WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bogo Vape Pen Review. A Complete Review of the Bogo Vaporizer

13th Jul 2021 | 762 | upends v

What is the Bogo vape pen?

If you have been vaping for a while, then you know that the Bogo vape pens are a phenomenal brand in the vaping industry. The vape pens are mostly used for replacement and recharge purposes for other vape pens. The vape pens have gained so much recognition as being the most compact and reliable batteries. Bogo vape pens are compatible and are very precise in performance. 

The Bogo vape pen has been rated to be a top performer compared to similar pens in their category. From its outlook, the pen appears to be very simple but it carries a lot of amazing features that will maximize your vaping experience.

You get a few adjustable features which you can use with sub ohm cartridges and a small built in LED indicator. The indicators will show you how much power you are running on and it changes colors to show the charge amount left in your pen. 

The Bogo vape pen have been widely used in the industry and they have received so much recognition. The pens could reach more people if they choose to strengthen their products and give them more usability. The devices can easily be put together to compete with the other devices in the market and the unique quality would be a great selling point.

The pens can be categorically used with any tank and are suitable for liquids and essential oils. The effect you get from using this pen is distinctive from what normal pens give.             

Design and build quality of the Bogo vape pen

The Bogo vape pen is a very nice and simplistic looking device. From the first touch, you will feel the attractiveness of the pen and you could confuse it for another vape brand. The unit looks similar to many other pens in the market and the compact design is the major addition. 

When designing this pen, they made it have one of the most unique airflow because of the top filling system. This pen features among the two-part pen systems that you can find anywhere making them easy to assemble and disassemble. You can only take out the tanks and cartridges.

The battery cell is built in so you cannot take it out for replacement or fixing. If you get any issues with your pen, you will have to buy a new one.

The vape pen comes in many distinct colors and are sold in two packs with a micro charger included. Therefore you can get something that fits your personality. 

Quality of the Bogo vape pen

The quality of the Bogo vape pen is phenomenal. The design quality follows the path of many other pens in the market. It has a stainless steel structure that has a smooth finish to it. The only downside to this design is that the paint can easily be scratched off. The battery is built in and when you constantly shake it hard, you cannot feel even the slightest rattling or movement because the design is perfectly compact.

The cartridge tank works perfectly and it comes with a cap that can perfectly protect the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is a very crucial part of the pen and it needs utmost care to avoid contamination. Considering this pen is a typical 510 device, you will therefore need to be careful about the threading connections.

You can have the pen in the open for a whole day and night and you will not experience any type of leakages. This therefore is embedded into the mind of the user that the pen is trustworthy and safe to use. 

Performance of the Bogo vape pen

When you get yourself the Bogo vape pen, you will get a 0.3 ohm which is also included in the package. The coils are very powerful and the amount of vapor delivered is very massive and satisfactory. The vapor produced here is potent and very high quality. The oils used for this pen have been tested and have undergone numerous experiments to give people the best results. 

The flavors you get from using this pen vary in strengthens where some are suitable for beginners because of the softer effects they give. The pen can also be adjusted to give the user stronger effects which are good for advanced vape users. 

The battery has the heating elements and the cartridges only come with the oil and mouthpiece already mounted. The pen has a 400mAh battery that can be recharged. With this, you are given a USB charging which you can use for recharging purposes. The charging system still uses the 510 cartridge to charge which is also used to connect the tank. 

The 510 threading on the battery allows compatibility with other 510 threaded cartridges. The battery is in built and is a lithium ion cell which is good for holding power for a very long time. These batteries are sufficient for potent delivery with more vapor. 

How to maintain your Bogo vape pen

Before you start using your new vape pen, ensure that everything is working perfectly as it should. The first step is to charge your device to ensure it has sufficient charge. This is good to ensure that your battery is well powered to avoid running out of charge when you are in the middle of a vaping session. 

One thing you will note about the pen is that even after vaping for a while, the quality of the vapor does not change. The output and flavor stays the same even when the charge runs low. 

Once you are certain that the battery is perfectly fine for a session, proceed to input your cartridges in the battery and ensure that it is not rattling or leaking when you shake it. Most of the tanks uses on this pen are refillable so you do not have so much to worry about when your oils run out. 

To fill your tank adequately, it is necessary to fill it up to three quarters to avoid spillage or rips that happen when you are vaping. When you are sure the liquid amount is enough, let it rest for a while to allow absorption into the wick for better heating. 

Battery power of the Bogo vape pen

The Bogo vape pen is powered by a 400mah vape pen. The battery is a variable voltage device and can easily last you for a day or a day and half. It can deliver up to 200 puffs in a day. The charging time of the pen takes approximately three hours. But for a better performance, leave the pen to charge overnight. 

The pen is highly portable and you can carry it around anywhere. You can easily put it in your pocket or backpack.

FAQs about the Bogo vape pen

How do you charge the Bogo vape pen?

The Bogo vape pen is charged using a USB charging cable. The kit of the pen comes with a charger that you connect to your device and a charging block. 

Is the Bogo vape pen worth it?

Many people who vape will ask themselves about the worthiness of having a Bogo vape pen. The pen is worth every penny and they are very reliable. The pen has an affordable price tag which is very unique for the market. 

How long does a Bogo vape pen last?

When fully charged, your Bogo vape pen can last up to twelve hours when you are taking lighter draws. The pen has internal power regulation system which ensures your power is well utilized.


If you are wondering whether the Bogo vape pen is good for you, then the answer is yes. This pen is very precise and designed for perfect usage. You can trust this pen to deliver to you and give you the best variety.

The strength of the battery is very reliable and it can last you multiple vaping sessions back to back. Therefore, it would be best if you checked into any vape store and ask for a bog vape pen and experience the difference.