Atmos Herb Vape Pen. An Ultimate Review and Instruction Guide About Atmos Herb Vaporizer

    Atmos Herb Vape Pen. An Ultimate Review and Instruction Guide About Atmos Herb Vaporizer

    What is the Atmos Herb vape pen?

    The Atmos Herb vape pen is one of the most reputable vaping brands within the vaping industry. The Atmos for dry Herbs is the best pen-design vaporizer that has the most adorable features which include a skillet style heating elements, aromatic flavor blends and a well fitted ceramic filter that is meant to give the purest forms of vapor within seconds.

    Even though the Atmos appears to have a small design structure, the pen will amaze you with how much vapor the pen can give you within a press of a button. The coils fitted in this pen can be replaced and they are made using the most unique 610 threading design.

    With the Atmos ax vaporizer, you get a 650mAh lithium battery that can let you enjoy a bunch of solid concentrates for hours on end. The pen uses a 5 click battery unlock and lock technology to keep its performance at peak.

    Contents of the Atmos dry Herb package

    • 1 x Atmos ax pen kit
    • 1 x heating chamber
    • 1 x mouthpiece
    • 1 x chamber connector
    • 1 x battery cell
    • 1 x wall adapter
    • 1 x USB charger
    • 1 x cleaning brush
    • 1 x loading tool
    • 1 x bonus glass screen
    • 1 x user manual

    Design and build quality of the Atmos dry Herb pen

    The Atmos Herb pen is one of the most prominent dry Herb vaporizers that feature the fountain pen style. The pen exterior design is made using a cool carbon fiber material and the chamber is made using anodized steel that appears to be blue when looked at. The pen itself will feel cheap and light like plastic when you hold it in your hands. 

    The most worrying thing about the pen is its ability to last longer especially with the plastic material build. Even though plastic might not be a beet err choice for a quality vape material. The main focus will be on the durability of the device. The mouthpiece on the other hand is made of some slightly soft material meaning that it could easily crack when dropped accidentally.


    The mouthpiece has a unique teeth design that makes it lock into the device easily. Even with the constant locking and unlocking of the pen when using it, the teeth are surely going to last even longer. Most of the pens with the plastic design teeth tend to chip or break after a while so we are certain that the Atmos Herb pen will definitely sort that issue out for you.

    Performance of the Atmos Herb vape pen

    Even though the pen might look so stealthy, the amount of vapor in the smoke machine will amaze you. The pen is one of the best dry Herb vaporizers in the market and it offers one of the best to-notch features. The Atmos Herb vape pen utilizes the skillet style heating chamber that is the reason for powerful vapors.

    The pen produces vapor by burning up the dry Herbs. The glass filter is placed in between the heating coil and the Herbs to prevent the solid substances from getting burnt in the process of vaping. 

    The heating method of this pen will ensure that you get a clean puff that is free from harmful residue of combustion. However, the users of the pen can remove the glass filter to turn the pen into an electro pipe. This will now give you smoke instead of vapor.

    The top-class vaporizer utilizes an innovative and advanced tech chip that will halo with balancing the temperature of the pen. This precise temperature will eliminate situations of overheating and burning of Herbs. 

    Temperature flexibility of the Atmos Herb pen

    The pen as we have seen above utilizes a precision temperature control. The temperature does not allow for control of the input meaning that the pen is somehow underpowered. For users who wish to get a pen that produces more power, they will find this pen to be struggling to produce a good amount of vapor. 

    The lack of a temperature control feature is somewhat a miss for the pen but with the price of the pen, it is a good performer.

    Vapor quality of the Atmos Herb vape pen

    The fact that this pen has a single temperature pre-set, it means that you cannot control your preferred amount of vapor. If you are someone who prefers the thinner type of vapor and more flavor, you will find that this pen does not deliver that.  This also applies to people who want to get more flavor.

    The vapor quality of the pen lies somewhere between the high and low density. Therefore, the pen does not seem to satisfy a wide range of users, especially cloud chasers. The pen has a shorter vapor path and you will find the vapor warmer and likely to be irritating. It is not very harsh but it cannot be said to be smooth either.

    Battery performance

    The Atmos dry Herb vape pen is fitted with a 1200mAh battery that equally powers the pen. The pen does not last long, and you can only get a maximum of one hour of use. The pen has a cycle of five minutes and it can averagely take you through six sessions before you recharge. 

    The downside of that is that to get some quality hits from the pen, you will need longer sessions of ten minutes. The ten minute sessions will last you somewhere between three to five sessions if you are lucky enough. 

    The battery of the pen being a high capacity, will likely take more time to charge. Averagely, it can take three hours to charge. It also has no pass through feature meaning that you will have to wait for hours before you finally get to use it again.

    Using the Atmos Herb vape pen

    The Atmos Herb pen has been made in a simplistic design making it easy to use. The pen features a single button control and one temperature pre-set. There is nothing much to tweak in this pen. All you need to do is to pack your Herbs and proceed to vape on your cannabis. To get the best results from this pen, you need to take slow and smooth draws. The harsh draws will always take your dry Herbs towards the mouthpiece reducing the airflow. 


    The vape pen is extremely portable and is giving most of the vape pens a run for their money. The pen can easily be carried in a bag or pocket and stay unnoticed. The disadvantage is that the pen battery will be running out on you quickly meaning that you will have to recharge it more frequently. 

    Because the pen has the standard pen design, you can easily conceal and use it in any occasion. With the design resembling many of the liquid vape pens, many people will think you are vaping on a liquid happen instead of an Herb vaporizer. 

    Pros and cons of the Atmos Herb pen


    • The pen is a convection vaporizer
    • The heating system of the pen minimizes combustion
    • The pen is very affordable and cheaper
    • You get an excellent  vapor production and consistency
    • The device is simple to load and use
    • The lightweight design makes it portable
    • The heating time of the pen is fast


    • The pen produces thinner clouds
    • The battery takes too long to charge
    • The pen may appear bigger than other pens
    • The single temperature setting is unreliable


    The Atmos Herb vaporizer is an impressive device and very ideal for users who do not want combustion. The pen has a glass screen that can easily vaporize the solid concentrates without burning the byproducts.

    The heating chamber is sturdy and is very capable of giving the best vapor quality and great taste. You can trust that this pen is remarkable and even with the slightly cheaper hardware, you can get something out of it at the end of the day. 

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