Cali Vape Pen Review. All You Must Know About the Cali Vaporizer

    Cali Vape Pen Review. All You Must Know About the Cali Vaporizer

    What is a Cali Vape pen?

    The Cali Vape Pen comes in Cali Bars that are sleek and disposable, which utilizes flavouring preserving technology that gives approximately 250-300 puffs. The bars measure 4 inches in length and has a capacity of 1.3ml of vape juice.

    The pen is powered by a battery of 280mAh, which ensures your vaping experience is never stopped. Cali Vape pen is equivalent to an averagely pack of cigarettes, that is, if it has a nicotine strength of 5%.  

    The most impressive feature about the Cali Vape pen is that it looks almost similar to a cigarette size. Due to that mini size, one can easily hold the device with your fingers hence very portable.

    The pen is completely plastic and has no other special build material, hence making it disposable. It is not meant to last longer than the battery or pod capacity. 

    Cali Vape Pen Features

    Cali Vape pen, from the outward look, looks the same size as a cigarette. It holds a capacity of 1.3ml of e-juice, and it operates automatically. The pen's surface is super thin on the surface and lightweight as well.

    When purchasing a Cali Vape pen, it comes in different colours to choose from, with the most captivating and eye-catching colours like yellow, white, grey, blue and black. At the base of the device is a charging port that is to be used with the USB cable you found in your kit. 

    Cali Vape pens are compatible with Cali pods, providing an effortless and convenient vaping experience in one delivery system. 

    Cali Vape Pen Flavors

    Cali Vape pen got several flavours which give you an ultimate choice to get your favourite. The following are some of the Cali Vape Pen flavours:

    • Pineapple Grapefruit

    It is the most popular flavour, which saturates your taste buds with sweet Hawaiian pineapples while inhaling. When you exhale, it gives off a refreshing grapefruit taste.

    • Pineapple Grapefruit Freeze

    The pineapple grapefruit freeze is quite different from the pineapple grapefruit simply because it's a combination of flavours. The flavour first combines Hawaiian pineapples and grapefruits, and then it is blended off with a blast of cool menthol for finishing. 

    • Strawberry Kiwi Freeze

    This type of flavour balances two flavours; fresh fruits and cool menthol. When you inhale, a delightful taste of fresh strawberries and kiwis is experienced. On exhalation, a cool menthol flavour is experienced for an amazing finish. 

    Cali Vape Pen Battery Quality

    The vape pen battery quality is legit since it has a battery capacity of 280mAh. It's good to note that the Cali Vape pens are disposable nicotine salt vapes. The battery can be charged in less than an hour using a USB cable.

    The Cali Vape Pen can last up to 300 puffs on a full charge, and it all depends on the usage. 

    Charging Cali Vape Pen

    Most of the pens use '510-thread' batteries, making all vape pens have a universal design and making them easy with different carts. 

    The following are easy steps on how to charge the Cali Vape Pen.

    • Using the included USB cable, hook the Cali Vape Pen to its charger. It is recommended that you should use the charger and cable that came packaged with the Cali Vape Pen.
    • You will need to wait for the battery to complete charging. The Cali Vape pen will take almost less than an hour, and you will know it has fully charged if the LED indicator lights turn green
    • Once fully charged, remove it from the charger unit. Then, screw it back to begin your vaping experience again.
    • When it is needed to be charged, it will blink red on the LED Indicator.
    Attempting to use the Cali Vape Pen when it son a low battery could lead to battery death or battery shots. 

    Cali Pods for Cali Vape Pen

    The Cali Pods provide very conveniently vaping in a legit nicotine delivery system. Each vape pen contains 5% (50mg) of nicotine salt. The Cali Pods contain each of the following

    • 1ml-50mg Nicotine
    • It comes with four pods
    • The pod comes in different flavours such as Blueberry, Watermelon, Citrus and Grapefruit. 

    Cali Vape Pen Pod Shell life

    The pods are designed to support all-time vaping, and they are expected to have a lifespan of 24hours when customarily used. Although, the lifespan will vary depending on how frequent it is used and how much THC or CBD is in the cartridge.

    Its makeup is designed to be leak-free, hence used in seconds for effortless prolongation. 

    Cleaning and Vape Pen Maintenance

    Cleaning the vape pen is simple, and it's highly advised to be cleaning your pen from time to time. However, it would be best if you had a clean vape pen all the time so that you can save money on buying new pens each now and then. 

    The following are easy steps on how to clean your pen:

    1. Dismantle your pen. Unscrew all components starting with the mouthpiece heading downwards. Make sure the chamber is fully emptied by tapping out the contents. 
    2. Use a brush to clean the parts of the pen. It is not advised to use water since the pen also includes electrical parts. Most of the pen comes with a brush in the kit. 
    3. You can also use soft tissue or cotton to clean the mouthpiece, that is, if it does not detach. Also, you can use running water.
    4. Once everything is clean and dry, screw everything back and make sure it is properly attached. 
    5. Press the button a few times to start your device. 

    Pros and Cons of Cali Vape Pen

    Most of the vape pens share or do have similar pros and cons. It means that the pros and cons can also be applied in the Cali Vape pen; they include: 

    • The pens are portable since they are lightweight, and they easily slide into pockets or purses
    • Due to their stability, the concentrate tends to stay more potent and more prolonged, maintaining a reliable potency. 
    • They've got a variety of cartridges that come in the same strain-specific variety.
    • Discrete outlook that gives you the confidence to take it anywhere you need.
    • Electronics used together with the pod and pen may be faulty.
    • Vapor Production may be insufficient, which can be resulted in cartridges having issues. Inadequate vapour production you can solve most of the time by setting up your cartridge upright on a flat surface.  
    • Most of the cartridge producers are starting to manufacture additive-free products. Nevertheless, most vape cartridges contain PG (Propylene Glycol) or PEG (Polyethylene glycol). 
    • One has to charge the battery from time to time. 
    • General maintenance includes cleaning the pen so that you may get the best vaping experience possible from it. 

    FAQS about Cali Vape Pen

    How many hits are in a Cali Pod?

    Each Cali pod has a 5% of nicotine salt, and it is approximately twice that of most disposable vapes. The number of hits ranges between 250-300 puffs depending on the frequency of use. 

    Why does a Cali Pod Pen taste like it is burnt?

    Monitoring the level of liquid in the pod is hard, and one can easily forget. Moreover, when the coil is dry for a long period, it can burn and produce an unpleasant flavour.

    Alternative vape: UPENDS


    Upone by UPENDS is a disposable vape with a prolonged nice vaping experience. It comes with an in-built battery and a capacity of 4.5 ml, giving you a long-lasting operation.

    The Upone has been made using thick cotton-base soil, ensuring that you, as the user, get superior and stable vapour on each puff without leakages and popping.


    The above article shows that the vaping device, Cali Vape Pen, is simple and does not require much maintenance. Also, its battery is long-lasting, and the power output can be well sustained.


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