Big Vape Theory Vape Shop: uvapeshop.com; Your One-stop Vape Retailer for Disposables, E-liquids, Pod Systems, and Devices

    Big Vape Theory Vape Shop: uvapeshop.com; Your One-stop Vape Retailer for Disposables, E-liquids, Pod Systems, and Devices

    What is Big Vape Theory? A Summary of Basic Information of the Big Vape Theory

    The big vape theory vape shop was founded in 2014 as a locally owned and operated vape retailer. Its major objective was to serve vapers in Greenville and its environs with some of the best products that would make them have a satisfying vaping experience. The store is owned by an ECU student and remains the only shop to be founded and owned by an ECU student, for that matter.

    Big vape theory vape shop is an authorized retailer that majorly specializes in selling premium American E-juices, disposables, electronic cigarettes, devices, among many other vape products. It boasts a wide range of E-liquid selection which features over 130 premium E-liquids. The store has invested in a lot of research to try and keep up with the ever-changing industry and market needs. Currently, the store has the largest selection of E-liquid varieties in Eastern NC.

    All products sold by the Big vape theory vape shop are manufactured under strict conditions to ensure they meet the required industry standards. Moreover, all bottles are inspected to ensure that they not only meet but also surpass the industry standards. Indeed, Big vape theory vape shop has fulfilled its mission of ensuring that all customers are satisfied. You can trust them for all your vaping requirements. Always be sure to get what you are looking for. Their knowledgeable customer support staff will also be of great help to you. The following are the basic details relating to the Big vape theory vape shop.




    Phone/Contact number:(252) 689-6021

    Address:2800 E. 10th St Greenville, NC 27858

    Big Vape Theory Shop Store Hours:

    Mon - Sat        10:00AM - 09:00PM

    Sunday            12:00PM - 06:00PM

    What are the Main Products Offered by Big Vape Theory?

    The big vape theory vape shop offers several vape products. All these are tested first to ensure they meet the required standards before they are finally introduced into the shelves. If you are looking for some of the most excellent vape products, the big vape theory vape shop is the right destination for you. You will be excited to know that all these products come at affordable prices. The following are the main categories of products you will find at the big vape theory vape shop.

    1. E-liquids
    2. Tanks
    3. Rebuildables
    4. Batteries and accessories
    5. Replacement coils
    6. Pod systems
    7. Disposable vapes
    8. Salt nicotine
    9. Starter kits

    But although the big vape theory vape shop offers all the products mentioned above, there are few product categories that the retailer is best known for. The popular products are briefly explained below.

    1. Pod Systems and Devices

    Pod systems and devices are unbelievably popular products of the vaping industry. A good vape shop is defined by its ability to stock a wide range of pod vapes. Luckily enough, big vape theory vape shop has been at the forefront in the race to try and stock as many pod systems as possible. The pod systems are all from some of the most popular brands and manufacturers. All their pod systems feature the latest technologies aimed at improving the general vaping experience for vapers.

    But what really defines a great pod vape? A good vape must have a reliable battery capable of taking you through multiple puffs without the need to be charged. Secondly, the pod should be lightweight for easy portability. And it is a good thing to note that all pod systems offered by the big vape theory present all these features. The following are some of the pod systems and devices you can find at the big vape theory vape shop;

    • Smok - Novo Replacement Pod (3-pack)
    • Suorin - Air Replacement Pod
    • Hyde - Disposables Pod System
    • Boulder Pods
    • Vaporesso - Renova Zero Kit/Pod System

    All the pod systems come at very low prices compared with pod systems from other retailers. Some come at prices as low as $3.5.

    1. Disposable Vapes

    Why are disposable vapes so popular these days? There are plenty of reasons why most vapers have shifted their attention to using disposable vapes. For one thing, disposable vapes are lightweight to allow for easy portability, and their attractive nature will make them easy to be carried from one place to another without worry. They are also exciting, easy, and convenient to use. Another thing is that the vapers can use them with multiple flavors. If you are a new vaper or accustomed to vaping, you will find taking your puffs from a disposable vape pen so convenient. One of the great things about the big vape theory is that it offers a wide range of disposable vapes.

    All disposable vapes come at user-friendly prices, and this is the reason why you should try them out. The following are some of the most popular disposable vapes you will find at the big vape theory vape shop.

    • Hyde – Edge Disposable
    • Fume Ultra Disposable
    • VFUN Disposable 5%
    • Air Bar LUX Plus Disposable 5%
    • Pick Mega Disposable
    1. Big vape Theory Batteries

    Even more impressive about the big vape theory is their batteries. As you might already know, battery technology has risen to the occasion, and the features of a battery matter most when making purchase decisions. But you can bet on Big vape theory to provide the best battery for your vape kit. The store carries a wide selection of high drain 18650 and 26650 batteries. All these batteries come fully charged and ready to use. They have excellent charge capacities capable of taking you through all-day vaping. The following are some of the batteries you can purchase from the big vape theory vape shop;

    • Sanyo - 20700 4250mAh/35A batteries
    • GOLISI - (18650,20700,21700,26650) batteries
    • Brillipower 20700 - 4100mAh - 30A Max batteries
    • Samsung 21700 - 5000mAh batteries

    Big Vape Theory Shop Discount Coupons

    Although the big vape theory website does not offer any coupons and promo codes, there are several other secondary coupons and promo codes providers you can use to save money when shopping for your products from big vape theory. Moreover, the shop offers great discounts that will save you a lot of money. You can use sites such as RetailMeNot, vapesourcing, and Cheapvaping deals to apply for coupons and promo codes on your purchases.  

    Big Vape Theory Shop Shipping Information

    Big vape theory has a strict shipping policy. First, once a customer places an order, the customer cannot cancel the order. Secondly, the store currently does not offer online shipping or ordering. It means that customers have to pick up all their orders at the physical store or use the curbside pickup option.

    Warranties are provided for all shipped products that turn out to be defective. However, warranties that go beyond 7 days will be handled by the wholesaler or manufacturer, and the customer should directly contact the manufacturer in such situations.

    Big Vape Theory Shop Shop Customer Reviews

    This is what customers who have previously transacted with the big vape theory say about the shop;

    “This is my best go-to vape shop for all my vaping needs. I loved their vapes because they were extremely friendly. The shop carries a wide range of E-liquids and an excellent selection of devices. The place is also clean, offering a cool business environment. You should try it out.” Adam Wallace

    “It was a while since I went to this shop, and I was impressed the last time I visited them. It is the only vape shop that has proved reliable since the government changed the laws to 21 years. I have used this shop for close to four years now, and I am not stopping any time soon. Not when they still offer me everything I need for my vaping needs.” Ashlynn Allen

    “I had great services here. Their employees are so knowledgeable, and they guided me to select the products that I came to love. The shop offers a great selection of e-juices, disposable vapes, and pods, which I was looking for. If you want some great vaping products for an excellent vaping experience, the big vape theory is the place to go.” Khalara Fhey

    “The reason I came here was that I needed to stop traditional smoking. I explained my aim to one of their workers, and he turned out to be so knowledgeable. The guy guided me around and gave me the products that were great to start me off through my vaping journey. I haven’t tried any other vape shop because I find this one so reliable.” Steve Ward

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