WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Best Dessert Vape Juice 2023: Dessert Vape Juice Review and Instructions

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Welcome to the modern and trendy ways to vape. This article is designed to ensure that everyone gets a chance to acquire the best from vape products. A vast number of vape brands produce top-ranked vape pens, e-liquids, and accessories that bring stiff competition in the market. You are brought into the light of the premium quality and outstanding vape e-liquids that are worth consuming. Among the vape juices that will highly improve your vaping lifestyle is Dessert Vape Juice.

Here is more about the best Desert Vape Juice 2023;

What is Dessert Vape Juice?

The Dessert Vape is a popular vape brand that brings you top-rated quality flavors that offers you the accuracy and authenticity of the desired taste. Vape users have the privilege to easily access the delicious baker and dessert-style flavors that are accessible in bottle sizes of their choice. For every bottle that the vape user selects, free nicotine shots are offered to enable them to mix and come up with 240ml of 3mg of the e-juice.

This is a unique vape e-liquid that offers you a perfect combination of icing and cherry that creates a slightly tart note and sweet flavor that is complemented by the rich pastry flavor that brings a magical feeling as you inhale. The vape juice can as well be accessed in the 100ml package that comes with a 10ml room for nicotine shots. If you add two 18mg shots, this will create 120 ml of 3mg e-juice.

Vape juice has gained massive adoration from vape users since it can produce larger amounts of vapor. This feature is triggered by the 70%VG/30%PG concentration that is highly compatible with sub-ohm vape kits for optimum results. With this vape juice, you will enjoy the mouthwatering dessert, almond, icing, raspberry, frosting, and menthol flavors that bring the fun and pleasure that you deserve.


  • It is blended for sub-ohm vaping
  • It produces a delicious and clear flavor
  • It comes with a tamper-evident seal
  • It comes with a recyclable bottle


  • It is costly

Best Desert Vape Juice 2023 Video Review

Best Dessert Vape Juice 2023 Reviews: Is Dessert Vape juice good?

This is the chance to gauge whether you would have a great choice for selecting the Dessert vape juice to be your top vape juice option.

Strawberry $ Cream Short Fill Desert Vape Juice

Meet this sweet dessert blend that impresses you with a fruity note. The vape juice delivers you an authentic taste of strawberries that is responsible for the lightness of the fusion of cream and donuts. The vape juice is composed of 70% VG/30 %PG, which enables a vape user to use sub-ohm tanks for denser vapor production. This makes this the perfect vape juice for direct-to-lung vaping.

You can easily access this vape juice in 10ml short fills as you are provided with room for each bottle for 10ml nicotine shots. This will serve whoever wants to include nicotine in the vaping session for guaranteed satisfaction. You are advised to embrace this vape if you are searching for sweet vaping moments.


  • It offers you denser vape juice
  • It delivers the user nicotine shots for satisfaction
  • It delivers delicious tastes
  • It comes with a childproof cap


  • It is costly

Doozy Liquid Gold Desert Vape Juice

Every vape juice lover will find the Doozy Liquid Gold E-liquid exceptional as it features a blend of a creamy layer. There is a sweet pastry base that is mixed with rich vanilla custard and topped off by a smooth cream that is complimented with a sugary syrup finish. This Dessert vape juice is usually accessible in 10ml bottles that possess nicotine strengths of 3mg and 6mg. Lower nicotine strengths are characterized by mild throat hits, whereas higher nicotine strengths offer courser throat hits.

This wonderful vape juice features a 70%VG/30%PG blend. With the 70%VG concentration, vapers are entitled to enjoy denser vape clouds compared to other vape e-liquids. The flavor of the Doozy Liquid Gold vape juice is maintained when sub-ohm vape kits are used. The vape juice comes in a bottle with a tamper-evident seal and childproof cap to let customers trust the purity of the bottle content. The childproof cap ensures that children do not access the vape juice bottle content.


  • It is ideal for sub-ohm vaping
  • It offers unique and delicious flavors
  • It offers nicotine satisfaction


  • It is only available in 10ml e-liquid bottles

Mix Juice Butterscotch Pudding Desert Vape Juice

For those who love Butterscotch pudding, this is the right vape juice for bringing authentic and accurate flavors into the vaping experience. This vape juice is designed to bring an amazingly faithful recreation of a classic, sweet, and incredibly moreish, making it one of the most loved desserts in the market. Everyone who gives a try to this vape juice will never wish the vaping sessions to end.

The criteria used in mixing the components of this vape juice create a high-quality mix of 70%VG/30%PG ratio. This powerful mix is responsible for the deep vape clouds and dangerously sweet flavor. This impressive vape juice is made of the best flavor concentrates. The concentrates allow you to experience tons of flavor of magical vaping all day long.

This Dessert vape juice is available in 50ml short fills in 70ml bottles that contain 0mg of nicotine content. You are free to customize your vape quality by adding one or two 10ml vials of nicotine shots. This will create a desirable vaping strength for more pleasure.


  • It offers free nicotine shots
  • It delivers authentic and mouthwatering flavors
  • It produces denser vape clouds


  • It is expensive

Jam Roly Poly Desert Vape Juice

If you desire a dessert blend that will deliver you a sweet and fruity finish, then the Jam Roly Poly vape juice is here to make your vaping sessions worth craving every day. The vape juice contains a pastry flavor that is sweet as it brings a taste that resembles the traditional sponge cake that is dusted with powdered sugar.

This dessert vape juice is packed in 50ml short-fill bottles that have spared some space for 10ml nicotine shots. If you add 10ml that contains 18mg of nicotine to the 50ml bottle, you will create 60 ml of 3mg e-juice. The large cloud distribution featured in this vape juice is due to the 70%VG blend that works without diminishing the original flavor of the juice. This is the perfect vape e-liquid to use with sub-ohm tanks for deep-throat hits. Grab this vape juice today and enjoy the dangerously delicious cake, jam, and strawberry flavors.


  • It offers you a bold and fruity taste
  • It comes with a tamper-evident seal
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It offers the user satisfaction with nicotine


  • It is not ideal for beginners

 Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Dessert Vape Juice 2023

Take a brief moment to go through these commonly identified concerns from vape users when it comes to the vaping topic.

How long does a Dessert Vape juice last?

This is an essential question since you basically need to know the shelf life of any liquid product you purchase. The shelf life of most vape juices goes between a span of one to two years after the manufacture date. The long-lasting nature of the Dessert vape juice is caused by the VG, PG, and nicotine contents present.

How do I know when my Dessert Vape Pen is charged?

Every vape pen must come with a USB cable that will help in charging your dessert vape pen. You are required to simply connect the cable to your computer and wait for the device’s indicator light to turn off. This will indicate that your Dessert vape pen battery is fully charged and ready for use.

How to choose the best vape?

There are so many benefits that come from making the right choice of a vape pen to use with the Dessert vape juice. Below are the well-picked specifications that you need to consider before you decide on purchasing your favorite vape device.

Temperature Control-the vape pen should take a few moments to reach its optimum temperature once you press the button provided. When a vape pen gives you an easy time to heat up the vape juice within a short time, you will enjoy the convenience that is created.

Size-vape pens are much easier to carry than vape mods. You need a vape pen that is pretty much portable for traveling along at any place and time.

Wattage range-look for a vape pen that is able to deliver a wattage range of between 1W to 200W.

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