Aspire Vape Pen Review. The Features, Specifications, Build and Design Quality of the Aspire PockeX

    Aspire Vape Pen Review. The Features, Specifications, Build and Design Quality of the Aspire PockeX

    The Aspire pockeX is a very compact vape pen that incorporates the all-in-one features of the vape pen. The pen has a good design and only measures 11.77cm by 1.97 cm, which allows for easier portability.

    This means that the pen can easily be carried in the pocket or your backpack. In addition, this pen has been named to be one of the shortest tube mods that you can find to give the dense type of vapor production and amazing flavor.


    The Aspire pockeX is very easy to use, and it is among the pen that utilizes the single button operation feature. The button can perform two main duties, namely firing and locking the vape pen. The pen also features a pass-through vaping mode that has a 10-second automatic cut-off time. The cut-off time will stop the pen from firing when left for ten seconds.

    Key specifications of the aspire pockeX

    • 2ml juice capacity tank
    • Internal 1500mAh battery that is non-variable voltage
    • Direct voltage output system
    • All-in-one design
    • Child-lock system
    • One button operation
    • A top-fill method that is leakproof
    • U-tech coil technology
    • USB charging enabled

    Aspire pockeX features

    The pen is a very small, designed sleek vape mod that appears shorter than most smartphones. The pen is simple to use and very appealing to people looking for a high-performance device. With the small size and weight of 86 grams, the handling of the pen is very amazing.

    The pen features one of the best builds and the design makes it very easy and less stressful to use. There is little maintenance needed when using the pen, and this pen features first-rate and smooth connections. The vape device feels premium and very classy when you touch it. It has a nice look to it, and the all-in-one aspects are well put in place.

    The stainless steel exterior gives the pen a raggedy texture that feels durable, and the sheath cutouts are good for helping to improve the general features of the pen. The Aspire vape pen holds 2ml of e-liquid and is TPD compliant. The tank is additionally leakproof, and the coil screws are located at the top of the battery, and the tank is a top fit with the mouthpiece already mounted to it. 

    The device airflow is non-adjustable, and this makes it super compact. The air holes are located below the cap giving it a nice airflow which is nice and suitable for direct to lung vaping. It can also be considered for light Mouth lung vaping.

    The pocket vape mod uses a non-variable voltage battery at 4.2 standard voltage with no adjustable temperature. This feature makes it a convenient device that can be used as a starter kit for beginners. The pass-through feature allows the user to vape while charging, and the micro USB charging port is located at the bottom. The pen is guaranteed to give you a splendid flavor profile while giving stronger throat hits. 

    The vapor production of the pen is nice and is equally versatile. If you do not let them dry out, they will last for a very long time. Its battery life is very reliable, and with the pen's functionality, it is worth the money. In addition, it can provide a good amount of vapor that is very satisfying compared to most of the bigger mods in the market. 

    Build and design quality of the Aspire pockeX

    The kit comes with the Aspire pockeX pen unit and a 0.6ohm atomizer already fitted. You also get a 1.2ohm atomizer, micro USB charging, and a user manual. The battery of the pen is a built-in 1500mAH cell that features a bypass output. You will get a 30-day warranty for the battery from the time of purchase.

    The battery has a power level indicator in the form of a fire button color-changing system depending on the amount of battery left. For example, the blue color on the pen means that the power is at more than 30%, and the red color indicates less than 30% charge left.

    The tank used by the Aspire pockeX is 2ml and is made using Pyrex material and metal. The pen is available in many color options, including black, stainless steel, white, blue, rainbow, and rose gold. Unfortunately, if you want to care for and maintain the tank, you have to clean it using water and dry or wipe the inside part using a paper towel.

     When you buy the Aspire pockeX, you get two different types of coils. One is a 0.6ohm coil, and the other one is 1.2ohm. The 0.6ohm coil is made from stainless steel and is suitable for sub-ohm vaping. It produces a good amount of vapor without having any significant effect on your battery life.

    On the other hand, the 1.2 ohm is a good mouth-to-lung pen, and it can double up your battery life. The coils used for the Aspire are a mix of stainless steel wires, and organic cotton combines with the high-tech U coil technology of Aspire devices.

    The U – coil is responsible for diverting the airflow of the coil heads and allowing for the recycling of air twice as it goes through the coil to give a full bodied strong taste with a dense vapor quantity.

    The coil technology of the Aspire vape pen produces incomparable flavors. The coils have an operational range of 18 to 23 watts and give a very cool flavor-focused draw that is good for beginners and experts. The coils are available in packs, and you can get them in fives, and they are compatible with the Aspire Nautilus tank.

    How to use the Aspire pockeX device

    The device comes ready to use with a fully charged battery and a full pre-filled tank. To start the device, press the power button five times consecutively and do the same if you want to switch it off. The indicator on the pen will flash three times to show that it is ready for vaping.


    To inhale from the pen, press the firing button and release after you have taken a draw. It would be best if you were keen on the tank's window on the side to confirm that your e-liquid levels cover the exposed cotton of the atomizer. If the liquid goes below the cotton, then it could dry out and burn.

    How to refill an empty Aspire tank

    The Aspire vape pen is a top-filling device that allows you to drop your e-liquids into the 2ml tank. The process of filling the pen is simple. All you need to do is unscrew the top cap and remove it from the device. Then, fill your tank with the top liquid and put back the cap onto the tank. 

    Pros and cons of the Aspire pockeX


    • The handy and compact design of the pen
    • Does not have any leakage issues
    • Atomizers are long-lasting and convenient
    • The price is lower and of quality
    • The vapor produced is good tasting
    • Has numerous safety features
    • The pen is very simple and easy to use
    • Top filling tanks for easy use
    • You can easily swap and replace coils
    • The battery can last up to two days
    • Has a pass-through charging feature

    Cons of the Aspire

    • The fire button does not fit and rattles
    • The 2ml tank capacity is small
    • The pockeX does not offer much flexibility compared to others
    • The pen does not have any variable wattage
    • The airflow is constant
    • The drip tip is proprietary hence less compatibility


    The Aspire vape pen is a very reliable AIO device that can be used on the go. The pen has a generally good and durable quality which is very affordable. The pen is simple, and the convenience will go a long way to give a better experience.

    The pen is suitable for beginners because it has a simple operation design that is easy to fill and few maintenance requirements. These are very important factors that every vape user considers when dealing with vape pens. 


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