Best Wholesale 10 dragon fruit E-Juice/E-Liquid Flavors to buy & review

    Best Wholesale 10 dragon fruit E-Juice/E-Liquid Flavors to buy & review

    1.What is a dragon fruit vape juice/E-Liquid?

    Dragon fruit vape juice is a sweet, tropical fruit flavor that's often used as a mixer in e-liquids. It has a unique taste and aroma that is difficult to describe, but if you've ever had dragon fruit (or pitaya) before then you know what it tastes like. Many people find dragon fruit vape juice to be too sweet for them on its own; however, when properly mixed with other flavors such as berries and citrus fruits, it can make an excellent addition to your vaping experience.

    If you're new to vaping or if you've been around long enough but never tried dragon fruit before this article will give you an idea of what the flavor is like when it's used in e-juice form. 

    2.What does dragon fruit vape juice/E-Liquid taste like?

    Dragon fruit vape juice is a sweet and fruity flavor. It's not like any other fruit you've ever tasted before, but it has a unique taste, similar to banana and kiwi combined. If you're looking for something new and different, dragon fruit vape juice will fit the bill. 

    3.Top 10 Dragon fruit E-Juice/E-Liquid Flavors.

    1)Player Two by Vapergate eJuice.

    Dragon Fruit, Tangerine and Menthol. 

    Vapergate e juice that produces this flavor is a business with extensive knowledge of the vape juice market is Vapergate Vape Juice. Both companies were founded in 2013 and produce high-quality RDAs and RTAs for the general population. They provide both nicotine salts and conventional vape juice, totaling more than 21 varieties. 

    2)Deep Cuts E-Dragonshake Liquid's

    The Dragonshake by Deep Cuts blurs the lines between fruit, dessert, candy, and milkshake with its masterfully prepared blend of dragon fruit and decadent creams.

    3)M-80 e-juice by Buckshot Vapors

     A delectable combination of watermelon and dragon fruit.

    Greg and Alena Buckshot, co-founders of Buckshot Vapors Inc., noticed early on the advantages that many former smokers were reaping from switching to vaping. The couple decided to develop their own superior, distinctive flavors that were each delightful "all-day-vapes" because they were dissatisfied with the e-juices that were currently available on the market. 

    4)Time Bomb Vapors' Heathen e-juice

    A cool combination of dragon fruit and honeydew. Heathen by Time Bomb Vapors e-Juice and other vaping goods produced and/or distributed by Time Bomb Vapors e-Juice are sold at eJuiceDB, a vape store. All e-liquid, e-mods, disposable vape pens, and accessories are shipped straight from the producer or a distributor that bought from the producer. 

    5)Craze Nicotine Salts e-Juice's Lemon Berry Blast

    Lemon, dragon fruit, and berries combine flawlessly in an all-day vape to produce a flavor explosion. Five fruit varieties that are overflowing with taste are included in Craze Nicotine Salts. Orange dragon squeeze, mango melon bash, lemon berry blast, kiwi berry burst, and melon berry punch.


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