WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

CCELL Dart Vape Pen Review. The Features, Design, Quality, Flavor Quality, Performance, and More

18th Jul 2021 | 8 | upends v

What is the CCELL Dart vape pen

The CCELL Dart vape pen is a portable vaporiser made by the legendary CCELL Company. This pen has come at a time when vape pens are available in every range and design. Many manufacturers are striving to make their pens smaller and mods even more discreet. The CCELL Dart is not different from all the other pens trying to bring something unique to the market. 

The pen is packed in an elegant and simplistic design which can trace its roots to the pod style devices. The Dart has been optimized to be used by both beginners and experienced vape users who fancy smaller mods. The pen has an integrated 480mah battery pack which is built into the shell of the device.

The sensors on this device is no frills and it is air activated which will fire up the mod in an instant. The unit looks like one of the most straightforward pod design devices you will ever come across. 

Features of the CCELL Dart vape pen

  • USB enabled recharging methods
  • Well built circuit board
  • A comfortable matte grip design
  • Draw activated pen with sensors 
  • A stealth breath enabled LED indicator 
  • Magnetic connection for connection of pods

Design and build quality of the CCELL Dart

The CCELL Dart vape pen is one pen that had a no nonsense approach when it is about the general appearance of the pen. The pen has been packed with a jet black finish that is very smooth to the feel and gets a bit textured when you touch it.

The Dart unit does an excellent job in bringing out the desirable characteristics of a perfect stealth device. With the small design factor of the pen, added with the sleek and subtle design, you can compare it to devices such as smoke.

The pen features a nearly arrowhead like shape with the mouthpiece having a slight tapering towards the end. The mouthpiece feels very comfortable when it is pressed against your lips which makes it very convenient to use when you are seeking to vape for longer sessions.

This is due to the magnetic assembly ports that are used to connect the pod to the body of the Dart. The device is not only simple to set up, but it also feels sturdy when you hold in your hand.

One thing you will note about the clip on design of the CCELL Dart, is that it is different from other pen brands. The one on the CCELL can withstand the test of time even heavy use while the other after device pods might fall or loosen after a while.

In regards to actual device display, the Dart is fitted with a single LED indicator which gives information about the operation of the device such as the battery life and the current status.                               

Flavour quality of the CCELL Dart

When looking at the vapor quality of the pen, the CCELL Dart easily manages to hold the best position among its popular counterparts. The pen has competed among bigger names in the industry such as Kandypens and G pen. While the pen may not match brands like SMOK in terms of vapor production, it still gives an impressive performance 

When we look at the ceramic heating materials. You cannot find any pen that works better than the CCELL products. These pens have been among the most significant figures in the pen industry in the ceramic devices. When you get to use the CCELL, then you will confirm that it is very true.


One of the most important things to note is that the CCELL has a convenient design feature that is purely leak proof and you can confirm this through the entire period of using the pen. This device is certified to hold distillates and concentrates in equal amount without any leakages.

In the first release of products from CCELL, people complained of clogging and flooding. It is clear to say that CCELL is keen on customer reviews and so far none of these issues has been raised about the pen. You are therefore guaranteed that this pen is the ultimate vape pen that will hold your liquids longer than expected. 

It is also worth mentioning that the Dart vape pen is very consistent and reliable with its refined vaping output. The pen will never miss a cue when you are taking a puff and you will definitely be delighted when you get to hear that you will not be faced with any misfire issues when dealing with the vape pen.

Performance of the CCELL Dart vape pen

With the CCELL Dart's compatibility and distinguished pod style, you should not expect any misfortunes as you would expect in other vape pens. As a starter lit device, the unit is straightforward and true to its name. Besides the fact that it does not have a variable wattage feature or any temperature control modes you can customize.

Also, you still cannot control anything on the pen. The device does not have a low, medium or high vaping modes. This is one of the things that makes the CCELL Dart a typical pod system that you cannot personalize.

One advantage about the CCELL Dart is that the tanks can be refilled. This is a feature that sets it apart from all the other competing vape pens. This enables you to vape using a wide selection of mainstream liquids. You can also use nicotine free solutions for the same.

The CCELL pods used for the Dart work exceptionally when used in tandem with the oil concentrates and distillates. This makes the Dart quite versatile when it comes to variety of products you can use to vape. 

The portability of the pen is outstanding and efficient at the same time. The pen is amazingly small, slightly bigger than a matchbox and can fit in any pocket or carrying kit.

The slim design that is streamlined and ridded of all sharp edges make the pen a very convenient pod style device. You can specially use this pen for touch and go sessions. This pen can be used more times in a year than any average vape pen.

The 480mah battery is very efficient and gives the CCELL Dart twice the amount of power you can get in a Juul pax. This means that the Dart can give you power for a whole day without interruptions before you need to recharge it again.

The CCELL website states that the CCELL can give you power for around 200 puffs before the battery gets fully depleted. The mileage therefore entirely depends on the amount of vaping you do.


Efficiency of the CCELL Dart vape pen

The CCELL Dart has an air activated sensor that does not miss a beat. The sensor fires at command the moment you take a draw. This makes it one of the most responsive sensors you can find in a vape pen.

The button less design is a perfect addition for beginners who do not want to bother with the many standard procedures of complex design vape pens. 

The magnetic assembly that connects the pods to the Dart make the assembly of the pen easy. The magnets sufficiently hold the pods strong enough so they do not come off easily. 

Pros and cons of the CCELL Dart


  • The pen gives the hardest hits
  • You get an excellent taste delivery
  • The pen is discreet for private sessions 
  • Small and simple design
  • Interchangeable devices with CCELL Uno
  • Stronger vapor production for such a small device


  • The pen uses a lot of oil so you have to refill it frequently. 


While the offerings of the CCELL Dart are do not bring anything unique to the pod style pens, it has more improvements compared to the competitors.

These options make it a worthwhile pen which is good for beginners who are looking to get a starter kit that has good performance.

The versatile pod design of the CCELL Dart blended with the smooth and super consistent performance make it a great device for both beginners and advanced vape users.