WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cbdistillery Vape Pen Review. All You Must Know About the Cbdistillery vape pen

12th May 2022 | 122 | upends v

What is a Cbdistillery vape pen

The Cbdistillery vape is a portable vaporizer used for vaping CBD essential oils. The pen is a creation of Cbdistillery Company and has had a long standing presence in the vaping platform. The pens are proprietary CBD vaporizers. CBD also known as cannabinoids have mild effects compared to tetrahydrocannabis.

CBD are known to have lesser psychoactive effects and are mostly used as a relaxant for pain and also to cure headaches THC on the other hand has psychoactive effects and can be used for stimulating the nervous system. 

The use of CBD vape pens such as Cbdistillery has become so common and this can be attributed to many things. One of the most viable reason is that these pens are very easy to use and are greatly convenient and effective.

You are assured that you will get relaxing effects that cool down the anxiety and stress. The Cbdistillery vape is an efficient pen because it does not burn up your materials in the pen. You get an amazing taste which is slightly faint and very good for discreet vaping sessions

With the growing number of CBD pens being supplied to the market, the Cbdistillery vape pen has been tested to be a very unique unit which makes it one of the most unique vape pens Available in the market.

Features of the Cbdistillery CBD pen

The Cbdistillery vape pen is a particular device which has been set up to work very well with CBD oils. The only notable exception is that it does not come with any buttons for adjustments and some units in the collection are disposable.

The mouthpiece on this device is made from plastic material and has a small air hole at the side to allow for inhalation. The pen therefore is draw activated so it only gets activated when you take a draw from the mouthpiece. 

You will note that the pen is equipped with a stylus type battery kit that looks like the standard vape pen design. The tank on this pen has a capacity of 0.5 mls and this figures are guaranteed to give you more than 200 puffs.

For such a slim design pen, it gives a good performance track which is not so big on creating clouds because of the type of oils being used. The device allows you to enjoy some discreetness and on the go usability. 

Going by the simplistic design of the pen, it is notably light and highly portable. The battery unit uses a proprietary 510 thread connection that uses an 180mah capacity cell. You therefore cannot use any other type of cartridges because of the optimisation of performance. 

You can however detach the plastic mouthpiece to show the plug that connects the coils to the chamber. It is only after you take out the whole mouthpiece system when you get to see the pod fitting system. The power unit though, still uses the standard USB charging which is very effective in recharging the device.

The pen does not come with any buttons due to its draw to activate feature. The only indication is a tiny pinhole light that lights up every time you inhale from the unit.

Getting started with the Cbdistillery vape 

The Cbdistillery vape pen might be one of the most straightforward devices to use for CBD vaping. The pen can take an approximate time of sixty minutes to fully charge because it has a small battery. 

The vape pen looks very simple in design and size and you might be confused to think that it cannot handle so much activity. However, the pen is very reliable and had a good definitive frame that hides a smoking machine behind it. When you have a full tank on the pen, you get to draw effortlessly on the mouthpiece and you get assurance that the device will not get hot or give you dry hits.

Because the Cbdistillery vape does not have any features for adjusting the performance, you are fully responsible for the amount of vapor you want to get. You can choose between taking longer or shorter puffs to maintain the amount of liquids you have in the unit.

How to use the Cbdistillery vape pen 

Before you set out to vaping with your new Cbdistillery unit, you need to have the pen ready and the oils already set up. The cannabis oils on the pen are always prefilled carts and you do not have to worry about refills. For advanced vape users, there is a way to refill the tanks.

One thing to remember is that the pen like design of the pen is to house the battery which is responsible for heating the atomizer cartridges that have the wick and coils. The heating process converts the CBD oils into vaper that have full bodies of CBD profiles.


The pen requires you to take a draw from the mouthpiece and get to feel how smooth the vapor forms in your mouth. A Cbdistillery unit is one of the best mouth to lung vape units available. The convenient means of heating found in this pen give the best performance and ultimate convenience. 

The vape pen is prefilled and disposable so if your unit runs out, you will have to get a new device. This process might be cumbersome and it is best if you only buy a prefilled cartridge for replacement purposes. The process of refill a cart might need to be handled by professionals who know what they are doing.

Here are a few points to consider before you start vaping on your Cbdistillery vape pen 

  • The pen is only designed to be used with CBD oils and nothing else 
  • Ensure that your unit has enough power before you start using it.
  • If your pen has a higher milliamp rating, it means that it has the ability to hold in more power
  • Once you are done using your cartridges, dispose them safely 

How to keep your Cbdistillery vape pen clean 

Since the Cbdistillery vape unit is a CBD oil pen, it only comes with a battery and the cartridges already mounted onto it. The cartridges are disposable meaning that you do not have so much cleaning to do for this unit. One thing to clean therefore is the 510 threading connections that hold the cartridges in place.

Ensure that the link does not have any build up of substances which would affect the flow of electrical currents. The CBD oils are somehow thick and any problems with the connection would lead to the device stopping to work.

To ensure that the connection port stays clean, you need a q tip and a strong isopropyl alcohol. Use these two items to wipe the device until it becomes clean.

Even though cleaning the connectors many not make any significant difference, one thing you are assured of is that the device will get more life to it. Check the mouthpiece as well because it is very common for them to get build up that would interfere with the performance. 

Pros and cons of the Cbdistillery vape 

  • It is a reliable device that is easy to use
  • It performs as well as expected
  • It is a draw to inhale device, making It unique


The device is too pricey, considering it does not perform any particular roles. It is just like any other device with disposable cartridges.

Alternative vape: UPENDS


You get satisfaction from the first vapor you get from the Uppen pod. This is because of the Etchip coil with an enlarged heating area and a high resistance mesh that gives you a satisfying and sustaining vapor from the first puff.


The Cbdistillery vape pen performs as expected with the oil pens. It is a unique and classy design that is very convenient, and you can count on it to give you the best. The no-button feature is perfect for vapers with all working components and a well-designed mouthpiece and tank.

It is easy to disassemble, and no further need for maintenance and cleaning—the USB charger powers up the device so quickly.