Cbdfx Vape Pen Review. The Build Design, Quality, Features, Performance, and Alternative Vape Pen

    Cbdfx Vape Pen Review. The Build Design, Quality, Features, Performance, and Alternative Vape Pen

    What is the Cbdfx vape pen

    The Cbdfx vape pen is a CBD oil vaporizer that is portable. The pen is a product of Cbdfx Vape Company. The company behind such an amazing device has been in the frontline in creating some of the best co2 extracted cannabis essentials. They deal with CBD oil cartridges and also a wide range of CBD vape pens. 

    Many of the market oriented oils from this company have been accepted by many users as an alternative to THC vape pens. The company has put so much effort in developing quality pens that will act in place of their cartridges.

    Most of these pens have a superb vaping experience considering the fact that they have not been around the vaping industry for a long time. Many people have developed a keen interest in trying out these pens because they are the only tools that are compatible with the Cbdfx vape cartridges.

    Getting such superb performances from a pen is not something that happens on a daily basis and it could be why Cbdfx is giving competitors a run for their money. 

    The Cbdfx vape oils are one of the purest oils that do not have any additives or fillers. The oils have a clear golden colour to them and have a good consistency. The clear packaging of the pen lets you read everything about the pen in terms of quality, product contents and the ability of the pen to be compatible with other devices. 

    Almost all of the Cbdfx cartridges are built with a 510 thread connection which makes them easy to be fixed on another vape pen. Such flexibility is very much accepted and can give a vape user so much freedom. The CBD to THC ratio in these pens is well balanced and all the effects have been balanced out to give a good vapor production and effects.

    Build and design quality of the Cbdfx

    The Cbdfx device looks like a typical vape disposable such a quill, raw garden and many more. The pens have the standard outlook and functionality of a vape pen also including the 510 threading connection. You also need to be careful that you select the original Cbdfx vape pen because there are many replicas being introduced into the market.

    The Cbdfx vape pen is light and slimmer but short. The packaging comes with a box case that has a window that lets you see the internal components of the pen. The case provided when you buy this pen keeps your device safe from damage or getting deposits of dust and lint. 

    The similarities between a Cbdfx vape pen and other vape brands is the single use button feature and the adjustable temperature mechanisms. To activate or deactivate the pen, all you need is to take a draw. When you stop inhaling, the pen also stops working.

    The tanks used for this pen use a very strong Pyrex glass design that allows you to see the amount of liquids left inside your pen. The addition of this feature means that you get an advantage to track the amount of liquids you have used compared to other pens that do not have such reliable options.

    When using the units, you are assured that you are getting the best quality CBD oils which have been extracted using pure co2. The satisfactory aspect of this feature is how there are no additions or fillers used to give this pen its clear gold appearance.

    The pen is a disposable unit but you still get a USB charging cable that allows you to charge your device when you run out of power. The charging time of the device lies somewhat between one to two hours.

    Features of the Cbdfx vape pen

    • The device is fitted with a 510 threading connector that holds together the removable parts of the pen and cartridges 
    • The unit has a 400mah battery capacity that supplies a good amount of power which keeps you on a 24/7 vaping mood
    • The pen is a simplified unit so it does not have any voltage or temperature adjustment features. You only get a constant temperature regulation feature
    • The low voltage protection feature on this pen has the ability to allow your pen shut down when the power supply is disrupted
    • The short circuit protection feature will always be available to protect your device from any shortages within the pen 
    • The smart overcharge protection on the pen is very efficient in protecting your device because it stops charging when your device is full
    • The 510 threading connection in the battery is very easy to use and can be easily connected
    • The pen has a very affordable price tag which means you do not have to stretch your budget allot

    Performance of the Cbdfx vape pen 

    The 400mah battery that is fitted on the pen and a well functioning preheating system ensure that your pen gets the best vapor production mechanisms. Before you even start vaping, your vapor is always ready to go and you can feel the taste so perfectly.

    The flavour profiles of the CBD vapor are unmatched and they are very distinct. The internal power control feature controls the voltage of the pen. This means that the device can adjust equally according to the amount of charge and viscosity of oils being used. 

    The preheat feature is very reliable and always heats up the substances a few seconds before you start vaping. The ceramic built coil is one of the best to ever been added to the pen. It has the ability to sufficiently heat the elements easily compared to most of the standard vape pens. The atomizers on this pen are not refillable so when your pen is depleted, you have to get another pod to replace the used one. 

    The premium quality CBD oils being burnt in this pen is efficiently vaporized to ensure that you get perfect hits once it hits your system. 


    Cbdfx vape pen cartridges 

    Cbdfx is a pioneer company in the building of high quality CBD cartridges. The oils have been taken through thorough tests and experiments in order to be certified as being safe for consumption by people. 

    The cartridges come with the mouthpiece already installed to it and all you are required to do is to take it from its package, fix it on the power delivery unit then start vaping 

    The plastic mouthpiece comes in varied colours and is graded according to flavours. This means that you can use them on other devices which have a 510 threading connection. 

    Pros and cons of the Cbdfx vape 


    • It is a reliable device that is easy to use
    • It is a very straightforward device that performs as required
    • It is a draw to inhale device, making it unique


    • The device is too pricey, considering it does not perform any particular roles. It is just like any other device with disposable cartridges.

    FAQs about the Cbdfx vape pen

    Cbdfx vape pen not working

    There could be many reasons why your vape pen might not be working. This could be because your battery has run out or your cartridge is empty. Please make sure you check whether you have enough charge in the device before you use it. If your cartridge is open, the pen cannot work because it is a draw to activate the device.

    Alternative vape: UPENDS


    You get satisfaction from the first vapor you get from the Uppen pod. This is because of the Etchip coil with an enlarged heating area and a high resistance mesh that gives you a satisfying and sustaining vapor from the first puff .



    The Cbdfx vape pen performs as expected with the oil pens. It is a unique and classy design that is very convenient, and you can count on it to give you the best. The no-button feature is perfect for vapers with all working components and a well-designed mouthpiece and tank.

    It is easy to disassemble, and no further need for maintenance and cleaning—the USB charger powers up the device so quickly.


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