Charlotte’s Web Vape Pen Review. The Features and Performance of Charlotte's Web Vaporizer

    Charlotte’s Web Vape Pen Review. The Features and Performance of Charlotte's Web Vaporizer

    What is the charlotte’s web vape pen?

    Charlotte’s web vape pen is a portable vaporizer made by the charlotte’s web vape company. The company’s initial development was from the belief that the CBD extract played a role in helping people feel better. The company is a creation of Joel Stanley who is a cannabis farmer.

    In 2011, Joel agreed to grow and develop hemp for charlotte figi. Charlotte, who is the individual the company was named after, suffered from dravet’s down syndrome which always gave her some sever seizures.

    This frustrations led charlottes parents to using cannabidiol after every treatment they tried never made any significant changes. Most of the previous treatments proved ineffective and only the hemp that was specially prepared by Stanley worked for them.

    After seeing the results of their work, Stanley and his siblings created a company by the name charlotte’s web which was involved in the mass production of hemp treatments which were sold in various forms which was good for the public.

    The company has grown to provide a variety of hemp products such as CBD oils, CBD gummies, vape pens and many more. Many people who witnessed the life changing move made by the brothers were quick to jump on the bandwagon to get a taste of the products.

    Many of the goodies from charlotte’s web company have been approved an endorsed by medical doctors. Many of the medical marijuana doctors are also prescribing doses to their patients.

    Knowing that the vape industry is very wide and engaging, many other vape users have opted to using CBD oils and vape pens from charlotte’s web. These are products they feel are very significant to the market and have far much greater benefits compared to the THC vape products. The oils are trusted and have been tested to deliver the best. 

    Features of the charlotte’s web vape pen

    • 100mg of full spectrum hemp extracts
    • 0.5ml capacity for holding liquids
    • Lab tested oils which are proven to have the best potency and residual solvents
    • Less CBD amounts of less than 3%
    • Available in three flavors, strawberry, vanilla and watermelon
    • Small rechargeable device                         

    Build and design quality of the charlotte’s web vape pen

    The charlotte’s pen has an ergonomic battery design that uses the top filling technology. The outlook of the pen looks like a normal vape pen which has a cylindrical shape and looks like a standard e-cigarette.

    The design of the pen is very easy to confuse for a Kandypens brand. This is because the pen has a smooth design that has no buttons or indentations. You get an air-activated pen which does not have any settings for tweaking it around. 

    The vape pens are made to serve a specific purpose and you get three flavor profiles that you can choose from. This pen gives you a very amazing experience and it is very lightweight which you can easily lock inside the pack and carry it around anywhere you want to go to. The pen has been well optimized in design so you will not be faced with any misfiring, leakage or spitting issues. 

    The device is ready to use on the go because it comes fully charges and with an easy set up. All you have to do when you get the pen is to take it out of its package and start your vaping session. 

    Performance of the charlotte’s vape pen

    When using the charlotte’s pen, you are sure that the device will not disappoint you at any point. The pen has an air activation system which gives you the smoothest effect every time you use it.

    The CBD use in this device do not have any psychoactive effects and they are mostly considered for medicinal purposes. When you hold this pen in your hands and lock it in your lips, you will feel how perfectly it blends with its simple usage.  

    Vaping a CBD pen is one of the most effective way of ingesting CBD because most of the CBD gets into the bloodstream quicker. This is true compared to how things would be if you smoke the same. This process is smooth and stress free which has a higher absorption rate that hits you with effects sooner than expected.                     

    How to use the charlotte’s web vape pen

    The charlotte’s web vape pen has more going on than just the power output. With its 200mAH batter with a USB charging port, you can charge this unit anytime it runs out of charge. You get a good usage groove when you are using this pen and it is very comfortable to hold in your hands.

    The device has a small removable pod which you can use to refill with your premium CBD oils. The pen does not come with any other removal parts so you do not have components that need removal. Everything on this pen fits perfectly and you have to ensure that your pods locks into position correctly.


    The vape pen comes pre-charged and if you want to start using it, you can connect it to charger to get slightly powered up. But again considering the pen takes almost two hours to charge, it may be a waste of time trying to get up and running. Once you have fully charge your pen, you can insert the pods and start taking draws. 

    Even though the device has a small design battery and lower capacity rating, you can still get some good CBD vapor clouds. The only time you need to lower your expectations is when you are using high viscosity oils. The pen gives vapor effortlessly without losing any bit of the flavor profiles and the terpenes of the oils are well layered so you feel a perfect blend of tastes at all times.

    The pods do not have a bigger oil capacity and they have only o.5ml of liquids and this is all across the flavor profiles. Most of the charlotte’s web pods have well selected CBD oils which have undergone CO2 extraction processes. 

    The device is guaranteed to give you more than 50 vape sessions because it can hold more than 200 puffs. When we compare the battery capacity of the device, you are certain that the battery might run out on you before you completely deplete the oils in the pod. The charlotte’s vape is user friendly and has a very favorable interface. 

    Pros and cons of using the charlotte’s web vape pen


    • The device has an ergonomic design that makes it very easy to use
    • The device has a very fair price tag which you would not find in any other medical grade pens
    • The pen has a sleek design that is very attractive to the user
    • The built-in battery of the pen is well closed in the casing which protects everything that is within
    • The CBD oils used in this pen are of high quality and being CO2 extracted, it means that they are free from any additives
    • The pen can be re-used when you are done using the device


    • The holding capacity of the pods are very small and cannot hold enough substances to vape on for a long time
    • The battery of the pen is smaller and cannot be depended on for an on-the go vape pen

    Alternative vape: UPENDS


    The Upone comes with a built-in 850mAh battery and a 4.5ml liquid capacity. The pen is designed for a long-lasting experience that can be equated to using three 1.5ml capacity disposables.

    You get a specially developed thick cotton base coil which gives you a superior and more stable performance. The vapor delivery is strong, and there is no interruption from popping and leaking.


    It is very rare to come across a very unique vape pen such as the charlotte’s web vape pen. The history behind these pens is one reasons why people have grown to like these products. If you are looking to vape on a pen that gives the best CBD oils then you can be sure to try the charlotte’s oils.

    The pens is one recommendable device because it is very discreet, portable, easy to use and simplistic in design. With this pen you can never go wrong about anything.


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