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Best Online Vape Store [Reddit Reviews]

12th May 2022 | 62 | ZengGreta

Many stores claim to be authentic but scam the customers with china based clone products. So, with internet being flooded with online vape stores especially in USA, it can be difficult to filter out the real ones. Therefore, we have come to save your day!

We have strained the best online stores in major cities of USA after skimming through reddit and reading the reviews of each one of them. No matter in what corner of USA you reside, these online stores will fulfil all your expectations. So, without further ado let’s jump into the detail.  

1. Vape Store, Atlanta

Following are some leading online vape stores in Atlanta.

1.1 Vape911.com


Being the hub for e-liquids, vape kits, coils, batteries and much more, Vape911.com is highly adored by residents of Atlanta. Furthermore, you can explore hundred CBD products on the website as well. You will find latest and up to date hardware in stock and finest e-juices and e-liquids from premium brands.

1.2 The Vape Café

Claiming to be Atlanta’s one stop vape and CBD shop, The Vape Café is true to its slogan. It carries the best collection of e-juices, vape products, CBD and CBD accessories. Whether you are a beginner smoker or an old nicotine lover, the Vape Café brings you all the products to fit your needs.

1.3  AltantAVapor

AtlantAVapor is one stop shop for all the vaping gears. You will find e-liquids, tanks, coils starter kits and rebuildables under one roof. The store offers free shipping on orders above $25 and 25% off on orders above 50$. So, if you are a smoker residing in Atlanta, you can avail all the accessories and gears on amazing discount from sale section or on bulk purchase.

2. Vape Store, San Antonio

The trustworthy online stores in San Antonio are:

2.1 Smoke to Live


Smoke to Live is the leading online and retail vape store in San Antonio. The store guaranteed 100% authenticity of the products with lifetime warranty on all electronics. To save yourself some bucks you can use coupon code or shop from sale section. You can explore the biggest collection of disposables, pods, mods, e-liquids, vaporizers and accessories on the website.

2.2 The Vapor Room

The Vapor Room is always fully stocked with your favourite e-juices, disposables, mods, kits and accessories. Your order is just a call away! So, just simply pick your phone, dial the number and have your desired vape products at your door step in less than 24 hours.

2.3 Lone Star Vaping

Lone Star Vaping is primarily renowned for wide collection of premium e-juices. Furthermore, if you are also searching for high quality CBD oils, cannabinoids oils or disposable vapes, then Lone Star Vaping carries that as well. Simply call on the mentioned number on website and place your order.

3. Vape Store, Chicago

Let’s see which are popular online vape stores in Chicago.

3.1 Vape 312 River West

Vape 312 River West is a trustable online store with diverse collection of vape hardware’s. You can explore latest vape products in the new arrival section. Furthermore, you can purchase premium e-liquids, disposables, refillable pod systems, devices, tanks and CBD from their respective categories.

3.2 Roots Smoke & Vape Shop

Roots Smoke and Vape Shop broadly classifies its products into Smoke stuff and Vape stuff. While we are only focusing on vape products here, the online store features variety of e-liquids, electronic cigarettes, box mods, regulated mods, rebuildable atomizers, mods accessories, batteries, chargers, herbs, concentrate vaporizers and much more!

4. Vape Store, Orlando

Some of the best online vape stores in Orlando are as follows:

4.1 Emsoker Online

Esmoker Online is one of the best online vape store for the smokers of Orlando. Everything you will needs, you will find it in stock on Esmoker Online. The website has the biggest collection of various e-liquid flavors from popular brand. Furthermore, you will also find tanks, batteries, mods, replacement coils and pods, disposables, nic salts, kits and pod systems. Lastly, you can avail free shipping on orders above $50.

4.2 PinkSpotVapors.com

Welcoming its customers with aesthetic and simple website, PinkSpotVapors will win your heart. It is a hub for hundreds of e-liquid flavors. Furthermore, you can conveniently access nicotine salts, electronic cigarettes and accessories. PinkSpotVapors offers free domestic shipping and free international shipping on orders above $500.

4.3 O Town Vapes

O Town Vapes is a family owned online and retail star serving the residents of Orlando. It offers vape product at great prices accentuated with amazing service. You can shop various products from specified categories of liquids, disposables, juice and accessories. The accessories section carries gears like coils, pods, batteries and tanks.

5. Vape Store, New Jersey

If you are living in New Jersey, you can skim through following online stores for stocking yours vape gears.

  • Urges Smoke Shop

Urges Smoke Shop welcomes its new customers by offering 10% off by using a promo code. You can conveniently shop starter kits, devices, coils, accessories, atomizers, box mods, pod systems and kits under the category of Vaporizers. Furthermore, several premium brands of e-liquids are available with their different range.

  • Good Guy Vapes

Opening the website, you will find Good Guy Vapes store is flooded with latest products and old favourites of many. You can purchase disposables, e-liquids, pod systems, coils, tanks, rebuildable atomizers, batteries, charger and much from just one website. Furthermore, Good Guy Vapes offers free shipping on order above $20. Along with vape product it also has huge collection of CBD, hookah and smoke items.

6. Vape Store, San Diego

Following are reliable online stores for people living in San Diego.

6.1 Illusion Vape Smoke Shop                               

Illusion Vape Smoke Shop instantly gives 15% off if you sign up. They have been in the business since 2001, so they no what they are selling! Vape products that you can purchase online from Illusion Vape Smoke Shop are vape juice, vapes, pod vapes, nicotine salts, and weed vaporizers. The return policy of Illusion Vape Smoke Shop is extremely flexible. You can return the unused or unopened product within 30 days of purchase.  

6.2 Vapeinthe619.com

Vapeinthe619 is a best platform to purchase e-juices. There juice menu will leave you tripping with its exotic flavours that are worth the try. Weekly deals appear in the section of special offers on every Thursday. So mark your calendars! Furthermore, variety of nicotine salts are available in the concentration of 30 ml.

6.3 Mojo Vapor

Want to receive your vape gears at your door step? For all the vapers living in San Diego this is your time of joy. Mojo Vapor is a home to well-known e juice enterprises along. You can find e-juices from Beantown vapor, Everyday drips, Boosted, Sea side vapour and many more. Furthermore, Mojo Vapor is slowly making its name as a top e-juice brand with its clean and filtered ejuices. Along with that, you will also fin disposables, squank boxes, accessories and atomizers on the website.

6.4 Vape & Smoke Universe

Vape & Smoke Universe is the authorized seller of well reputable brands like Smok, Vaporesso, Naked, Geek Vape, Pax and many more. It brings you the best always, as promised! You can shop CBD, vape accessories and authentic vapes from the website.


UPENDS is the rising online vape store with its quality products and appraisable services. It is the retailer and manufacturer of amazing vaping devices that make your vaping experience heavenly and more joyful. Their vape pens have dominated the market with their sleek packaging, portable design and easy to use nature.

UPENDS.com ensures you only have the best and the finest disposable vape pens at your service. Their pens are not only cheaply priced but also retain high quality at the same time. Let’s thoroughly review their top products.


Coming in three dazzling colors, Upcott features dazzling looks with high quality construction. The design is simple and sleek eliminating all the unnecessary additions that mount the overall cost of the product. Thus makes Upcott one of the cheapest vape pen in the market.


The addition of organic cotton and cotton filter in the mouthpiece prevents any risk of leaking, spitting, condensate and popping. Upcott is a refillable pod with a great value. Once the pod empties, you can replace it with a new pod. The cotton tank can hold 4ml of e-liquid that can satisfy your vaping for a day or two. In case, if the battery dies just connect the charger.


Uppen is another vape pen that cannot miss mentioning. Unlike other vape pens, Uppen offers vapors filled draw due to integration of latest technology. Etchip™ coil helps in maintaining the flow of vapors by improving heat efficiency and enlarging heating area. The coil works perfect with all types of e-juices.


One Etchip™ coil is also integrated in the base to ensure consistent flow of liquid to prevent dry puffs, leaking, spitting or popping. The design of Uppen comes with a cap as well. This cap prevents air penetration in the tank of e-liquid as it might lead to oxidation of e-liquid reducing its freshness. Furthermore, it also eliminates risk of bacteria’s settling on the mouthpiece. Thus, Uppen is flawless in every way!

Now, you can shop your favourite and desired vape essentials while enjoying the comfort of your home. Getting your vape gears won’t be difficult as we have listed the most trustable online stores in major cities of USA that can deliver all the essentials to you on your door step. So, happy vape shopping!