Circle K Vape Pens Review. All the Circle K Vape Pens and their Features

    Circle K Vape Pens Review. All the Circle K Vape Pens and their Features

    For those who know Circle K know that they are among the biggest convenience stores in America. Over time the store has collaborated with manufacturers of vape pens who have joined in to offer a hand in promoting their brand. 

    We are going to look at some of the vape brands that have joined hands with the circle K shop to sell their vape pens. These are the pens that you will find at any Circle K store when you are shopping for vape pens

    Best vape pens to buy at circle K

    Vessel compass vape pen

    The compass vape pen is a product from the vessel brands and is a luxurious small sized oil vaporizer. The vessel brand is known for creating stylish and high performance vape accessories. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, it has a quality airflow, ability to cartridge swivel, varied volt pre-sets and high capacity battery.

    Most traditional vape pens were long-shaped but the compass is a compact design rounded square making it fit the pocket. The large button found on the face of the device makes operation simple and the LED light indicates the volts setting and remaining charge using a color code. You can get massive airflow from this device with a 550mAh storage.

    With its different voltage pre-sets to select from, your compass will be compatible with variable kinds of cannabis oils that have various viscosities. You are able to find your perfect temperature for vaping. The absence of a preheat feature means you will have to run it on higher voltages to warm up the oil before you start vaping

    Features of the vessel compass pen

    • Small and pocket able compact design perfect fit to your palm
    • Increased airflow mechanism
    • Compatible with many 510 cartridges
    • Large battery capacity at 550 mAh
    • LED battery charge display
    • USB charging port and connections
    • Protection from overcharge

    V2 pro series vape pen

    The V2 pro series 3 is a device developed by Vapor 2 Company that makes vaping products. The V2 pro series 3 is the predecessor to the V2 pro series 2. 

    For quite a few years, the vapor 2 also known as the V2 vape brand has been selling some of the best cigar like vape brands in the USA. It is until recently when they decided to move into the performance e-cig market, and they use the vapor 2 pro series 3.

    The V2 pro series 3 is built with a magnetic connector that allows you to use both e-liquids and herbs and some essential oils when the cartridges are swapped. 

    Yocan stix

    Despite being a small device, the Yocan stix vape pen feels amazingly solid and well-designed without being hefty and heavy. You can find the Yocan stix vape pen in black, stainless steel, blue, red and orange. Each of its designs looks great, thanks to the durable and quality finish that could stand the test of time.

    Each of the Yocan stix vape pen kits comes with a device base that holds the 320mAh internal battery. You get a ceramic coil, base connector and an oil chamber that functions as the mouthpiece. The Yocan Stix vape pen battery can easily be recharged using the micro USB cable included in the kit. 

    On the Yocan stix vape pen body, you will get a power button used to turn on and control temperatures of the mod according to your vaping style. It is fitted with a LED indicator that outlines the firing button, which lets you know the charged amount left in your device.

    Vessel Expedition

    The vessel expedition are good vape with their rugged body, resembling a tiny flashlight. They are available in Red or black wood designs. This particular pen is well assembled and beautiful.

    Made from a fine crafted wood, the metals create a good complementary outlook that is attractive. This is the ultimate tool to impress shiny tech lovers, especially the current generation of vape users.

    You get a good power shifting option with three voltage settings that you can choose from to enhance your vaping experience. Considering that many vape pens do not offer such versatility, this is the best vape pen you can get your hand on. It provides you with constant power supply that you can rely on.

    The expedition vape pens are easy to use and with its hold while inhaling feature makes it different from the other inhale to activate vape pens. You can be assured of a quality vapour as long as you are using a good type of oil.

    The vessel expedition has a good battery life, clocking at 240mAh, just a good amount you can get from an oil pen. You can expect close to 100 hits and above from the vessel if you have a fully charged battery.

    Features of the vessel expedition
    • Can fit most 510 thread cartridges
    • Has a protected cartridge drop in design
    • 3 LED indicators for battery life display
    • Features a magnetic USB charging port and cable
    • Three power settings low, medium and high                              

    Puffco Pro 2

    This pen works in a fundamental way you could imagine of. If you have been a wax pen user, you can sure that the work is similar to what you would expect in a wax pen. If you do not understand how a wax pen works, we will break it down for you.

    The bottom of the device has a 510 threading connection where you can screw in the atomizer or charger because it is compatible with both these accessories. The base comes with only one button, the atomizer and the mouthpiece come together as a unit.

    It all depends on what you want to do. The mouthpiece can be separated from the atomizer by pulling off because it is loosely held in place using an O-ring gasket. 


    To turn on the device, you will need to click on the button five times, just as you would do for a standard one-button vape pen. To navigate through the temperature settings, you have to click on the button three times which will go higher or below the standard setting.

    With your temperatures already selected, you can now switch up the heat by pressing and holding the button down or even double-tapping to engage the sesh mode. The sesh mode is just a simple heating mechanism that lasts 12 seconds only.

    To load the atomizer, all required is pulling the mouthpiece off and packing up your cannabis extracts into the tank. The chamber holds a ceramic rod and coil inside.

    Features of the Puffco pro 2 vape pen

    • Single-button for controlling everything
    • You get three temperature levels for flexibility
    • Equipped with sesh mode
    • Increased chamber capacity
    • Carrying case for your device
    • 510 threading connection for easy fixing of accessories
    • 430mAh built-in battery with extended battery life
    • High-efficiency bowl design for better use
    • Premium finish

    Alternative vape: UPENDS

    Uppen plus

    The Uppen plus pod system is a vape pen that gives you satisfying draws from the initial puff you take. The performance is enhanced by the Etchip coil that has a wider heating surface. 

    This feature is suitable for increasing the heating efficiency and giving the mesh a higher resistance. All these factors combined give you a highly concentrated vapor and you are assured of quality.

    The UPENDS products assure you of quality and reliability anytime you think of high performance 

    Final thoughts on Circle K vape collection

    All the vape pens mentioned above have been proved to be very good at delivering the best functionality and versatility. The pens can be used for vaping oils, wax concentrates and dry herbs.

    Some of these in the collection are used to vape e-juices which have nicotine contents. Such pens are necessary for people who are transitioning from combustible cigarettes to vaping.

    Circle K has made it very convenient for vape users to pass by their stores and go through a wide selection of vape pens they can use. The joint partnership with a few vape pen brands has made it easy for this store to increase its hold and significance in the vaping industry.

    You can visit the stores anytime you wish to get the various products they have in their catalogue.


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