Care By Design Vape Pen Review. The Features, Build Design, and More About Care By Design Vaporizer

    Care By Design Vape Pen Review. The Features, Build Design, and More About Care By Design Vaporizer

    What is a care by design vape pen?

    The care by design vape pen is a portable vaporizer that is purely used for vaping essential CBD oils. These amazing products are the creation of care by Design Company who have been on the frontline for carrying out research and development concerning CBD oils for vape pens. 

    The unit is believed to be very effective when weighed in terms of organic cannabis oils. The company is also behind the care by design oil cartridges that are currently used by vape users all over. The care but design company is one of the brands that places itself at the mantle of building the most premium CBD products.

    The vape essentials are made from 100% cannabis which is grown organically and handled by the most experienced farmers who fall under the care by design collection program.

    All the oils you will come across from the care by design company is extracted using less critical liquid CO2 which is the primary component that makes the product have a clear golden finishing.

    The brand presents the market with an array of CBD oils that are blended into different flavours to give various profile for each strains. By choosing the brand, you will be assured of getting fresh tastes which will always be good for your daytime usage. 

    Features of the care by design vape pen

    • High quality sturdy and amazing pen design that is simple to use
    • It has a 1ml refillable oil tank which uses organic oils for improved experience 
    • The battery has a variable voltage setting for power output control
    • The 350mah battery is string enough to run the pen after hours 
    • The device uses a 510 thread connector which allows you too use universally compatible cartridges 
    • The pen has a proprietary charging system that uses a 510 thread connection 
    • The sides of the carts have a glass window that will let you see the amount of oil left in your tanks
    • The vaporizer unit uses a single button control system which is very effective

    Design and the build of the care by design vape pen

    From the first look of the unit, it looks like a very sophisticated permanent marker pen only that it is slender and shorter. The battery unit has a strengthened stainless steel casing to protect the internally built cell. The finish on the pen is a smooth silver like finish which has a shiny button. 

    The button appears to be slightly flush making it convenient for turning the device on and off. You can also use it to control the temperatures of the battery and the power output to the coils. With the amount of precision used to build the pen, the device appears to be slightly bulkier than average pens.

    This is because of the reinforcement put on the steel casing to provide guard against accidental falls. The pen is however very safe to carry around and use it at any time.

    When you activate the pen, the light surrounding the button lights up to show active status of the pen. When you turn of the device, the lights will also go off. It is very important for a vape pen to have such indicators to let you protect your battery from staying on for too long if you do not use it for a while.

    The cartridges employ the best ceramic coil technology that is effective to use with the heating chamber. The glass material used for the carts are strong and they let you see how much liquid you are left within the pen. You get the freedom to refill your tanks so you do not have to worry about buying another device when one pen runs out.

    The vape pen does so much than just giving the best oil experience. You get to vape on 100% organic oils. The oils are guaranteed to give you the best effects that are long lasting. The 510 threading system is also the most significant feature on this vape because it allows you to mix up carts from other brands provided they are 510 thread connections? 

    Care by design oil cartridges 

    From its founding perspective, the care by design vape brand started off as a manufacturer of oil based cartridges, gummies and waxes. These products proved to be a success for the company and this was the determining factor in the creation of vape pens. These pens were first made to have compatibility with the cartridges before they were improved for multi purpose use. 

    The cartridges produced by care by design are purely organic cannabis oils. These particular oils are said to have varying CBD and THC ratios which give a good balance of components. The combination of these oils are aimed at giving you the most preferred vapor clouds that will keep you wanting to get more. 

    The material used to build these cartridges is pure Pyrex glass and a few steel elements for more stability. The atomizer is made from ceramic hardware and the air channel apparatus has a bottom flow that gives the best results with the 350mag battery. The portable and discreet features of this pen make it an on the go device that will never disappoint you.

    How to use the care by design vape pen

    1. Take your vape cartridge and power unit from the packaging kit and confirm that everything is working just fine. Check the cartridge and ensure it has the appropriate connection number and legitimate seal 
    2. Twist the covering screw on the battery in a counter clockwise direction to expose the 510 connection port 
    3. Carefully place your care by design cartridge and twist in a clockwise motion till the unit locks in place
    4. Check to confirm if the pen has any leakages and when everything checks click on the power button five times consecutively to activate the device. 
    5. After the device is turned on, inhale from the mouthpiece to take a draw and feel how the flavour forms in your mouth. Of the amount of vapor you get is not satisfying, adjust the voltage output by pressing the power button three times
    6. The last step is to enjoy some good vaping sessions without further interruptions 

    Performance of the care by design vape pen 

    The care by design vape pen has a very impressive performance record and is a quality unit. The pen has a ten second preheating feature which prepares your substances before you start vaping. This feature is efficient for giving quality vapor from the oils filled in the cartridges. If you want to get the most out of the pen, use specific cartridges from care by design products which are well selected just for you.


    With the variable voltage setting used for power control, you can easily tweak the best voltage settings that are good for you. The low voltage settings are essential if you are looking to get a smooth vapor that does not have any harsh effects. From there you can work your way up to the higher voltage settings that gives bigger clouds. You have to be careful not to do long inhales on higher voltages because you might get burnt tastes at the end.

    Pros and cons of the care by design unit


    • The device is of high quality 
    • The 510 threading makes it easy to use
    • Unit uses a high quality organic oil 
    • Ceramic coils heat the substances well
    • The simple pen like design of the pen makes it good for discreet vaping 


    • The battery has to be charges frequently especially when doing longer draws


    The transition from an oil manufacturing brand to a top name vape brand has embedded care by design's name within the vape industry. The device gives some good cannabis oil vaping that is lf high quality and works well with the battery. You however need to be careful when selecting care by design products because there are some counterfeit items in the market. 

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