit, you need to buy a new one. You also have the option of getting a warranty for your pen so that any issues related to battery and pen performance. 

D.T.F.O. vape pen performance

The D.T.F.O. vape pen is one of the best performing vape pens in many ways. This starts from the ability of the pen to hold a charge for a very long time and has a good vapor production quality. In addition, the pen battery is very effective when it comes to operation and the L.E.D. The indicator comes in handy to show you the levels. 

The temperature flexibility of the pen is also good and is significantly superior compared to the other vaporizers. The pen temperatures range from as low as 200F to 400F, which means that you get so much ease of use when toggling up and down. You get so much control when using the pen, and this is one feature that makes the most significant difference.

Pros and cons of the D.T.F.O. pen


  • The pen is reliable and economical
  • The device is simple to use
  • It has a good vapor production
  • The pen is easy to grip 
  • Flexible temperature settings


  • The pen is not very common among the other vape pens
  • The battery does not last longer


The D.T.F.O. vape pen is a masterpiece device that can quickly deliver the best form of vapor. The pen comes in a dual pack meaning that you get two pens for the price of one. This is a good selling point for the pen, and this is one way it can reach many people.

Such pens are unique in the marketplace. They are the best selection for people who like to collect vape pens, especially the rare types of pens available in the market.