WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

APEX Vape Pen Review. The Features, Design, Quality, Specifications, Performance, and More

21st Jul 2021 | 173 | upends v

What is an APEX Vape Pen?

The APEX Vaporizer is a 650mAh portable vape pen perfect for use with your favorite concentrate and wax products. With a simple, single button interface, it's super simple to get the benefits of your favorite CBD concentrates and herbal aromatherapy with this dab pen.

APEX Vaporizer is outfitted with a single power button for simple and straightforward means of wax concentrate consumption allowing you to reap the benefits of your select materials with very little to no learning curve.

It also has a threaded design that allows you to securely remove and replace its components for care and maintenance making the APEX Vaporizer a dab pen that’s truly easy for both beginners and advanced consumers. 

Apart from being user-friendly, the APEX Vaporizer also proves that it’s a versatile unit. This vape pen is equipped with preset temperature settings that allow you to switch the temperature level so you can adjust it depending on your preference.

It’s a device that can keep up with the user’s needs and offer more than the average wax pen vaporizer. The APEX cartridge lands on the top 1/3 when it comes to quality and strength out of the cartridges that are available.

Thestrain used in this review is Sundae Drive, most likely based onSundae Driver. This cartridge is currently available in Colorado.

Features of the APEX Vape Pen

  • Simple Operation -
  • Single Power Button
  • 3 Variable Voltage Levels
  • Heat Wave to prevent overheating and flavor loss
  • Voltage output automatically adjusts to 2.5V after 4 seconds, then resumes your user set voltage level.
  • Compatible with Armor Coils and Armor Coil Caps
  • Easy to Clean: a threaded design for simple disassembly and cleaning

Design and Quality

The APEX Vaporizer is outfitted with a preset temperature setting. Three profiles are available. The lowest setting runs at 3.4 volts, while the middle-temperature profile is at 3.8 volts. On the other hand, the highest temperature profile jumps to 4.2 volts, which gives you a well-rounded heat setting that’s perfect for all your dabbing needs.

Having paired with this vaporizer’s unique heat-waves technology, each temperature setting delivers satisfying results.

The battery can be charged with an inclusive USB charging cable and receives a micro USB tip at the end. This allows you to recharge your battery in more ways than one. For example, instead of having to reach out for a wall outlet, the APEX Vaporizer’s USB charging capabilities allow you to recharge the battery via a desktop or laptop computer. It’s one of the best batteries in this category for the price.


  • Dimensions: 112mm x 14mm
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Charging Port Type: Micro-USB
  • Voltage Output: Three Preset: 3.4V (White), 3.8V (Blue), 4.2V (Green)
  • Voltage Adjustment: Press Button 3 Times Quickly
  • Screen: None
  • Use With: CBD Wax and Concentrates
  • Compatible Coils: Yocan Armor QDC (Quartz Dual Coil)
  • Threading: 510 Threading for Easy Disassembly and Cleaning

Performance of the APEX Vape Pen

The APEX Vaporizer uses the  Armor’s quartz dual coils (QDC). The heating element can deliver tasty vapors that carry a decent amount of potency. Its high-quality quartz rod dual coils allow fast and efficient heating for the selected wax concentrates hence faster results when vaping wax concentrates. The heating element ramps up and produces vapors.

The APEX Vaporizer allows almost instantaneous heating making it ideal for both medical and recreational consumers. It’s a great way for one to reap the benefits that extracts have to offer in therapeutic medication or euphoric recreation.

The dual quartz coils promote clean and safe vaporization of the extracts making it a better choice for those conscious of their consumption methods. The APEX Vaporizer is truly the apex of wax concentrate vaporization and should be a part of anyone’s vaping arsenal.

The discreet and portable dab pen is a simple, effective option for vaping CBD concentrates and waxes. With Heat Wave functionality to preserve your concentrate's flavor, smoothness and prevent your coils from overheating, the  APEX is the top choice vape pen for your CBD wax or herbal concentrates.

How to Charge the APEX Vape Pen

When the APEX kit arrives, you should be able to find a USB charge cable inside. Charging your vape pen is incredibly simple. All you need to do is use a PC or laptop or anything else with a USB port in it and plug one of the cables ends into that and one end into the vape pen.

A mains adapter can also be used if you have one. APEX Vape pens have a small light that indicates when the device is charging and when the charging process is complete.

The device’s instructions will specify how long the charging process should take.

Cleaning and Maintenance of the APEX Vape Pen

The APEX Vaporizer is made with few parts making it an ideal device to travel with that is likewise easy to clean and maintain. The APEX Vaporizer is a wax vaporizer that requires only a few steps to clean because of its clever design and engineering. 

To clean and care for your APEX Vaporizer, follow the steps below:

  • First, wipe off any dirt or residue on the battery with a dry paper towel and continue to reassemble the APEX Vaporizer.
  • Make sure to follow charging instructions and use the dedicated charger to avoid damaging the APEX Vaporizer.

Pros and Cons


  • Small design - easy to store in a purse, car, cabinet
  • Discreet - can bring anywhere without suspicion
  • Magnetic cap to help hide/prevent leaks
  • Easy to maintain and clean ceramic chamber
  • Big battery with long life
  • Easy  operation


  • Small tanks

FAQs for the APEX Vape Pen

How can I Change the Voltage Level on my APEX Vaporizer?

Make sure that the battery is powered by. Press the power button three times to toggle through the heat settings.

The heat settings are as follows.

  • Low – 3.4 volts
  • Medium – 3.8 volts
  • High – 4.2 volts

The APEX uses heating in waves. This means that the voltage level will constantly switch from the heat setting you’ve selected to a fixed variable at 2.5 volts. This allows a wave-like means of heating your special wax concentrates. As a result, it will be normal to observe your atomizer ramping up and down during a session.

How do I use the APEX Vape Pen?

Prepare your wax concentrates. Use the inclusive dab tool that comes with the device’s packaging to load your materials into the atomizer. Carefully remove the mouthpiece by unscrewing it out of the battery. Do the same with the coil cap and carefully remove it from the atomizer by screwing it out of the atomizer.

Take the dab tool, scoop up your special wax concentrates, and carefully place them atop the dual quartz coil atomizer. Replace the coil cap and tighten the threads. Replace the mouthpiece by twisting the mouthpiece clockwise to tighten it.

  • Make sure that the Yocan Apex Vaporizer is fully charged before use to get the best results.
  • Make sure to reload the atomizer and load the right amount of extract.
  • Press the power button five times to activate the battery.
  • Press and hold the power button to activate the heating element on the atomizer.
  • Repeat this process after the extracts are fully vaporized, or you may stop after a full cycle.

UPENDS Products


Filled with organic cotton, the Upcott pod effectively prevents all leaking, spitting and popping problems.The cotton filter inside the mouthpiece is the second defense against popping and condensate, guaranteeing an easy and uninterrupted experience.

With the 4ml capacity cotton tank, Upcott gives you a couple of days’ vaping time without the hassle of replacing.


The APEX Vape Pen is good, hitting well with the right battery. They have included an extra 100 mg allowing the vape to maximize the user's vaping. The Yocan Apex uses a 650mAh battery,510 thread, and temperature settings 3.4V, 3.8V, and 4.2V respectively enables the user to find better easy n operation the Vape Pen. Owning the APEX Vape product is a brilliant investment worth the experience,