Best Weed Vape Pens For 2021

    Weed Vape Pen for 2021

    You may have had a taste of other weeds but not vape pens. Ensure that this time you have a taste of it. An interesting thing about them is that they are effortless to handle and use. The cost of having them is also reliable as it comes at a friendlier price.

    Today we have narrowed down to specific weed vape pens that will deliver the loveliest experience. Our compilation of products will provide the most outstanding performance. You will have a wide range to choose from with the considerations of price and performance. Have a look.

    Best weed vape pens for 2021


    MIG Vapor Canna Blast weed vape pen



    One thing you will love about using this vape pen is its effectiveness. You will enjoy the right amounts of weed as you do the specifications. In terms of size, it is the most compact and will make the management work more effortless.

    Ceramic atomizers make the vape stand out among the rest. It will deliver the most outstanding flavor and taste for any weed. You will therefore be quite sure that the quality of all the weeds you take is the best.

    Each strain you take produces an adequate amount of vapor. The battery provides 380mAh hence producing sufficient energy and power. Having a reasonable price makes each aspiring consumer enjoy the moments.

    The accuracy of the vape pens is lovely as it ensures you enjoy them according to your specifications. You can therefore be quite sure that you will not overdose. Managing the vape pen is also an effortless task. It comes with a simple design that you will comfortably use and maintain.


    • It has a compact size
    • Very effective and efficient
    • It has a long-lasting battery
    • Ceramic atomizers


    • May not retain the best quality if not well powered
    • Exposed to loss because of its compact size

    Kandypens Rubi Vaporizer


    This vape pen is among the best and durable. It has a lovely quality that maintains the flavor and the taste of your strains. Having a design that helps even in keeping the amount of liquid in it is beautiful. Chances of experiencing leakages get limited to the most significant degree.

    One thing you will love is that the smoke will not come back through the spindle. You will enjoy using the charging port and the USB that ensure you charge from any point. Chances of having the vape pen disappointing you when enjoying get limited.

    Something interesting is how the pen gets off after 8 seconds. Although it comes as a drawback, you will love its automated nature to ensure that you are safe while using it. However, you will love the air-activated mode that makes your management more effortless.

    Every time it goes off, you do not need to press the switches to deliver excellence. It has a compact design that makes it simple to handle and operate.


    • It has a compact design
    • Comfortable to use
    • It has a LED indicator
    • Automatically shuts off


    • The shutoff time is limited
    • Not very safe when automated features fail

    Atmos Jump vape pen


    This vaporizer is perfect for dry vapes. You will appreciate the use of this design as it ensures that it maintains each strain's quality. When material infused is of the right temperatures, you will enjoy the best quality.

    For around 360 degrees, you will enjoy the best quality vapes. Using dry herbs is lovely as they ensure that you have the best process. Management and cleaning the vaporizer is something you will have fun moments with.

    When packing the materials into the vaping pen, you will enjoy it as it comes with its packing tools. You will love using it each time as cleaning it is fast. Constant stream while vaping is one of the best things you will ever enjoy.

    Having a lightweight design is another thing that makes it quite simple to handle. It also comes in various colors that make it quite simple to trace. You will travel with it from one place to another. Using a rechargeable battery is excellent as you can use a USB to have it charged.


    • It has a compact and stylish design
    • User-friendly design
    • Rechargeable using a USB port
    • It has a built-in 1200 mAh battery that keeps it powered for long


    • The rechargeable battery needs to be powered throughout
    • Exposed to losses

    Bug RX Oil Vape Pen


    The quality of this vape pen will leave you startled. It comes at a reasonable price that will make your moments more enjoyable. It features a refillable design that makes it cost-effective as opposed to disposable ones.

    Different viscosities of THC oils are simple to use when you employ the use of this model. Amazingly, each will produce the right amount of vapor. You will have each refilled from the top hence convenient and easy to use.

    You will love the cartridge as it comes with a seal that makes it quite simple to refill. Something that will also surprise you is that none of the external factors will affect the model's quality.  The oil you use will be of the most significant vapor outcome.

    Moreover, it also comes with a slim design that makes it easier for you to manage. However, it has a large capacity despite its size.  It accommodates 2mls hence adequate for your day's usage.


    • It has a compact design with a refillable nature
    • Simple to refill
    • Excellent energy
    • Has a dependable quality
    • Cost-effective


    • The size may make refilling slightly challenging
    • Balancing the contents may be slightly challenging

    O2Vape cannabis Oil Pen


    O2Vape cannabis Oil Pen

    The rechargeable nature of this pen makes it the loveliest thing to have. You will have pleasant moments with it because the battery is also powerful. Using it while traveling from one place to another is a lovely thing.

    The pen runs at 3.7 volts, and the battery is 350mAh. Using a USB charger, you will find it very convenient to use. Every time you draw from it, you will have lovely moments with it as it maintains the best quality.

    You will love the pen as it has buttons that you will press five times to have it active or inactive. Managing the pen is simple by the number of times you press the button. It also features a ceramic cartridge that makes the process of management effective.


    • Convenient for daily use as it is durable
    • Maintains a quality vapor
    • It has a powerful battery
    • Easy to manage by buttons


    • Switching between pens may be disturbing
    • The battery capacity may be too limited

    Bliss by Dosist vape pens


    Bliss by Dosist vape pens

    If you are looking for the best vape pens that come prefilled, this model makes the best one. You will have lovely moments with it as it maintains the best quality. Preloaded doses are beautiful as they have not tampered around.

    Within three constant doses, you will have the best quality. Each preloaded dose is 2.25 mg and has a pent tank that makes it easy to use. The combination of THC and CBD makes the vape pen an attractive choice. The ratio between the two is good as it makes the vape more enjoyable and of the best quality.

    The rechargeable battery of 260mAh makes the model's performance better. You will enjoy its high-quality features that make its performance more outstanding. The best thing about it is that it helps maintain the quality of vapor and serves for a prolonged period.


    • Has a lovely and outstanding performance
    • The excellent and high powered battery
    • Boasts of lovely features
    • Perfect balancing between CBD and THC


    • May have reliability issues as it is rarely available
    • The power is limited

    MIG Vapor WASP Wax Air Vape Pen


    MIG Vapor WASP Wax Air Vape Pen

    This model has an elegant and portable design that makes it a great choice. Your vaping needs gets entirely met because it has a reliable efficiency. A button makes the process of management more reliable and effective.

    A charging port comes along with the model that helps to keep it powered all through. Moreover, the model will amaze you as it makes the management process more effective. Combining the style and the quality of the substance makes the model lovely to use and manage.

    Within a short period of around 2 hrs., you will have the model delivering reliable performance. Your vaping sessions will be of the most significant outcome and reliability. It does not rust hence maintaining the best service for the longest time.

    Moreover, you will have the most relaxing time using this model. Cleaning and managing the vape pen is one thing you will always enjoy. It has lovely portability that makes handling effective.


    • It has a lovely and reliable performance
    • Quick to manage and use
    • It takes a shorter time to charge
    • Convenient for long-distance
    • High-quality material use


    • It is slightly confusing to use
    • When getting damaged, it takes a shorter time

    Final verdict

    The use of vape pens is a lovely thing. However, getting one that has the right temperatures and maintained quality. Also, check out UPENDS vape pens as they provide value and come in various options. Getting the best vapes is a straightforward task, especially when you know the kind of weed you exactly want. Any of the vape pens we have highlighted is a lovely thing.


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