WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best Wholesale 4 Mints E-Juice/E-Liquid Flavors to Buy & Review

22nd Jun 2022 | 78 | upends v

Check out the freshest e-liquid in town; Mints vape juice is one of a kind as it brings out the coolness of herbs. This vape juice contains four types of mint flavors that make up this vape juice: wintergreen, Choco mint, peppermint, and spearmint.

This review will shed more light on this popular vape juice and analyze some of its brands and flavors.

What is Mints Vape Juice?

Mints Vape Juice combines the four mint flavors with chocolate toppings. This mixture is tasty and refreshing, which gives customers more reasons to buy this product. The average packaging size is 60ml to 120 ml of vape juice, but the nicotine content comes in 15ml and 30ml vape juice bottles.

These bottles' nicotine strengths range from 24mg to 50mg. However, there are 0 mg bottles available.

Who makes the Mints Vape Juice?

The London Vape Company is the legal producer of Mints Vape Juice. This company's headquarters in the UK carry out most of its services online. To order your vape product, you need to contact the administration via email and get the directions for registration.

You can also contact UPENDS for distribution of the product to your doorstep. The documentation process may take five days to complete, while shipping can last a month.

What does the Mints Vape juice taste like?

Like fresh menthol, Mints vape juice is added to other sugary flavors. Due to the different mint flavors available, the taste may differ since some mint flavors are sweeter and more robust than others. Additionally, the e-liquid comes with some cooling ice to keep it refreshing.

Top 4 Mints Vape Juice/E-Liquid Flavors

Wintergreen - Mints E-liquid

This vape juice comes in a 120 ml bottle size and is available in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg nicotine strength levels. The flavors in the vape juice are tasty and refreshing, resulting from having mint as the primary ingredient. Wintergreen juice flavor is the sweetest of the other mint types, making this e-liquid the most popular.

Mints - Spearmint

If spearmint flavor is your ideal preference, then having a spearmint vape juice at your disposal will do you good. It comes in a 2x60 ML bottle capacity and 3 mg sub-ohm salt, making it vital for use. This juicy flavor will keep your breath smelling fresh as it is the most popular refreshing e-juice.

Mints - Peppermint

The primary flavor for this vape juice product is sweet candy cane mixed with peppermint juice. The final product is a smooth, minty liquid that bears all the sweetness. Menthol is one of the ingredients in this e-juice, and due to its refreshing abilities, you will enjoy vaping in warm weather.

Mints - Chocomint

According to customer reviews, this vape juice is the most favorable. Customers prefer the Mini-Chocomint brand since it has chocolate, menthol, and mint varieties. It also comes in a 3 mg nicotine strength level, allowing you a faint head rush when you vape.


Does this product contain menthol?

Yes. This product is rich in menthol since it is one of the main ingredients that make up the Mint Vape juice.

What is the calorie content of this e-liquid?

This product contains 30 calories for every e-liquid milliliter. This figure implies the absorption of a calorie per vape juice content is 20% of the entire liquid.

Is it safe to vape when diabetic?

A recommendation is to take vegetable glycerin in moderation if you have diabetes. The reason is that vegetable glycerin has a high sugar content, which could affect an individual.