WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Candy King Switch Disposable Vape Pen. A Complete Guide and Review of the Candy Disposable Vaporizer

6th Jul 2021 | 291 | upends v

What is the candy king switch the disposable pen

The candy king vape pen is a disposable vaporizer unit made to be beginner-friendly and is the product of the candy king company. The candy king company has made itself a name within the vaping industry by creating the best vape e-liquid. The company has products all over the world, and they can also be found in online stores.

The disposable pod system is an auto-draw system that does not have any complicated operational functions. What you are required to do to use the pen is insert your pod into the battery and take a draw.

The pods hold 1.8ml of liquid and have a wide variety of flavors. Each flavor line has varied nicotine strengths, and you can get them in 12mg and 18mg. 

The pen unit is sold separately, but it also has a variation of four or two pods packaging. In addition, there are a few colors ranges you can select for the pen, and each color represents the flavor.

Design and build of the candy king disposable vape pen

The candy king vape pen is very light and straightforward use the pen. The pen can be easily carried around, and it feels so good when you hold it in your pen. In addition, the pen size is smaller than other types of disposable vape pods, especially the JUUL and APX. This makes it a pen that you can easily place in your pockets, considering it is lightweight, weighing less than 80 grams. 

Apart from the smooth and sleek design of the pen with a metal finish, the vape pods feel premium and long-lasting. The pods are made of plastic and have been fitted with a unique and extravagant package design. The pen has rubber fittings that hold the pod in place to prevent it from leaking.

Considering the pod's design, you cannot see how much amount of liquid is left in the device. This is something that most vape users will find to be very inconvenient, but with the ratings of the vape pen, it will be a device that is worth the effort.

The candy king vape pen is one of the many devices that use the magnetic drop feature that holds the pods into place. The magnetic connection is very strong, but you will find that some pods have a loose-fitting that makes the performance weaker. 

How to use the candy king disposable vape pen

When you buy the candy king vape kit, you will find out that the package comes with a pod system and a battery. Depending on your device selection, you will get a pair of pods ranging from one pair, two pairs, or three pairs. But this is not a big concern because the pods are affordable and can be easily replaced. 

The device comes with a fully charged battery that is ready for use on the go. All you need to do is take out the pod, remove the rubber plug and place it in the battery slot that holds the battery.

After it is all set up, you can draw from the mouthpiece to test how well the device works. When you want to change the pods for your pen, you need to be very keen on the inspection part. You may happen to find a few drops of juice that might have leaked into the battery slot.

You need to take a paper towel and wipe dry the connection slot. Leaving such residue on your pen will mean that the pen may not fire when you light it up, and after a while, the battery may stop working completely. 

Performance of the candy king vape pen

The candy king pen has a well-developed draw system that feels like smoking on a cigarette. You get a very satisfying vapor, and the throat hits feel very powerful. The 18mg nicotine strengths feel much better than the 12mg strengths compared to the amount of hit strength.

The battery is a 240mAh capacity cell and can easily heat the liquids quickly to give the best quality of vapor. To get a quality high from the pen, you might need to take more puffs than the normal amounts. This is because the vapor production of the pen is rather cooled and can heat up after you have taken more than three successive puffs.

In addition, the pen is somewhat cumbersome to use for advanced vaper users because it can easily get overheated. This means that after prolonged usage, you will have to let it cool down. 

The amount of vapor produced is not bad, considering the size of the pen. The power is enough to give a consistent vapor production that does not fluctuate. This means that the vapor production is consistent from when you charge your battery to the time the battery goes low on charge. 

The battery and charging of the candy king vape pen

The 240mAh battery of the vape pen will not fully qualify as a performer, but it can let you puff up to a half pod before it needs a recharge. Depending on your hits, you can easily get through a full day with one single charge. When using the 5% strength pods, you would need to recharge them frequently during the day. 

To fully charge the pen, you will have to wait for approximately 80 minutes or less. The device cannot be used when charging, so when your vape pen runs out of charge, you will have to wait for the pen to charge before you use it again fully. If your liquids run out, you can replace them by inserting a new pre-filled pod. 

Flavors of the Candy king switch

  • Mango        
  • Watermelon ice 
  • Peach lee
  • Grapefruit guava 
  • Pink lemonade
  • Strawberry lemonade
  • Green apple
  • Cucumber lime
  • Melons ‘mint
  • Blue razz
  • Berry
  • Grape
  • Strawberry watermelon
  • Lychee lee
  • Lemon tart
  • Orange creamsicle
  • Pina colada ice
  • Strawberry cream
  • Strawberry ice
  • Lush ice
  • Strawberry watermelon ice

Pros and cons of the candy king disposable pen


  • The device is a compact design and lightweight
  • The pen features a simplistic design that is easy to use
  • The device features a good build design that is of high quality
  • The draws from this pen are good and satisfactory
  • The 5% content levels give the best throat hit and softer effects
  • You get a wide range of flavors that you can choose from
  • The pod capacity is 1.8ml which is a good amount
  • Fully charged 240mAh battery capacity pen


  • The vapor gets cooler when the pen is not used for a while
  • The magnetic connection for pods gets weaker with time
  • The unit cannot be used when you are charging
  • The liquid content of the pen cannot be tracked

Alternative vape: UPENDS


The Uppor pod from UPENDS is the only vape pen that will give you a satisfying draw with the first puff. This is facilitated by the Etchip coil that is strategically placed to increase the coil's surface area and improve the heating efficiency. In addition, the mesh coil has a high resistance rate that gives a very highly concentrated vapor. 

The UPENDS product is well tested before you get them in the market. The pens are compatible with most of the mainstream liquids available in the market. You get so much versatility when using this pen. This improves the functioning and performance of the Upper vape pen. 


If you choose to get a hold of the candy king disposable vape pen, you are sure that you are choosing the best quality. It is highly recommended that you try one of the many flavors of the pen.

The price for each device is as low as $20, and this is a good feature. However, the pen will not last long, so you will need to be slow on your draws to conserve the battery. 

The e-liquids variations of the pen make a go-to pen for many people who want to vape on the go. So get yourself a candy king vape pen and enjoy some premier quality vaping...