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Atmos vape: Review and Instruction Guide 2021

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When it comes to vape, most people enjoy it for its clean, discreet and safeness to health. One of the top and trusted vape brands that produce high quality and health-conscious vapes is the Atmos vape. They provide high-quality vapes for oil, dry herbs and wax. In this article, we would be sharing with you top and trusted vape brands-Atmos vape; its review and instructions.

1.      What is Atmos vape?

Atmos vape is a popular vape brand that is well known around the world. They are known for high quality, safe and innovative vaporizer technology and design in the vape market- they have their site as . To reach many more vape users and enthusiasts, Atmos has 13 trademarks and partnered with many retail brands to expand its local reach. They also partner with manufacturers to provide a first rate vaping experience for their users. Atmos is one vape brand that offers high-quality dry herbs, oil or wax vape pens. Some vape pens can even handle all three. If you are looking for reliable, safe and easy to use vape pens, Atmos vape is the brand to check out.

2.      Atmos Vape Top Products

2.1 AtmosRx dry herb vaporizer


The AtmosRx dry herb vaporizer was one of the first vape models to be produced by Atmos. As it was their first model, Atmos gave the vaping community an affordable and versatile vape from the start which received the vape of the year title award from High Times. The Atmos Rx vape comes in a 3-in-1 package for dry herb, wax, and concentrate. These three major vaping preferences that came in a pocket-sized vaporizer made Atmos one of the sought after vape brands. The product is good for discreet storage, and its windproof design makes it excellent for outdoor usage. The items present in AtmosRx dry herb vaporizer kit includes:

1x Heating Chamber

1x 650 mAh lithium-ion Battery

1x Silicone Mouthpiece with built-in ceramic filter

3x Glass Screen Filters

2x Springs

1x Wall Adapter

1x USB Vape Charger

1x Dab Container

1x Protective Travel Vape Case

1x Instruction Manual

The AtmosRxdry herb vaporizer is of two types;

AtmosRx dry herb vaporizer with glass screen filter: this vape comes with a glass screen that provides extra protection for its vape coils to prevent clogging of dry herbs or wax and makes cleaning easy without touching the vape coil.

AtmosRx Dry herb vaporizer without glass screen filter: this vape unlike the AtmosRx dry herb vaporizer, doesn't come with a glass screen and cleaning off the clogged wax or dry herbs could be a hassle.

2.1.1 Pros

AtmosRx dry herb vaporizer with glass screen filter:

Improves performance and reliability

Very flexible

Extra protection

Easy to use

AtmosRx Dry herb vaporizer without glass screen filter:


Easy to use

2.1.2        Cons

AtmosRx dry herb vaporizer with glass screen filter:

No extra heating chambers

AtmosRx Dry herb vaporizer without glass screen filter:

Vape coils not reliable

2.2 Atmos Ruva vape


The Atmos Ruva vape is another dry herb vaporizer model that has a very reliable heating conductor and a pure quartz atomizer that produces pure and lasting vapour. It is also a compact and convenient dry herb vaporizer powered by an impressive 1800mAh lithium-ion battery. The vaporizer is encased in a durable heat-resistant rubberized finish for a comfortable grip, equipped with a magnetic mouthpiece for fast and easy refilling, and utilizes a large OLED screen in combination with vibration notifications to make it an ideal device for on-the-go use. The Ruva's high-speed heat up time, precision temperature controls ranging from 330°F - 430°F and embedded ceramic heating chamber come together to produce unrivalled flavourful vapour.

2.2.1 Pros

Long-lasting battery

High vapour quality

Very portable

Easy to use

Pure quartz chamber

2.2.2 Cons


2.3 Atmos jump vape pen

The Atmos jump vape pen is a uniquely designed dry herb pen that looks like a pen. With its powerful carbon fibre housing, the Atmos jump dry herb vape pen is one of the most durable and compact true vaporizers available. With a 1200mAh battery capacity, the Atmos jump vape pen provides excellent performance with every use, while evenly vaporizing dry herbs with its hard anodized heating chamber to provide smooth and rich vapour.

2.3.1 Pros

The long-lasting battery of 1200mAh

Easy to use


Excellent performance

2.4 The Swiss kit

The Atmos Swiss vaporizer kit is the last model of all the vaporizers produced by Atmos. It's a multi-purpose vaporizer that can vape both dry herb and wax using its versatility and high-quality features. It can also function as a dab rig accessory. The Atmos Swiss vaporizer is 5.44 inches tall and 0.94 inches in diameter, so it’s on the large side for a vape pen. Below are the items that are included in the Atmos swiss kit;

Atmos Swiss

Chamber connector + Titanium nail

Dab rig adapter

E-nail base stand

Glass mouthpiece

Silicon cap + glass cover

Packing tool + airpath tool + pipe cleaner

USB cable

2.4.1 Pros

Compatible with dry herb and wax

Very versatile

Easy to use

Long-lasting battery

3.      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

3.1        Is it recommended that I charge my battery before using it?

Because the Atmos Ruva vape usually comes with a partial 70% battery charge, it is highly recommended that you exhaust the battery charge that comes with it before charging it again. Charging it again shouldn't take much time after the first-time charge.

3.2 How long would the battery last on every charge?

The Atmos Ruva vape batteries vary from 180mAh to 2600mAh. A 650mAh battery can last up to 650 hits, a 200mAh can last around 200 hits, a 1000mAh can also last up to 1000 hits. Batteries last depending on their capacity.

3.3 How best Can I take proper care of my Atmos Ruva vaporizer?

Taking care of your Atmos Ruva Vape is not something so complex once you know the few keys and you stick by them. To properly care for this product, make sure you always remove your battery from its charger when fully charged, always clean your battery using a cotton swab to remove dirt that could harm the battery, and make sure to let your battery dry very well before putting it on the charger.

 3.4 How to Use the Atmos RX Ruva

The first thing to do is to turn on the Atmos RX Ruva by pressing the power button for approximately three seconds. It will vibrate when it turns on.

Remove the magnetic mouthpiece by simply popping it off.

Put in the dry herb and press it in gently using the included tool.

Use the up and down arrows to set the temperature that you prefer. To change the original Celsius temperature setting to Fahrenheit and back again, hold down the up and down buttons on the side of the vaporizer simultaneously.

When the Atmos RX Ruva vibrates again, it has heated to your desired temperature

3.5 What is the best Atmos vaporizers?

Depending onthe individual's choice and preference, vaping enthusiasts can choose either the dry herb, oil, wax or the combination of all three. Atmos vape is the best when it comes to portability. Ranging from the first Atmos model, AtmosRx to the multi-purpose Swiss vape, the Atmos brand has produced the best of vaporizers with additional new features. Atmos also give their customers a five-year warranty on all its products.

3.6 Is Atmos vapes worth it?

Since most Atmos products are portable, they are good for on-the-go use, Atmos gives vaping enthusiasts a high quality, durable and versatile product. Most of their products are fine and can be used as accessories, even after dropping them, and some are incredibly heat resistant. The company’s luxury priced items are all-in-one with durability and versatility. Their products’ materials are meant to withstand some good beatings. If you are not convinced enough with this, then remember that all of their vapes come with a five-year warranty in case of any damage.

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5.      Conclusion

Atmos vape brand is the leading manufacturer and designer of portable electronic vaporizers. Founded 10 years ago in south Florida, Atmos has grown into a global innovator asboth wholesale and retail business with 35 patents and 14 trademarks on all of their vape products. Atmos vape is popular for its 5 years warranty, excellent customer service, high quality and portable vape products. To get these products and products from other brands, we recommend that you check the fast-rising online vape store at Upends.com