WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best Wholesale Cinnamon E-Juice/E-Liquid Flavors to buy & review

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What is Cinnamon vape juice?

Cinnamon-flavored vape juice, believe it or not, is both tasty and highly gratifying when done correctly. It's a flavor that lingers and delights your taste senses, with flowery, oak, and sweet overtones. This is why we've put up a top 20 list of cinnamon vape juices so you may sample the best cinnamon e liquids available on eJuiceDB. Cinnamon e liquids, which are available as nicotine salts, disposables, and vape juices, are ideal for dessert pairings. Cinnamon is frequently used as a topping in baked goods. Thus it matches well with other baked goods vape juices.

What does Cinnamon Vape Juice taste like?

It's a flavor that lingers and delights your taste senses, with flowery, oak, and sweet overtones.

Top best Cinnamon flavored vape juice. 

  • D-Line #8 Tobacco Free Nicotine Vape Juice by Vape Daugz
  • Vape Daugz D-Line Premium Vape Juice is a US-based brand that produces MAX VG nicotine salt juices. These are the flavors sweet tooth consumers dream of, with 14 rich and nuanced flavors ranging from cotton candy to orange milk to key lime pie. A fiery Dragon Venom blend with a dash of sweet cinnamon. #8 D-Line (formerly known as "Flaming").

  • Spice Trader by Pale Whale Premium eJuice
  • Buckets of sliced apples and cinnamon flakes soaked in thick, creamy milk: this delectable elixir harkens back to childhood morning meals. Apples, Cinnamon, and Creamy Milk This delectable elixir harken back to childhood breakfasts: Buckets of sliced apples and cinnamon flakes submerged in thick, creamy milk. Apples, Cinnamon, and Creamy Milk

  • Cinnamon Banana Disposable Device by Hyde Color Edition
  • Cinnamon Banana is the flavor profile. Each Hyde Color Edition is unique. Features of a Disposable Device: A ten-pack is available. Nicotine by volume of 5.0 percent (50MG). E-Liquid capacity is 1.6mL per device. The battery capacity is 230mAh. Per device, there are around 400 puffs.

  • Sugar Cookie Tobacco Free Nicotine Vape Juice by BSX Series (Former Glas Basix Series)
  • Warm buttery cookie dough covered with golden brown-sugar caramel, with a cinnamon and nutmeg twist, straight from the oven.

  • Cinnamon Danish by Slam Cake Vapes eJuice
  • Slam Cake Vapes' flagship custard, Cinnamon Danish Custard, is a must-try for dessert connoisseurs. This pastry is made ideal with sweet cinnamon crumbles and our classic French vanilla custard.

  • Cinnamon Custard by Mr. Custard E-Liquids
  • Cinnamon from the bakery with delicious, creamy cream! Cinnamon Custard is created by combining the greatest creamy custard flavor with cinnamon. A bakery cinnamon blend is combined with sweet, milky cream to produce an all-day vape that hits those morning cereal notes that your taste buds want.

  • King Kong by I Can't Believe It's Not Donuts eJuice
  • Banana doughnuts dipped in cinnamon sugar maple syrup: Doughnut nirvana without the calories. We've put up one of the greatest conceivable combinations of E-Liquid flavors for you. We exist only to provide you with the most up-to-date trends that are sweeping the vaping market. Plus, we're a little bit of an expert in this field. We also present fresh trends. I Can't Believe It's Not Donuts' King Kong comes in bottle sizes of 10ml, 3x10ml, and 50ml. The nicotine level in the 10ml and 3x10ml is 0,3,6mg, whereas the nicotine strength in the 50ml is 0mg. A bottle containing 50ml of e-liquid has a storage capacity of 60ml. A 10ml Nicotine Shot can be used to fill the 10ml lag (Sold Separately). All of this is done to make your experience richer and more enjoyable. The PG/VG ratio in these E-Liquids is 25/75. When using a Sub-Ohm Vaping setup, this percentage also allows you to conduct cloud chasing.


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