BUAH Vape Pen Review. The Features, Battery Quality, Shelf Life, Refilling and More About BUAH Vaporizer

    BUAH Vape Pen Review. The Features, Battery Quality, Shelf Life, Refilling and More About BUAH Vaporizer

    What is a BUAH vape pen?

    It ranks among the best-selling vape pens since it has a unique performance. It combines its unique performance and style to make sure that it gives the best vaping experience to you. 

    Buah vape pen is very diverse, and it allows you to enjoy multiple vape hits, vaping waxes, any e-liquid, dry herbs and gives you free will to enjoy any hit of your choice on one unit. 

    The pen is powered by a battery whose capacity is 900mAh which keeps charge for a non-stop vaping experience. In addition, the Buah Vape pen battery has three temperatures settings that are adjustable, and it allows you to vape at different temperatures, according to your choice.

    It has a 510-threaded tip which makes it compatible and easy to fit on the pen unit. In addition, the Buah vape pen comes with a USB charger, a quartz chamber and coil and a magnetic tip. Thus, it is very economical when it comes to purchasing a Buah vape pen. 

    It is well sealed so as not to leak the oil since it is a refillable atomizer. This makes it easy to carry along since you will be assured it doesn’t reveal. The connection style used is the magnetic adapter that aids in holding the pre-filled 510 cartridges in place.

    The most spectacular thing about this pen is the outward look. It looks like a pen, and it can stand on its own. Besides that, it is slim, making it easy to carry around in your pocket. Moreover, the Buah vape pen comes in different colours that enable you to choose.

    Buah Vape Pen Kit Features

    The Buah Vape Pen kit features the following once you buy it:

    1. An atomizer with a capacity of 1.6ml of e-liquid
    2. USB input DC with voltage ranging between 4.5V-6V 900mAh. The charging time takes approximately 2 hours. 
    3. Cleaning tool
    4. An e-liquid tank
    5. An oil tank/CBD tank
    6. A charger specifically for the Buah vape pen. It is recommended to be using the charger that has come together in that pack. 

    Buah Vape Pen Cartridge Shelf Life

    The cartridge can last for about six months with the same potency, and with time they tend to lose some of their potency. The cartridges tend to go bad over time; thus, it is advised to keep the cartridges cool and away from light. 

    Buah Vape Pen Battery quality

    Buah Vape pen comes with a quality battery that has a capacity of 900mAh. It takes approximately 2 hours for the battery to charge completely. It comes with an original USB charger that usually quickens charging. 

    Refilling of the Buah Vape Pen

    The refilling of this pen is almost similar to most of the pens, especially the Hybrid Vape pen. The procedure's as follows: 

    • First, one has to remove the mouthpiece by twisting it clockwise until it is entirely detached. Then, oil is put into the cartridge using a syringe to avoid any sticky mess that spills, which could be hard to clean. 
    • Push the syringe tip slowly and fill it to the top. After that, squeeze slowly to push the oil into the cartridge. 
    • Once done, turn the mouthpiece back and rotate it clockwise until snug, and careful not to turn the mouthpiece more since it will damage the threads.

    Refilling of the vape cartridge

    Every cartridge has an expected lifespan of roughly four to 5 fills. After that point, the cartridge performance may not be as nice, and it's recommended that one replaces the cartridge. 

    Using Buah Vape en

    Assembling the device is relatively easy and fast, but the issue comes from filling the pods. The pen is small; hence you are advised to use a syringe to avoid spillage during refilling. 


    Once you have filled the pen and some liquid has seeped into the coil, let it relax for 10 minutes. After this time, the vapour production will be superb. However, one is advised to keep on refilling oil since the coil consumes a lot of oil. Hence, you should be well prepared by walking around with a tank just in case the pod runs out of oil.

    Cleaning and Vape Pen Maintenance

    Cleaning the vape pen is simple, and it's highly advised to be cleaning your pen from time to time. However, it would be best if you had a clean vape pen all the time so that you can save money on buying new pens each now and then. Also, cleaning the pen minimizes malfunctions of the pen; hence the pen lasts more. 

    The following are easy steps on how to clean your pen:

    1. Dismantle your pen. Unscrew all components starting with the mouthpiece heading downwards. Make sure the chamber is fully emptied by tapping out the contents. 
    2. Use a brush to clean the parts of the pen. It is not advised to use water since the pen also includes electrical parts. Most of the pen comes with a brush in the kit. 
    3. You can also use soft tissue or cotton to clean the mouthpiece, that is, if it does not detach. Also, you can use running water.
    4. Once everything is clean and dry, screw everything back and make sure it is properly attached. 
    5. Press the button a few times to start your device. 

    FAQS about the Buah Vape Pen

    How long does it take for a Buah vape pen to charge?

    Charging depends on the size of the battery and also the battery type. The least it can take is 45 minutes and can go up for several hours. 

    How would you know that the battery is charging when plugged?

    Greenlights always blink on the LED indicator, which means that the battery is fully charged. 

    What can cause Buah Vape pen battery malfunctioning?

    There can be reasons as to why the battery might not be functioning well. For example, the reasons might be as follows:

    • Inadequate frequency when it comes to cleaning the battery. Cleaning the battery cartridge increases the lifespan of the battery and generally the vape pens too.
    • Sending of battery cells into a full capacity battery. This might damage it, thus interfering with the whole device system. 
    • Using a USB charger that was not in the pack. It is always advised that one should use the charger provided by the vape pen. Using laptop chargers or any other type of USB cable is not recommended. Otherwise, it shortens the battery's lifespan. 

    How would you know that the Vape pen is charging and when it requires charge?

    When you plug the battery into the charger, the charger lights illuminate. It will be a consistent red colour all through the entire time it is charging. When full, it will turn green.

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    The Buah Vape Pen has proven how much vaping has transformed within a short period and the importance of innovative technology in the vaping industry. Furthermore, its functionality is the best compared to another kind of vape pen since it is very diverse, giving you multiple hits, waxes, dry herbs, among others. 

    The battery gives you a long charge for an amazing vaping experience. Although hard to maintain, it is always recommended to follow the instructions given when purchasing to avoid malfunctioning. 

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