Best China Wholesale Vape Shops 2023

    Best China Wholesale Vape Shops 2023

    You should check out some of the best China wholesale vape suppliers and wholesalers who offer high-quality goods at reasonable pricing. Unquestionably, a solid business plan, competent management, top-notch goods or services, and solid relationships are what make a company successful.

    You can't truly discount someone's luck, though, because you never know if it actually came from the play. However, if you're going to try opening your own business, you might as well try a vape store whether it's in play or not.

    Therefore, in this guide you will learn more about the best Chinese wholesale vape shops in 2023.

    China Wholesale Vape Shop: What is it?

    Wholesale businesses are frequently perceived as being involved in the supply and distribution of cheap goods. On these two, only one is typically accurate, and that is the latter.

    A significant potential that few people are utilizing is wholesale. However, it is advantageous, particularly for start-ups, because businesses sell items like vape hardware, vape juices, vape accessories, etc. in huge numbers for considerably less money.

    We highly recommend it, especially if you want to buy in bulk, want to save money, and don't mind packaging, especially the Chinese wholesale vape wholesalers and distributors.

    The Best China Wholesale Vape Shops 2023

    E-liquid vaporizes and is inhaled as a vapor when someone takes a puff. Several manufacturers sell wholesale vape pen suppliers/distributors in China that have the best deal, but let's start with wholesale vape pen distributors in China.

    DHGate Wholesale Vape Shop: Link

    DHgate.com is a cross-border business-to-business e-commerce website that connects Chinese SMEs with companies and organizations around the world. As of June 30, 2020, the site had 31 million authorized consumers worldwide, 2.2 million suppliers and other nations, and 32 million products available in more than 220 countries around the world. The website sells a wide variety of vape devices, including vape pens, e-juices, among others.

    It is China's largest digital platform dedicated solely to business-to-business transactions, and is offered in eight languages: Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian and French.

    DHgate is the place to go if you are looking for wholesale vaping supplies from China. They sell a wide range of high quality vaping supplies at reasonable prices. You'll save money and, more importantly, time by shopping here.

    Shenzhen Dongxiangda Technology Co. Ltd.

    One of the top vape distributors in China is definitely Shenzhen Dongxiangda Technology Co. Ltd. They provide a wide range of goods that may satisfy the requirements and needs of vape users all over the world. The three management tenets of "quality first, customer first, and credit-based" are adhered to and followed. The company is dedicated to supplying vape products through true and beneficial cooperation to businesses around the world in response to the rising demand for vape products.


    This company assists its customers throughout the ordering process as well as in finding products. Even if they don't have a specific product in stock, they can help you get it. It has a vast collection of authentic items from Kangertech, Innokin, Aspire, Joyetech and Smok. It also has a massive selection of clones, including RBA/RDA and popular mechanical mods.

    Check out its wholesale mechanical mods catalog to find popular items such as the Kayfun 3.1 Black, Tobh Atty RDA Stainless 26650 and Flip v3 Mod. In addition, HawkVape offers replacement coils, tubes, testers, clips, adapters, cleaners, tourniquets and other high-quality vaping products. With its superior quality vaping liquids, it prides itself on keeping the standard at 100.

    Hillsmo Technology Limited

    Hillsmo was founded in 2015, thus they have been in operation for seven years already, but they are already performing well. Hillsmo Technology Limited, based in Nanshan, Shenzhen, China, has a committed team and group of employees committed to creating cutting-edge product designs for electronic cigarettes and atomizers. Additionally, the business accepts OEM and ODM orders.


    EC Supply is a leading wholesale distributor of vapes, e-liquids and electronic cigarettes. They have reasonable prices on mods, e-liquids, atomizers, batteries, tanks and other items. They have good contacts with all the major vape manufacturers and can quickly get new e-cig products for your business as an industry leader.

    You can buy legitimate e-cig and vapor items from a distributor who cares with top-notch customer service, same-day delivery, and a generous return and exchange policy. All of our vape products are 100 percent authentic and are offered at wholesale costs. For example, electronic cigarettes, juices and vapors are all sold through EC Supply, a reputable wholesaler.

    This company has developed strong relationships with major manufacturers, allowing customers to purchase cost-effective vape products.

    Shenzhen Trumpro International E-commerce Co., Ltd.

    One of the vape businesses in Shenzhen with the most experience is this one. It has knowledge of developing, importing, and exporting electronic items. Additionally, the business has remained committed to technical advancement to enhance people's quality of life over the years.

    Shenzhen Eroad Technology Co., Ltd.

    Customers of this company, which has been supplying vape items since 2013, have nothing but positive things to say about their service. Because they adhere to a strict quality control standard to guarantee the lowest failure rate, their business partners are devoted to them.

    Factors to Consider Before Selecting a China Wholesale Vape Shop 2023

    The products you sell in your vape store can make the difference between a successful enterprise and a total failure. The hardest work you'll ever have to complete is deciding what to sell, though.

    Having said that, there are several factors to take into account when searching for wholesale businesses that sell vape products.

    Long-term success depends on filling your business with high-quality items that customers want to buy. The following four considerations should be examined while selecting a China wholesale vape supplier.

    Shipping Policy

    Regarding shipping fees, some wholesalers offer reductions and subsidies if you make a large buy all at once. On the other hand, some businesses will bill you depending on the actual cost of shipping. Since no two wholesalers are the identical, you must thoroughly understand each one's shipping regulations. If not, you might pass on a better offer.

    Additionally, costs may appear reasonable at first glance when combined with extras like free two-day shipping and the like. You might not realize, though, that they charge a little bit more for such a service on their items. Always look at the costs in more detail.

    By doing this, you can choose something free even though the products have a higher markup without feeling like you were "scammed" out of your money. However, in the majority of situations, business owners would pick less expensive shipping over speedier shipment!

    Having said that, be sure to pay attention to the deadline. By doing this, you can avoid having to wait an extra day because you waited a little bit too long and passed the cutoff time, which can happen for a variety of reasons depending on your location and time zone.


    You can either stick with a few timeless brands or provide your customers a wide range of options when it comes to brands. If the latter is the one you want, you'll need to do a little more comparison shopping.

    Wholesale stores will have preferences for what brands to sell, just like you. However, they are determining which manufacturer to deal with more so than making purchases from other wholesale stores. This implies that if you want to offer your customers more brands, you'll need to partner with a wholesale vape shop that has relationships with a number of different manufacturers.

    Having said that, keep in mind that you will have to pay more for a product if the wholesale business doesn't purchase a lot of the brand you desire. Therefore, be sure to work with a wholesale store that has the majority, if not all, of the brands you want.

    Best Vape Wholesale Supplier – UPENDS

    If you're seeking for the greatest manufacturer of vape disposables, UPENDS is the place to go. You may purchase the greatest disposable vapes from UPENDS at a discount price and choose from a large selection. You can enjoy vaping in this way without having an impact on your regular spending.

    You can depend on UPENDS disposable vapes since they are made with the greatest materials and the newest vaping technology to ensure that you enjoy vaping. This is feasible because UPENDS is run by a group of scientists who have expertise creating disposable vapes that live up to the standards you deserve.

    Worldwide distributors, agents, and wholesalers of pre-filled disposable e-cigarettes are sought after by UPENDS.


    To use the UPENDS website you must be aged 21 years or over. Please verify your age before entering the site.