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Best Vape Shops (Stores) Open Near Me in New Mexico

4th Jul 2021 | 217 | upends v

New Mexico is among the most visited states and is an ideal place for all of its residents. This state is found in the Southwestern United States, and Santa Fe is the state’s capital city in the year 1610. Albuquerque serves as the largest city in New Mexico that is surrounded by a greatly developed metropolitan area.

Everything that is offered in New Mexico is obviously known to be of exceptional quality. Since you are interested in the vaping field, New Mexico is the best state for you. This article I very much interested in bringing you into the light of the most highly ranked and celebrated vape shops you can find in this marvelous state.

Duke City Vapors Shop

Duke City Vapors Shop is a magnificent retail facility in Albuquerque city that has greatly made a big move into helping smokers find an ideal way of consuming their substances through vapor.  This vape shop has got multiple locations in New Mexico, making its products readily available to its customers.

This wonderful shop offers you an amazing and diverse selection of electronic cigarette vaping accessories, CBDs, and flavorful e-juices. The Duke City Vapors Shop has got a wonderful and warm staff that are more than willing to help you fix any vape equipment problem at no expense and help you chose the right equipment for a successful vaping experience.

Name: Duke City Vapors Shop

Location: 1500 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87121, United States

Opening hours: Monday –Saturday

                              11 a.m-8 p.m.

Contact: (505) 331-1059

Website: dukecityvapor.com

Palace Smoke Vape Shop

The Palace Smoke Vape Shop is another famous and most adored vape shop that brings the vaping expectations of their customers into satisfaction. The shop is also found in Albuquerque and displays almost similar features to the Duke City Vapors Shop. This vape shop is sometimes also known as the "Four Hills Palace Smoke Shop."

This ideal vape shop offers you top-notch employees who have got professional skills and know-how, who are very much available and ready to help you choose the right vaping accessories and e-juice for yourself. You are in the best position to access a wide collection of vape products of your dream once you visit the Palace Smoke Vape Shop. There are several vape retail outlets of the Palace Smoke Vape Shop, which means that you can easily access their products at your own convenience.

Name: Palace Smoke Vape Shop

Address: 13400 Wenonah Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday


Phone Number: (505) 508-5941

Website: findvapeshop.com

Kraz-e vapes shop

If you visit Hobbs city in New Mexico, you will be enticed by the manner you will be able to without difficulty access your vape pen and equipment from well-designed and decorated vape shops in the town. The shop offers you a fun and relaxing atmosphere where you can chill around and even interact with other vapers as you enjoy the tasty flavors it delivers.

This shop's unique and admirable feature is the high sense and premium quality it brings to its customers. The shop enables its customers to purchase its product through its online platform. Payment can be made through Visa, Master cards, or simply cash. In case you may need to exchange another accessory if the original one has got some flaws-which is a very rare case, you can be given another in place of the one with a defect.

Name: Kraz-e vapes shop

Store Hours: Monday- Friday

                    10:00AM- 7:00PM

Location: 700 N Shipp St, Hobbs, 88240, NM

Telephone: (575) 393-6592

Website: alignable.com

Vapolocity Vape Shop

This Vape Shop was formerly known as Sun City Vaporium. This retail facility was founded by a family and was originally owned and operated by the same family. The shop has gained a lot of experience in mixing e-juices since the year 2013, and there have been a tremendous number of positive feedback from regular customers.

Thanks to the friendliest customer service that advises and helps you find what you want in your vaping experience. This makes it the most comfortable shop to visit, especially for beginners. For you to conveniently access their services, the shop has got so many cartels that offer similar services and products. The shop is loved due to its acceptance of all major credit cards, cheques, PayPal, cash, and debit cards as a means of payment for the products.

Name: Vapolocity Vape Shop

Hours: Monday-Saturday

           10:00 AM-7:00PM


            12:00 PM-5:00PM

Address: 9109 Dyer St, Ste H, El Paso, TX 79924

Contact: (915) 757-1530

Website: vapolocity.com

Planet Vape Shop

In the year 2018, the Planet Vape Shop was established with the core intention of helping most people quit smoking and find the best alternative to vaping, which is far much better. The shop has all along ensured that it maintains or even improved its customer service. Not even a single question from the customers is left unanswered. This helps the customers make perfect decisions on the right vape equipment and how they can use them to improve their vaping moments.

The Planet Vape Shop is mostly visited since customers can reach outstanding quality products at very affordable prices. The shop is always the most comfortable place that you can stop by to make a purchase on any flavor you wish and even be offered the e-juice blending services. The planet vapes shop have got a very satisfactory website where you can visit and get to find solid information on the product of your desire.

Name: Planet Vape Shop

Address: 3030 E. Main Street Ste X9, Farmington, NM 87402

Working Hours: Monday- Sunday


Telephone Number: (505) 327-7822

Website: planetvape.com

Email: info@planetvapeshop.com

Drip N' Vape Shop

The Drip N' Vape Shop is absolutely good news to those who crave to quit smoking. You will find a massive collection of vape pens, atomizers, CBDs, Mods, starter kits, e-liquids, and other paramount accessories of your choice. All these products are keenly chosen by the Drip N' Vape Shop experts who guarantee you the highest quality products.

What makes a shop worth visiting is the level of customer service the staff offers. This fact is well understood by the Drip N' Vape Shop service providers, who are greatly motivated towards supporting you in picking and even using the desired vape products whenever necessary. The Drip N' Vape Shop ensures that once you are in Santa, you will never be a disappointed vape user.

Name: Drip N' Vape Shop

Location: 1087 S St Francis Dr, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Business Hours:

Phone: (505) 438-3747

Website: dripnripvapes.com

Dj Vape Shop

The Dj Vape Shop serves as a an authorized dealer of high class juice, pens, dry vaporizers, CBD vapes, Mods, atomizers and other essential vape equipment. This shop operates in form of cartel that are found almost each and every street in New Mexico. This ensures that the above mentioned products are near to every consumer in the state. There is an online shop by the Dj Vape, that can allow people to research, choose and make purchases and the items are perfectly delivered without necessarily going to the shop physically

Customers enjoy the wide mean of payment the Dj Vape Shop accepts, which include payment through Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover and All Major Credit cards. Dj Vape Shop gives you 100% satisfaction as you are not left in the dark on the most ideal product for yourself. Visit the Dj Vape Shop for a brighter vaping future.

Name: Dj Vape Shop

Address: 502 W Texas Avenue Ste C Artesia NM 88210.

Contact: 575-840-1743

Business hours: Monday –Sunday


Website: yellowpages .com

Wholesale Vape Source: UPENDS.com

There are several retail outlets that deliver quality vape products to their customers, and it is very much wiser to consider UPENDS.com.This is an ideal platform where you get attractive and easily read the information on various vape products you can access. In addition, most customers get incredible flavors at a very low cost once they visit UPENDS.com.

All the vape brands you can think of are readily available at UPENDS.com. You will enjoy the absolutely friendly and supportive customer service no other vape shop can offer. The equipment in UPENDS.com features the latest technology you will be proud to own.


You can make a very happy vape user if you take your time to decide on which vape shop is near you and which will help you achieve whatever desire you dream of in vaping. In New Mexico, you are backed up with numerous vape shops that are there solely to make you comfortable and help you shift from smoking into vaping, which is healthier and funnier.