WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best Premium E-Juice 2021

12th May 2022 | 102 | upends v

If you are looking for a premium e-juice, you probably have had a tough time getting one. Many brands tend to offer the service, but their performance may not be the best for you. The incredible thing is that the brands are also lovely as they will help you get an ideal model quickly.

We have done an assessment that will help you to make comfortable and stable choices with premium e-juices. A fantastic thing that you will probably appreciate is that each model will deliver the best outcomes.

Assessing the quality of each juice will help you make a sound and reliable decision. That’s why we as UPENDS a top vaping product manufacturer we want to educate you on the best e-juices to buy in 2021. Have a look.

Best premium e-juice

Spearmint salt e-liquid

This juice will amaze you because it has reliable performance. You will appreciate the fact that the model comes from a famous brand. You will love the outstanding flavor that it comes with, which also plays a role in boosting quality. It has a creation that perfectly fits the methol lovers. When using it, you will need low wattage vape pens for it to maintain quality.

Moreover, the e-juice is nicotine-based and will deliver outstanding performance. In each milliliter, the model contains higher levels of nicotine that makes it lovely. You will therefore have beneficial vaping sessions as it is reliable.


  • It has a lovely and outstanding flavor
  • Convenient for all people
  • Combines both nicotine and salts
  • Refreshing and cooling effect


  • High nicotine levels
  • It may not be friendly to some users

Far by Element Grape Vape E-Juice

What makes this model boast of performance is its origin that derives from a reputable manufacturer. You will therefore have the best quality that will make you enjoy the moments. High ingredients get involved in the making of the juice hence delivering reliable performance. You will have unique amazement to purity and loads of clouds. The use of juicy grapes will make you have enjoyable moments.

Moreover, the e-juice also boasts of the best reactions. You will therefore be quite sure that you will have proper satisfaction for all entities. You will have good pleasure because the red grapes and Mendeley tend to make you enjoy better performance. A fantastic experience will therefore dominate all the sessions you have during vaping.


  • It has a lovely flavor
  • Reliable quality
  • User friendly
  • Convenient for daily use


  • May get exposed to slight challenges
  • Slightly challenging as the experience does not favor everyone

Kilo black series e-liquid

If you want a classic feeling when doing your vaping sessions, this model is one of those that will deliver a great outcome. You will love its use because the performance is outstanding. Amazingly, it comes in various sizes that will make each user get what they need. The combination of its that makes it have a freshly baked apple pie is lovely.

You will not have any worries because the model also has lovely standards. You will therefore find it quite convenient to adjust to its use. One thing you will not have is getting to a regretting mood. The sugared apple will offer you the great comfort you need to have the enjoyable moments hence the best product ever. Most users who taste it has had very positive reviews about it because of its outstanding design.


  • It has a lovely flavor
  • Safe for use by all people
  • Convenient for time to time use
  • It is user friendly


  • Has high levels of nicotine
  • Not ideal for time to time used by starters

Hawk Sauce Vape Juice

If you are looking for a flavor that will make you enjoy the moments, this one is excellent. It is sweet and has a fantastic aroma that will make your vaping sessions effective. The crazy thing about it is that it has the sweet blackberry and sour gummi flavor that makes it lovely.

You will further enjoy it as a menthol user because it is specifically designed for them. The most beautiful thing about this vape juice is that it has been in the market for a very long time. Most vendors, therefore, have dealt with it hence the high ratings.

You will be amazed by the fact that each ML has its strong composition of nicotine. You will therefore be quite sure that your needs get entirely met by this model. You will also appreciate that it has bottles that come in various sizes making the moments remarkable and reliable. Once done with its use, you will not worry about disposition. The bottles are pet and child-friendly.


  • It has an outstanding flavor
  • It makes an ideal choice for starters
  • Excellent nicotine balance
  • Reliable for frequent use


  • It may not work well with experienced users
  • You will need to make a proper subscription to avoid disappointment

Extreme Ice Vape Juice

The menthol flavor is the thing that makes this model great for use. Something to appreciate is the strength that it comes along with as it makes the body get to the point quickly. You will have a refreshed mood that will make you have enjoyable moments. You have a choice to make either to have nicotine in the flavor or not. Once you consume a slight extreme amount, you will feel it getting to your emotions and uplifting your moods.

You will love the variety of nicotine strengths that make you have the best vaping moments. Something that will amaze you is that you have an option to use any vaping powers. The flavor has a sweet make that will inspire you to have a subscription of many orders. However, after use, the bottles are very safe for both pets and children.


  • It has a reliable and extraordinary flavor
  • It makes an ideal choice for experienced users
  • Simple to manage when out of use
  • A significant variation of nicotine strengths


  • Not best for beginners
  • It exposes you to health hazards

BOO E-Juice

The juice will offer you unique moments because it has an outstanding blueberry flavor. You will enjoy how it will maintain it hence delivering the best and reliable vaping. A special appreciation and the urge to have another puff will always dominate the outcomes after vaping. Coming from the transistor, which is a remarkable brand, makes it simple to use and manage. Amazingly, it is also available through many vendors.

The flavor is lovely and will make you enjoy the moments. The inhale gets straight to the lungs leaving you in demand for more. In short, the taste is creamy and quite inspirational as it has less harm. Great clouds will hang around the air, making you enjoy the best performance. Using the juice is an excellent choice as it allows you to manage tough times quickly.

You will also choose bottles according to the quantity and the amount of concentration. You, therefore, have an assurance that the performance is better and more enhanced. The reaction is instant hence making the model stand out.


  • Has a reliable design and flavor
  • Great composition for a great flavor
  • It offers an instant outcome
  • Convenient for day to day use


  • Too instant hence unmanageable if overconsumed
  • Not friendly to beginners

Strawberry astronaut

This vape juice comes at a slightly higher price. You will therefore be quite sure that the model will deliver the most reliable outcomes. You will love inhaling it because it offers a dependable performance that will amaze you. Its flavor is lovely and has strawberry as the main one. Combining apricot and strawberry flavors is gorgeous and provides a reliable outcome. The bottles have different sizes that help each user to enjoy depending on their needs.

When using this juice, you will have a special love for daily vaping as it is reliable. The cap is child-resistant hence making it safe even for vaping daily. Something more remarkable is the ability of the juice to heal your bad feelings. You will feel energized and ready to enjoy the great and outstanding moments. Having a higher price may slightly discourage you. However, when you have it in bulk, you will enjoy great discounts. It does not have any funny effects when you use it daily.


  • It has a powerful vape
  • Remarkable performance
  • It is user friendly
  • Lovely strawberry flavor


  • It comes at a pricier end
  • Slightly extreme

Final verdict

Acquisition of the best premium vape juice is straightforward. However, the worrying thing is that you are likely to get models that may not serve you best. Using this guide, you will likely get models that will help and deliver the best outcomes for you.

Something you need to be watchful about when buying juices is the quality. You will have to closely examine the liquid contents and assess their effectiveness and the effect they may cause. Your level of usage should also determine the brand and the quantity of the juice you will buy. A great product should not have any adverse effects when you start your vaping sessions.