APX Vape Pen. A Review of the APX Vaporizers. The Build, Design, and Performance of the APX

    APX Vape Pen. A Review of the APX Vaporizers. The Build, Design, and Performance of the APX

    What is the Pulsar APX v2 vape pen

    Pulsar APX v2 is a vape pen made and distributed by the pulsar company. The company has a strong presence in the vaping and e-cigarettes industry, and its products have been tested and proved to be perfect. Pulsar Company is recognized as one company that is always on the move to improve the quality of its products. 

    The new version of the APX, which is the APX v2, improves the initial APX herb vaporizer. In addition, the new pen comes with very impressive features such as fester heating uptime, more precise temperature controls, and a LED screen that will display the temperature and battery life.

    However, from the new pen, you will note that pulsar removed the concentrates attachment, and this could be because they wanted to create more room for improvement of cannabis features. The pen is small both in size and cost, and it is amazing to see how the newly updated device works up against its competitors in the market. 

    If you are working on a budget and looking for a vape pen that will be less pricey yet performing, then the Pulsar APX v2 is the best pen for you. It is one of the best budget vape pens you can get your hands on in today’s market.

    Build and design of the pulsar vape pen

    Compared to the original version of the pulsar, the APX v2 has not made any significant changes. The pen still feels cheap when you hold it in your hands. The silicone-lined mouthpiece maybe something not worth the applause, but from its outlook, it is a good improvement compared to the original stainless screen used before.

    The new mouthpiece has a shape that looks and appears more natural when you have it in your mouth. However, the airflow on the pen has not changed that much, and you still feel the restrictive airflow. 

    The new and improved LED screen on the interface is a big move compared to the previous versions. However, even though it is a new feature, you can be sure that the digital display was the better option for the unit. At first, when using the pen, you will note that the temperature selection appears to be irritating, but for now, it is very usable and easy to read. 

    We believe that pulsar paid attention to the customer reviews on its initial pen because of the one button. The pen has a single button feature and is the most favorite among vape users currently. In addition, the button is rather made from rubber instead of metal that was used before. This is a small change, but it is very simple, and users feel that it worked better than the earlier one. 

    The Pulsar APX V2 comes in nine ranges of colors with very notable selections such as rainbow tye-dye, black, and many more. You can be sure to check the available options, and you will find something that worked for you’re perfect. 

    How to use the unit

    One impressive feature about the APX v2 is how it is very easy to use. In addition, the pen has a simple build that comes with minimal parts to put together. Such considerations make it a very great vaporizer for those who are looking for low-technology vape pens. Therefore, we can say that the pen is a good selection for first-time users. 

    To pack substances in your vape pen, you will have to remove the newly improved mouthpieces that are ergonomic is build. Next, load your flower onto the now exposed chamber and ensure that the loading is not too tight. When done, place back the mouthpiece and proceed to the next step.


    To turn on the device, press the power button five times, and it will activate. You can use the button to navigate through the five temperature press settings. To change the temperatures, you will have to click on the power button for three seconds, then release it when your temperature setting has locked in

    To get started on vaping with the pen, you will have to hold the power button and take a draw through the mouthpiece. The temperature settings can also be changed as you vape, making this a very suitable pen when you need to add more power to your pen.

    Performance of the pen

    The APX v2 vape pen comes with five temperature presets ranging from 180C and can be moved up by ten degrees to a maximum of 220C. As much as the vape pen has varied temperature ranges, the first three selections appear somewhat underwhelming.

    You can only find a substantial amount of vapor at the higher temperature settings. You have to cycle through the temperatures by holding down the button instead of pressing it, which means that it takes a while to get used to the pen. You will get frustrated once in a while when you miss the temperature you want to select. 

    In terms of battery usage, the Pulsar APX v2 is not different from the original APX. The battery is a standard 1600mAH lithium-ion cell and takes around two hours to charge. Unfortunately, the battery can last for less than two hours, a very low score for such a battery. 

    When considering portability, the APX v2 is very portable, and with its four-inch structure, it can only be less big than a standard lighter. You can easily carry this pen to any occasion, and the multiple color range choices will allow you to customize and personalize the pen. 

    Ease of use of the pen

    The pen has only one button on the side and a LED screen to display the two different colored icons, which show the battery and temperature levels. The mouthpiece is located at the top and in line with the high-tech vape pens. The APX v2 is very simple. 

    You will find the included cleaning tools and an extra mouthpiece for those who might find it hard to clean the pulsar APX pen. The chamber is built from ceramic and is very easy to maintain. 

    The vapor production of the APX 2

    The APX v2 pen has a slightly low-rated vapor amount compared to the other pens. But considering the cheap price tag, it is not something to worry about. But if you use the pen frequently, you will realize that the pen could have done more in vapor production. 

    The vape pen has an improved silicone cooling system, but it does not do so much. The pen herbs are packed directly under the mouthpiece, and sometimes this gives some hot hits.

    The hot hits can be sometimes frustrating because you will have to get to higher temperatures for good vapor. With higher temperatures, you will get harsher vapor and burns on your lips. 

    The silicon-lined mouthpiece sometimes gets sticky after more usage, and that gives it a bland-tasting flavor. Cleaning such a unit gets tough, and this makes the glass mouthpieces a better option.

    Pros and cons of the APX v2 vape pen


    • Very economical in terms of price
    • The taste is excellent, and the vapor is good and smooth
    • The pen is simple to load and easy to use
    • The temperature is adjustable
    • The mouthpiece is comparable and can cool your substances
    • Small design compared to other pens

    Cons of the pen

    • The warranty lifetime is shorter
    • The herbs need to be ground finely before being used
    • Appears to be larger than some vape pen selections


    The pulsar company has done a good job with the facelift of the APX V2, which is one of the main concerns users had. The pen still feels very cheap, and the silicone mouthpiece should not have been included.

    However, the updates are very visible, and it is easy to distinguish the pen from the previous version. The originality of this pen goes to show how much the vape pen has done to become a performer.


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