WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Blu Pods Near me: flavors, price, battery, review, how many hits, how to refill

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1.Find Vape shops that sell Blu pods near me

Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Blu pods vape shops near me(my location).

2.what is a Blu pod? How much does a Blu pod cost?

Blu pod, made by Blu, an e-cigarette company owned by Frontem, a subsidiary of imperial Tobacco. This pod is a super-weight and compact beginner vape.

It has a slick and gadgety design, and feels good in the hand. The battery weighs in at 16.5grams, which goes up to 21grams with a full pod inserted.

 The battery comes with two U- shaped cutouts that will allow you to monitor how much juice is left inside the pod.

Gold Leaf Pods: Bright and smoky, with subtle tobacco flavor

Menthol Pods: Classic Menthol taste

Rich Tobacco Pods: Authentic tobacco flavor with smoky.

  • Tobacco Ice Pods

 The Blu pod is available in four more color options in the UK; Blue, red, purple and gold..

  • Price:
  • UK: £9.99 (for the device in black & one Tobacco 1.6% pod), £19.99 (for the device in blue, red, gold or purple without pods), £5.99 (for a pack of two pods) (at blu)
  • US: $22.99 (for the device in black & one Gold Leaf 2.4% pod), $9.99 (for a pack of two pods) (at blu)
  • Blu Pods flavors: Menthol, Blueberry, Golden Tobacco, Strawberry Mint.

3. Blu pods review

From a performance perspective, The Blu pod is a great product. It hits hard, the battery lasts longer than expected, and it charges faster than most pod systems.

 The pod also produces a surprising amount of warm vapor, especially considering the size. The pod also comes with different nicotine strengths depending on whether it is the US or UK edition.

4. Blu pod battery:how long does a Blu pod last?

The Myblu pod comes with a 350mAh battery, which may not sound like much, but it is actually surprisingly large for a device of its size.

 How long a Blu pod lasts depends on how often you hit it. A full charge takes between 25 and 30 minutes, which is very fast compared to most of its competition.

 A typical user will get approximately 400puffs from each Blu disposable pod.

5. How to open a Blu pod

Opening a Blu pod is really easy to do. Using a screwdriver (or tweezer) to open up the pod from the base.

 Then, at the base of the pod, on the thinner end of the oval, you will see a little protruding bit of plastic that can be pushed with a screwdriver. The base comes out after this, in which you can see the wick and coil attached to the bottom.

6. How to refill a Blu pod

Filling a pod for one of the devices is as easy as refilling a tank, so it’s unlikely to cause you any issue at all. After getting access to the chamber with a screwdriver, which is used to open up the pod from the base.

 You then refill the pod with a particular e-juice to the level of the central stem, and you are ready to start vaping again.

 You might also want to swap the wick for a fresh one.

 Here’s a link to the full video on how to refill Blu pods:

7. Why is my Blu pod not hitting(not working)?

There could be several things that could lead to your Blu pod not hitting;

  • Firstly, you need to ensure the pod is fully charged. When you notice your Blu pod isn’t producing enough vapor, it may be due to the battery, of which when the battery is low, the Blu pod doesn't provide as much power to the heating element.
  • Also, when the tiny holes on both sides of the pod are closed, air won’t be able to pass through to create the vapor. Therefore, it can lead to e-liquid leaking from the mouthpiece when you inhale.

8. Where to buy Blu Pod near me?

You can easily find a store that sells blu by simply entering your postcode or city name on the storefinder. The storefinder link is https://www.blu.com/en/US/storefinder

 If you are unable to locate a store near you, try zooming out to expand your search area.

 Also ensure to contact the store to ensure the products you are looking for are currently in stock.

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