Bullet Vape Pen Review. All You Need to Know About the Bullet Vaporizer

    Bullet Vape Pen Review. All You Need to Know About the Bullet Vaporizer

    What is a Bullet Vape Pen?

    Bullet Vape pen is a compact pod vaping device with a high-performance battery and a long-lasting one, which has a capacity of 420mAh. It has been designed for wax and concentrates vape. The spectacular thing when it comes to purchasing this kind of vape pen, it comes with a dabber tool: ceramic heating chamber, a mouthpiece and a USB charger. 

    The vape pen is very light hence making it easy when it comes to portability. Bullet Vape pen is one of the concentrate vaporizers that the Kind Pen Brand has produced. It works well with essential oils. 

    The atomizer is designed with dual quartz rods and titanium coils that are well set inside a ceramic heating chamber.

    Bullet Vape Pen features

    Bullet Vape Pen got several features that make it a very special kind of vape pen. They include:

    1. It has an unlock and lock feature, which works by pressing the button five times in rapid succession. 
    2. It is heating the time it is within 10 seconds.
    3. It has five temperature settings that give you a chance to adjust the temperature you want. 
    4. Its resistance ranges between 0.5 to 0.7ohms.
    5. It has a Mouthpiece capable of being used with rigs with 14mm or 18mm joints.
    6. It has a wax chamber with a removable atomizer that controls the air in and out and a herb chamber with a ceramic interior on the inside. 
    7. It has three voltage settings: 3.7V, 3.9V and 4.2V. 

    Bullet Vape Pen Battery Quality

    The device has a long-lasting and high-performance battery of a capacity of 420mAh, which can be charged approximately within 2hours using a USB cable. 

    The following is how you can charge the Bullet Vape pen.

    1. Plug the USB charger into the port. The red light will be seen on the USB charger. In addition, small circular white lights will be seen, indicating that the battery is charging. 
    2. Once the battery is already full, the white lights will turn off and Red light on the USB charger will turn to Green.
    3. Charging the battery takes close to 2 hours, and it usually performs better when fully charged. 

    When the battery runs out of charge, the white lights will begin to blink at the bottom. This indicates that you will be needed to charge the battery. 

    A spectacular feature of the Bullet Vape pen is that it connects to 510 threaded carts.

    Cleaning the Wax chamber

    Cleaning on this chamber can be done in two easy steps. They are as follow:

    Step 1

    • Make sure that you have turned off the device before cleaning
    • Apart from the wax chamber and the battery
    • Remove the glass cover from the base.
    • Unscrew the atomizer carefully and open it.
    • Scrub away the residue using the included brush.
    • Damp a cotton swab in alcohol and swab any excess residue.
    • Let the parts dry before reassembling and activation. 

    Step 2

    • Disassemble the chamber and atomizer, leaving the atomizer attached to the battery. 
    • This step requires you to do it on a silicon Pad. Open the top of the atomizer and turn it upside down. 
    • Adjust the battery heat to the highest.
    • Press and hold the power button until residue leakage is seen from the atomizer. 
    • Release from pressing it, allowing atomizer to cool. Do the same repeatedly. 
    • Damp a cotton swab in alcohol and swab any excess residue.

    Cleaning the Herb Chamber

    The following are easy steps to follow when cleaning the Herb chamber of the Bullet Vape pen:

    • You are required to turn off the device before cleaning. 
    • Apart from the herb chamber from the battery.
    • Gently unscrew the mouthpiece from the herb chamber. 
    • Damp a cotton swab in alcohol and swab any excess residue. A brush is also another suitable means of cleaning the chamber.

    Bullet Vape Pen Kit

    Inside the Bullet vape pen kit, the following are featured:

    • One bullet vaporizer
    • A herb chamber 
    • USB cable for charging
    • A dab tool
    • A cleaning brush used to clean the chambers
    • Two silicon for covering the mouthpiece
    • A wax tank

    Pros and Cons of Bullet Vape Pen

    Most of the vape pens share or do have similar pros and cons. Therefore, it can be applied here, they include: 

  • Pros
    • The pens are portable, and they easily slide into pockets or purses. This is not only because of their size but also their weight. It is light. 
    • It is cheaper than smoking cigars.
    • With the Bullet vape pen, you are assured that there will be no teeth discolouration.
    • Due to their stability, the concentrate tends to stay more potent and more prolonged, maintaining a reliable potency. 
    • They've got a variety of cartridges that come in the same strain-specific variety.
    • Discrete outlook that gives you the confidence to take it anywhere you need.
    • It is easy to cut back and stop.
    • Potential allergies
    • Electronics used together with the pod and pen may be faulty.
    • Vapor Production may be insufficient, which can be resulted in cartridges having issues. Inadequate vapour production you can solve most of the time by setting up your cartridge upright on a flat surface.  
    • Most of the cartridge producers are starting to manufacture additive-free products. 
    • One has to charge the battery from time to time. 
    • General maintenance includes cleaning the pen so that you may get the best vaping experience possible from it. 
    • Health risk since it is nicotine is easily ingested while vaping than it is with smoking. 

    FAQS about the Bullet Vape Pen

    How do you use the Bullet Vaporizer?

    • Charge the battery fully using the USB charger provided.
    • To reveal the quartz chamber, screw the battery to the pen, and unscrew the atomizer from the mouthpiece. 
    • Use the dab tool to load the concentrates onto the coils.
    • After that, you screw it back and click the power button five times to turn the device on. 

    How do you refill the heating chamber?

    • You will be required to remove the mouthpiece from the cart.
    • In the heating chamber, fill in the herbs.
    • Screw back the mouthpiece, which allows springs to push the herb down.
    • Assemble all components in their respective order. 
    • Press the power button to start on the device. After 10 seconds, start to inhale slowly. 
    • It is well that you should note that if you’d like to reuse, clean the inside of the cartridge with the brush and refill the herbs of your choice. 

    Alternate vape: UPENDS


    This vape pod features the Etchip 2.0 flavour master coil and is compatible with many well-known e-liquids. In addition, you get an improved heating efficiency and a mesh coil that delivers a mouthful and original flavour from just one puff.

    When you are not using the pod, you can magnetically connect it inversely to store it without having dust and fabric fibres enter the airway. 


    With UPENDS, they assure each vapour of great disposal and allow one to vape at a lower cost. In addition, UPENDS gives a chance of vapours to refill the vaping pens once they are over, which explains why they are of a lower cost. Buying the vape pen at a lower cost makes it very economical when it comes to spending money.

    The Pod Kit is designed for people chasing both hygiene and style. Recharging can go within 1Hour. However, the pod can only sustain 3-5 refilling with your taste on the vape juice you will refill it in. 

    The brand focuses on each detail during use and strives for a more accessible, unique, and pleasing experience. 


    The above article depicts that this particular device is ideal for casual vapers who do not care much about power and performance. However, the vape carters for e-liquid and wax vapers still stand out as portable and reliable batteries due to their sensitive nature. 


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