Compact Vape Pen Review. A Complete Review and Guide About the Compact Vape Pen

    Compact Vape Pen Review. A Complete Review and Guide About the Compact Vape Pen

    What is a compact vape pen?

    A compact vape pen is an electronic cigarette that uses pre-filled e-liquid pods that click in magnetically. The compact vape is produced by logic, a united kingdom-based company and a subsidiary of JTI. The compact vape is an auto-draw pod system without buttons and complicated settings.

    Compact vape has come a very long way from the days of low-power cig-a-likes and one size fits all compact kits. Those early vape kits served a purpose; they can be congratulated for drawing many smokers away from the harm of smoking. One has to only inhale on the mouthpiece.

    The compact vape pen has a comfortable draw similar to cigarette compact vape pods designed to be used with a compact device. The magnetic pre-filled e-liquid is changed in seconds. It has a satisfying throat hit out of 18 megapods.

    Features of compact vape pen

    • A compact vape pen is smart and portable(pocket-sized).
    • The compact vape pen has a long-lasting battery and easy-to-use e-tips.
    • The compact vape pen is a very convenient vaping device.
    • It is manufactured to a high quality to high quality and safety standards.
    • The compact vape device is very compatible with e-liquids pods
    • Switching the flavours is quick.
    • The compact vape device has a magnetic battery that fully charges for 74 minutes.
    • A compact vape pen cannot be in use while charging.
    • The logic e-liquids are of high quality and meet safety standards.
    • The compact vape device has a sleek metallic. But unfortunately, it has no buttons or setting to adjust.

    How to use

    A compact vape pen is one of the easiest vaping devices to use. With the modern design and one-click magnetic charging,  Compact is the perfect on-the-go vape. You can switch flavours and strengths with one click.

    Assembly couldn't be easier with pre-filled e-liquid pods that click magnetically into place. It means there are no tanks to fill up and no bits to screw on. Just click in a pod and vape.

    Available in various colour finishes: Cassis, Steel Blue, Rose Gold, Slate Grey, Emerald Green, and Scarlet Red. Remove the compact e-liquid pod from its protective packaging. Activate the device with one puff.

    Design and  build quality of compact vape pen

    The  Compact Vape Pen is a sleek and handy e-cigarette that can fit straight into your pocket. It comes up with a good range of different flavoured refills ranging from low strength to an intense high.  It has a battery of   350mAh, which fully charges in around 74 minutes.

    The battery allows you to go through about three-quarters of a pod before needing to charge it.  You cannot be able to use a compact vape pen when it is still charging. The close feels slick with its metal finish, and the pods also have a premium feel to them. They are plastic, but they come in a nicely designed package with some rubber plugs to prevent leaking. The magnets of the charger are strong enough, but some of the woodcare certainly not.

    Compact vape pen vapes well look classy, and it feels premium with its metal finish.  The vape has magnets that secure the pods in place. The device is very cheap. It feels good quality and sent to be manufactured. The magnetic charge is very useful so that it does not come unplugged and is very easy to use. 

    The compact vape pen has been developed to be used exclusively with compact e-liquid pods. It is not possible to use it with other types of brand liquids. A compact vape pen is modified in a way that its customer gets satisfied.

    Finally, the Logic Compact doesn't require any maintenance. The battery should last for a total of 12 months, so you'll get your money's worth before you need to replace the battery. It is that simple.

    Performance of compact vape pen

    Most compact vape devices offer lower outputs through internal batteries, which means they utilize higher resistance coils. A compact vape pen is a small device, but it delivers an intense flavour experience. The liquids come in a squeezy bottle with an extended nozzle making topping up easy.

    The pods of a compact vape pen need some puffs to get going. The vapour is cool at first but gets warmed up after few breaths. It makes nice vapour production. The battery provides consistent performance throughout charging.

    The compact batteries last for about 300 charge cycles before they need to be replaced. It depends on how the battery has been used.


    Pros and Cons of compact vape pen


    • The advantages of compact vape kits are very open. They have much smaller form factors than bigger tank-and-mod combos and even many pen-style vapes; compact vape pens can go where few other types of equipment can.
    • It has many flavours, and it is comfortable to draw.  
    • There is no pocket, nook, or compartment made that can't be in use to stash your favourite fun-size vape. 
    • Its pods hold 1.7mL of e-liquid.
    • Furthermore, compact kits are far more discreet than larger models, which can be a bonus while vaping in public and on social occasions. 
    • With no huge clouds typical of sub-ohm devices, 'stealth vapes' allow for more subtle vaping at moments when dense clouds might prove distractive.
    • It is very easy to use.
    • It is compact and lightweight.


    • The product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.
    • Compact vape pens cannot be able to monitor e-liquids.
    • The compact vape pen lacks proper battery level indication.

    SMOKO Vape Starter 

    What is the SMOKO vape starter? 

    The Smoko Vape starter kit is undoubtedly the easiest vape for new vapers to get to grip with. Why is that? Well, this device comes with pre-filled cartridges. So, no messing about choosing and filling with e-liquid, no mess. We weren’t expecting much from this kit when it came in for review, with it appearing, on the surface, to be too basic. 


    • Super simple to use. The perfect kit for a ‘pick up and play’ vape.
    • Pre-filled cartridges 
    • Superb flavours

    Design and  build quality

     The build quality is excellent throughout, the battery life very good, but what is impressive is the most is the cartridge flavours. The tobacco/cigar and menthol flavours on offer do a superb job at replicating the real thing, and the fruit flavours have been nailed. There is also

    no huge cloud production for those that don’t want to fog out a room. Even the biggest smoking technophobe could have this working out of the box, crikey; you don’t even need to press a button to vape as it’s draw activated!

    Plus, there is a high chance the SMOKO vape pen will keep you off the cig with these flavours. If you are looking for a simple to use device with pre-filled cartridges/tanks at an excellent price then this is the one I recommend.

    Pros and cons of SMOKO vape starter


    • It is very easy to use.
    • It has many flavors.


    • It cannot be able to monitor e-liquids.

    FAQs about compact vape pens

    How do I refill the compact?

    • Remove the old pod, remove the silicone cap from the new pod, and then click the new pod into the device.
    • How to charge the compact vape pen
    • Click the charger first
    • Plug the USB in your computer and charge for up to 74 minutes.
    • When the device is fully charged, unplug, and now you're ready to use it.

    Alternative vape: UPENDS


    The Upends Uppen is a very low powered device meaning the battery should hold out for at least a full day’s use. It’s auto draw activated, so no fire button.

    With fixed airflow and wattage output, what you see is what you get. Things don’t get any simpler than this. They also don’t get any more portable than this; just don’t mistake it for your favourite Parker Knoll.   


    The compact vape pen is a pocket-sized, convenient e- cigarette. The compact vape pen has a simple and excellent design and is fully charged in just 74 minutes. It is available in 3 metallic finishes and, at just 10 cm, fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

    The compact vape pen has several flavours, such as tobacco flavour, menthol, and various fruit flavours. The box of compact vape pens contains a battery, USB charger. Concerning the package you select; you may be able to get one or three packs of pods; each has two pods in the flavour of your choice.

    These days, vapers don't need to reach sub-ohm vape kits the size of breeze blocks and invest in very expensive equipment to enjoy the very best flavour and most satisfying production. Therefore, a compact vape pen has many advantages and few disadvantages compared to other vape pens.

    UpBar RS Disposable Vape(Newest)


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