Mr. Good Vape Equipment Review

    Mr. Good Vape Equipment Review


    Are you after a vape that will get you out of bed with a treacly taste and a combination of fruity and dessert flavors?  Worry no more! Mr. Good Vape caters to all your vaping cravings. 

    Mr.Good Vape has roots globally and is recognized as the pioneer manufacture of premium e-juices in the vaping category. 

    Mr. Good Vape rebranded as “Godfather of Vaping” recently, was formulated by Chris Davis and Gary Riddle back in 2010. The company officially commercialized in 2013 with their first e-liquid in the market, located in Marietta, southern California. They produce over twelve mouth-watering flavors, primarily focusing on fruity and dessert flavors.

    Available in five standard nicotine options; 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg in each milliliter. The Godfather Vape arrives in a 50:50 vegetable glycerine to propylene glycol ratio, with the balance tipping more towards the VG side. 

    VG to PG ratio varies in every flavor ranging from 80:20 to 60:40 VG: PG. The best vaping experience lies in the satisfying throat-hit and massive, thicker cloud formation, not forgetting the succulent taste.

    Design and Appearance

    The design is unique and eye-catching, with informative and artistic labels providing details such as; the manufacturer logo and name, nicotine content, and bold flavor name on the front. The backside features the company details, finest ingredients, nicotine warnings, manufactured, and expiry dates.

    Mr. Good Vape juices come in four different sizes, 120 ml, 60 ml, 30 ml, and 15 ml in sealed generic glass bottles containing rubber baby-proof dropper caps. The company juices are free from any diacetyl and acetyl propionyl ingredients that cause popcorn lung.

    The e-liquid sounds perfect on writing and is the ideal e-juice on hand. So, with all the information in mind, let us dive into the flavors.

    Mr. Good Vape Flavors


    1. Sunshine Daydream

    The most natural summer fruit flavor drawn from creamy yogurt is banana, ripe pineapple, yogurt, and juicy orange. Orange is the common element that comes out strongly. The pineapple brings the succulent taste, and the banana holds discrete notes with their presence noted only during exhale due to the stable taste of yogurt.

    Sunshine Daydream contains a perfect 40% PG to 60% VG producing a proper exotic fruit cocktail. Upon inhaling, the palates pick a creamy tart yogurt with, strong juicy orange taste and sweet pineapple taste. During exhale, a soft banana taste strikes down the taste buds with a succulent flavor.

    2. Dream Sicle

    The flavor consists of creamy, dessert, and fruity elements. Dreamsicle is a balanced mix of ripe oranges, tasty vanilla ice cream, and tart tangerine for a refreshing flavor. Vanilla ice complements and smoothens the juicy orange taste that produces a blast of citrus for a solid throat hit.

    On inhaling, a tart juicy orange taste fused with a hint of vanilla cream and notes of tangerines swipes the taste buds. When exhaling, the cold vanilla softens the harsh citrus hit, leaving the palates mesmerized. Dreamsicle comes in 70% VG to 30% PG for thin vapor and cloud formation. 

    3. Melon Head

    Most natural tasting and straight-up cantaloupe e-juice, Melon Head is a perfect merge of ripe melon extracts, papaya, and juicy mango with a citrus blend. Noticeable heavy honeydew all over the melon flavor brings the childhood memories and the quenching thirst cantaloupe taste.

    Vapor production turns out to be impressive because of the 80% VG to 20% PG blend. Upon inhaling, a cantaloupe taste and the papaya flavor fuses to bathe the palates, and with each exhale, the soft mango with the melon flavor leaves your taste buds yawning for another puff.


    4. Honey Baby

    Honey Baby comprises ripe mango, vanilla, and guava blended with a honeydew-producing sweet and refreshing taste. The guava and mango can be hard to differentiate as they contain discrete notes, but the honeydew dominates the flavor.

    Premier mix ratio of 30% PG to 70% VG for long and thick cloud formation. As you inhale, the delicious honeydew and vanilla taste wash the palates, and when you exhale, the combination of guava and mango strikes your taste buds with a sweet taste.

    5. Pistachio Man

    The flavor mingles flawlessly with French vanilla cream, roasted pistachios, slight burley tobacco, and a hint of chocolate for delectable e-liquid. Mr. Good Vape got the mixology of chocolate and pistachio tasting entirely out of this world, with a fitting finish of chocolate-coated nuts.

    A 70% VG to 30% PG ratio Pistachio Man brings out massive clouds and impressive vapor production. Sweet pistachio blends with chocolate mint tantalizing the palates on every puff, on the exhalation, a soft vanilla taste, and slight robust tobacco flavor baths the taste buds.

    6. Sweet Lovin

    This flavor blends ripe strawberries, smooth bubble gum with candied watermelon making a mouth-watering flavor. Mr. Good Vape correctly managed to balance the watermelon and strawberry flavors with a bubble-gum cut.

    Upon inhale, strawberry taste leads the dancing way to your palate accompanied by the watermelon taste on exhale, and a tangy bubble-gum flavor wins your buds. It comes in 50% VG to 50% PG making it the best option for all-day vaping. Also, it’s available in 3mg nicotine level in a 100ml bottle.


    7. Sundae Fundae

    Sundae Fundae is a blend of French vanilla, butterscotch, butter pecan, cream cookies, and hot caramel candy for delicious flavor. The buttered pecans hold the solid flavor and then butterscotch and candied caramel hint of vanilla in the background. 

    The flavor carries a 60% PG to 40% VG ratio and comes in two nicotine options. First, puff gives soft vanilla and sweet caramel taste, and when you exhale, a mixture of smooth dessert fruity taste takes control over your buds.

     8. Heaven’s Candy

    This flavor contains an ideal mix of sugary grapes, plums, and fresh candied apples producing a yummy after-dinner refreshing vaping experience. Plums and fresh apple taste dominate each inhale, and on exhale, sweet grapes and sweet candy taste wash your palate.

    It holds a 60% VG to 40% PG ratio for thick cloud production. The fruity taste overpowers the sugary taste, making Heaven’s Candy loved by people with high blood sugar. Available in 100ml bottles with 3 mg nicotine level.

    9. Karma Cream

    It contains fresh farm peaches merged with vanilla ice cream topped with dehydrated vanilla beans.  The flavor carries sweet notes and strong peach puffs as compared to Dreamsicle that holds fewer sweet notes. On your first draw, the gesture of creaminess takes control to support fresh peaches for a strong throat hit.

    Karma Cream comes in a 75% VG to 25% PG ratio, resulting in massive thicker clouds and excellent vapor production for a tasty all-day vaping experience.


    10. Bahama Mama

    The flavor is a timeless and classic flavor with the ultimate blend of ripe banana and fresh tropical pineapple with creamy coconut for an exquisite cocktail flavor. The mixing of the ingredients is superb, with no overpowering taste but easily identified flavors.

    Vapor production is faultless with a 65% VG to 35% PG ratio for large foggy clouds. Upon inhaling, the fruity pineapple and the ripe banana strikes the palates with the creamy, soft coconut smoothening the buds. During exhale, the fruity tropical pineapple taste fused with coconut baths the palates and the creamy coconut leaves the buds long after the last puff.

    11. Dabble Dooyah

    One popular modern-day abstract vape with sweet tooth cravings, the fantastic flavor ideally combines two vanilla types, apple pie, and caramel splash cinnamon. Dutch apple pie strongly comes out accompanied with buttery biscuit dripped in vanilla for the great throat hit.

    A balanced ratio of 50% PG to 50% VG gives the right option for an all-day vaping experience. As you inhale, the fruity apple taste and slight vanilla taste wash the taste buds, and on exhale, the cinnamon and caramel dominate the bud, leaving them dancing to the sweet smooth rhythm.

    12. Moon Sugar

    A sugary blended cookie incorporated with bright and fine dessert ingredients.  The combination contains graham cracker, butterscotch drizzled in cinnamon, and sugary cookies. Moon Sugar holds a delicious dough base and strange spicy notes giving funky taste, the best for tasty tooth cravings.

    Cloud production is massive and thick due to high vegetable glycerine levels in the 80% VG:20% PG, and the throat hit is spot on and solid. This flavor is a downright option for all-day vaping. Besides this, it’s available in two nicotine strengths and packaged in a 100 ml bottle.



    • Varying VG: PG on each flavor
    • Available in glass bottles containing drippers
    • The sizeable e-juice capacity of 100 ml 
    • Arrive in five nicotine options ranging from zero to 24 mg
    • Come in twelve mouth-watering flavors
    • Accessible in high VG levels for spacious throat hit
    • Affordable market price


    • Lack the tobacco option for switching smokers
    • Limited flavor selection, unlike other mixers


    Mr. Good Vape is a successful vaping brand in the vaping industry due to the exquisite blend of candies, desserts, and fruity juices using fine and best ingredients. The flavor will mesmerize your taste buds for all-day vaping.


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