Beyond Vape Review: An In-depth Guide About the Beyond Vape

    Beyond Vape Review: An In-depth Guide About the Beyond Vape

    A recent introduction of online vape stores has made it very easy to access a various range of vape products even from the corner of your karats. There are so many online vape stores today the high-quality to wonder about which particulars the best for you. For you to have a well enjoyable vaping experience, you must choose trustworthy and well-known vape stores for your vape products. Beyond Vape is one of those stores you can rightly choose, have you come across the store before? Would you love to have detailed knowledge about them? Hold on!  In this article, we shall be looking at the Review of Beyond Vape.

    1.      What is Beyond Vape?

    This is a highly innovative vape store that runs a well-organized online store and as well as up to five physical stores across the United States. The Beyond Vape is located in California, USA, and they have their website as . They deal in the sales of varieties of vape products that range from e-juices, pod devices, e-cigarettes, lots of other vape accessories. If you are also looking for an online vape store that deals in the best CBD products, Beyond Vape is the best for you. They have various CBD products such as CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, Creams, and Patches, available for you.

    They have a wide range of vape products available for you to choose from, this makes it very unlikely for you to not find a particular brand of your choice with them. They also have an easily accessible and well-arranged website that makes it easy for you to surf through and this also makes them a good option for newbies as their website does not involve any complexities to use.

    Beyond vape has excellent customer care service and they have various exciting offers for their customers. We really cannot exhaust the awesomeness of this vape store but the truth is if you are looking for an online vape store that deals in original, trusted, and quality vape products, choosing this particular vape store is the best for you.

    2.      Is Beyond Vape Good?

    The short answer to that question is YES! Beyond Vape is not only good but is one of the best online vape stores you would come across. They sell only quality products from trusted brands and they have various amazing offers for their customers. Their website is very much easy to use and they have excellent customer care service.

    2.1 Pros

    They are accessible both online and offline

    Quality products

    Easy to Use website

    Excellent customer care service

    2.2 Cons

    They do not offer any rewards for military veterans

    3.      Beyond Vape Product Listing

    3.1 Snaku Caramel Pudding

    These highly delicious e-juices if from a well-trusted vape brand. It is a perfect blend of natural flavours that hits for taste but deliciously and leaves you wanting to take more and more of it. This e-liquid produces an awesome vapour and its content is 30% PG and 70% VG. It has nicotine levels of 0, 3, 6 mg, and it is available in 60ml. When it comes to vapour production, the liquid produces an excellent vapour that is not too strong and is not too weak and its throat hit is just perfect without being hoarse. The liquid features a well-balanced blend of flavours and it is a perfect blend of Japanese pudding mixed with salted caramel.

    3.2 Billy’s Best

    This is an exciting product that features the Blueberry Poundcake and Sage Nic Salts. It is an award-winning juice that leaves your taste bud asking for more. Its content is 30% PG and 70% VG, it has a high flavour production and these flavours are made with natural ingredients without any artificial agents. Its Vapour production is medium, which makes sit not too weak and not too strong and it has a perfect throat hit that is not poor and at the same time, not too coarse for your throat. This vape juice is very rich and creamy and gives a highly satisfying and enjoyable vape experience. It is available in the strengths 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. It presents in a 120ml bottle and it is Sub-Ohm friendly. This juice is very great for good flavour and vapour.

    3.3 Centurion 75w Mod

    Have you come across this particular product from Beyond Vape before? It is quite amazing! The product present in a very attractive design, and it is well known for its durability and efficiency. It is very easy to use a product that gives you the exact vaping experience of your dream. The product produces great vapour and it has an output wattage that ranges from 1 to 75 watt. Its resistance range is around 0.05 to 1.5 ohm while in TC mode, and around 0.1 to 3.5ohm while in VW/ Bypass mode. Its temperature range is between 200 to 600F, it has a battery power unit of 26650 and it is portable and very easy to move about. The device also comes with an Automatic Shut Off feature that allows the device to automatically shut off itself when the temperature level is above 70C, which is too hot. Overall, the product is quite an amazing one and you should try it out one of these days.

    3.3.1 Pros Compact and Beautiful Design

    The design of this product alone would leave youto want to buy it. It is carefully and gorgeously designed and the material used in its production is well durable and easy to use and carry. Takes around 22mm to 30mm tank

    This device also can take a tank that is around 22mm and 30mm. This is quite amazing, and it saves you the stress of having to refill it every time. Nice LED Display

    The LED display of this device is quite clear and easy to understand and use. Quite Affordable

    The product is sold at a price that is relatively cheap when compared to other products of different brands. This product affords you access to good quality product at affordable price. Temperature Control Feature

    This product comes with a feature that makes it automatically shut down anytime the temperature rises above 70C. This is a great safety measure.

    3.3.2 Cons Incorrect Battery Level Display

    There are reports that the battery display of this product is occasionally incorrect and inaccurate.

    3.4 Mako War V2

    This product is also a high quality one and comes in three-piece different awesome design, this allows for very easy refills and use. It has post holes that are 24 karat gold-plated, and they make it very good for conductivity, they prevent it from damages, and from unnecessary spins. It has an adjustable dual airflow and it as a really deep 6mm juice. The product comes with PEEK insulator which makes it very easy for the product to withstand high heat and it also ensures even distribution of temperature.

    3.4.1 Pros

    Rigid Construction

    High Quality Product

    Adjustable Dual Airflow

    3.5 Phix Pods

    This is a product of the Brewell brand and it is one of its kind out there. It is loaded with brain bursting flavours and its puffs are excellent! There are lots of flavours available, they range from mango to tobacco, to strawberry, to lemon tart, and other amazing ones. Each pod has a liquid capacity that is around 1.5ml and it contains a concentration of about 5% nicotine. The pod is only available for Mouth to Lung vaping (MTL), and there is a production of about 400 to 440 pods per pod.

    3.5.1 Pros

    Nice Throat Hit

    Amazing variants of Flavours

    It is Leak Resistant

    There is a huge number of Puff production per pod

    3.5.2 Cons

    This product is not refillable

    4.      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    4.1 Is there Warranty for Beyond Vape Products?

    Yes! Beyond Vape offer a good 14-day return police service that allows their customers to return products that they are not satisfied with, and then get refunds on these products. To return a product within these 14 days, all you have to do is to send a picture and full details of the product to their Email. The message is usually responded to within 2 days, and instructions on how to go about the return are passed. Unless the product got to you in a bad condition, the shipping cost of the returned product is usually borne by you. The return policy does not work for clearance sale items, and there is also a limited one-year warranty on Beyond Vape and Aria hardware devices.

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    6.      Conclusion

    Beyond Vape store is an excellent choice for you if you are in search of diverse vape products. Their products are from trustworthy brands and they also have excellent customer Care Service. If you are on the lookout for another amazing online vape store, check out!


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