WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bigger Is Better: Reviewing Hyppe Disposable Vape

26th Apr 2023 | 12 | upends v

Disposable vapes have grown in popularity recently among smokers searching for a simple and hassle-free substitute to regular cigarettes. One of the companies that has attracted a lot of interest is Hyppe, which is well-known for its premium disposable vapes.

Hyppe disposable vape offers a wide range of flavors and nicotine strengths, but what sets them apart from other brands is their larger-sized devices. With a bigger battery and more e-liquid capacity, Hyppe claims to offer a longer-lasting and more satisfying vaping experience.

In this article, we'll review the Hyppe disposable vape and see if bigger really is better.

Hyppe Disposable Vape Products Review

Hyppe Max Flow Supreme Disposable Vape 5% Nicotine

The Hyppe Max Flow disposable vape device is a small and easy-to-carry gadget that provides users with more than 2000 puffs of premium Salt Nic juice. It is considered one of the top disposable e-cigarettes available today, thanks to its convenient mesh coil design that eliminates the need for maintenance, recharging, or refilling. The Hyppe Max Flow operates by inhaling, and its adjustable airflow is built to give ex-smokers the sensation of a pleasant throat hit. 


  • 2000+ puffs
  • 5% Nic salt
  • Draw Activated
  • 6ml E-liquid Capacity
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 900mAh Battery
  • Mesh coil


  • The Hyppe Max Flow is a draw-activated device that produces vapor when the user inhales. It features an adjustable airflow mechanism that is designed to provide former smokers with a satisfying throat hit.

Hyppe Max Flow Supreme Flavors Review

Cotton Clouds

This flavor is designed to provide a sweet and fluffy taste that mimics the sensation of biting into a fluffy cotton candy treat. The flavor profile of Cotton Clouds is sweet, with a slightly tart aftertaste. It is an excellent option for vapers who enjoy candy-flavored e-liquids.


Frozen Banana

The Frozen Banana flavor is designed to offer a refreshing, cooling sensation with a smooth banana taste. It is a popular flavor among vapers who enjoy fruity and menthol flavors. The flavor is not too overpowering and provides a pleasant experience, especially during hot weather.



Tobacco-flavored e-liquids are designed to mimic the taste of traditional tobacco cigarettes. This flavor profile is a popular choice for vapers who want to quit smoking and still enjoy the taste of tobacco. The tobacco flavor is bold and provides a rich, full-bodied taste with a slight hint of sweetness.


Hyppe Max Air 5000 Puffs 13ML

The Hyppe Max Air disposable vape is currently one of the most popular disposable vapes available in the market. The 13 ml of 5% e-liquid that is pre-filled in each Hyppe Max Air can support up to 5000 puffs.

The Max Air is designed to have a sleek, box-shaped form factor with smooth, rounded edges and a rubberized grip in the middle section that seamlessly flows into the duckbill-shaped mouthpiece. It is equipped with a 650mAh rechargeable battery and a USB-C charging port located at the bottom.

The device also includes a lanyard loop and a neck lanyard, ensuring you never lose your vape. The Hyppe Max Air produces an incredibly smooth and flavorful vapor and is available in several different flavors.


  • 650 mAh Battery
  • 5000 puffs
  • 13 ML capacity
  • Type C USB
  • Customizable airflow


  • The Hyppe Max Air disposable vape stands out for its excellent taste transfer and convenient charging capabilities, making it a popular choice among users

Hyppe Max Air Flavors Review

Black Sakura

This flavor is a unique blend of sweet and floral notes that provides a delicate and fragrant vaping experience. It is designed to offer a combination of blackcurrant and sakura blossom, creating a unique and intriguing taste profile that is both sweet and subtle.


Strawberry Freeze

The Strawberry Freeze flavor is a refreshing and fruity e-liquid that features a ripe and juicy strawberry taste with a cool menthol finish. It is a popular choice among vapers who enjoy fruit and menthol flavors, as it provides a deliciously sweet and refreshing vaping experience.


Caramel Ice Cream

This flavor is designed to offer a rich and creamy taste that is reminiscent of a classic caramel ice cream. The e-liquid is smooth and sweet, with a subtle hint of vanilla that provides a satisfying and indulgent vaping experience.


Mighty Mint

The Mighty Mint flavor is a popular choice for vapers who enjoy the refreshing and invigorating taste of mint. It is designed to provide a cool and crisp vaping experience that leaves a refreshing sensation in the mouth and throat.


Lush Freeze

Lush Freeze is a blend of sweet and fruity flavors with a cool menthol finish. It features a combination of watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe, creating a unique and refreshing taste profile. For vapers who like fruit and menthol flavors, it is a great option.


Hyppe Max Vape Pod

The Hyppe Max disposable vape pod is the latest addition to the popular Hyppe Disposables line. It features a cylindrical battery with a capacity of 650mAh, which can provide up to 600 puffs.

Compared to its predecessors, the battery can hold significantly more e-juice. The Hyppe Max has a capacity of 2ml of e-liquid, which is four times more than the Hyppe Bar.


  • 2ml Capacity
  • 2% Salt Nicotine
  • 650mah Battery Capacity
  • Built-in Battery
  • 600 puffs
  • Non-Refillable

Hyppe Max Vape Pod Flavors

Blueberry Ice

This flavor is a combination of sweet and tangy blueberry notes with a cool and refreshing menthol finish. It offers a well-balanced vaping experience that is perfect for those who enjoy fruit and menthol flavors.


Peach Ice

Peach Ice is a fruity and refreshing e-liquid that features a ripe and juicy peach flavor with a cool menthol finish. It is designed to provide a sweet and refreshing vaping experience that is perfect for hot summer days.


Mango Ice

The Mango Ice flavor is a tropical and refreshing e-liquid that features a juicy and sweet mango taste with a cool menthol finish. It is designed to offer a well-balanced vaping experience that is perfect for those who enjoy fruity and menthol flavors.


Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade is a classic and refreshing flavor that offers a sweet and tangy taste profile. It is a blend of juicy pink grapefruit and lemon, providing a refreshing and invigorating vaping experience. This flavor is perfect for those who enjoy citrus and fruit flavors.


FAQs AboutHyppe Disposable Vape

How Many Puffs Does A Hyppe Vape Have?

A Hyppe vape can last between 300-500 puffs or more, equivalent to about 1-2 packs of traditional cigarettes, depending on usage frequency, inhalation length, and device capacity. Lifespan also depends on battery life and e-liquid volume. The device is disposable and cannot be recharged or refilled once it runs out of e-liquid or battery. Proper disposal is necessary.

A Hyppe Disposable Vape Has How Many Hits?

With the latest Hyppe devices, customers are able to regulate their air intake to achieve the ideal balance between flavor intensity and airflow. These disposable devices are larger than usual and can deliver approximately 2000 puffs. In addition, they have a straightforward draw-activation mechanism for firing.

How Can I Tell If My Hyppe Vape Is Out Of E-liquid?

In any case, you will know if you have vaped all of the juice if your unit shows the following signs:

  • The vapor from your device tastes burnt.
  • The vapor becomes thin and flavorless after using the device for an extended period of time.
  • The device does not produce any vapor, even when both the device and the battery are getting hot


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