AiroX Disposable Vapes: Full Product Review of the Fast-Selling Vape

    AiroX Disposable Vapes: Full Product Review of the Fast-Selling Vape

    Cannabis Vapes serve so many functions that are beyond just enjoyment and fun; they are therapeutic, energizing, and also relaxing. There has been a healthy debate amongst vapers over time, about which vapes are better between cannabis vapes and non-cannabis vapes. Both have their uniqueness and each offers its lovers reasons to go for it. In this article, we will be focusing on Cannabis Vapes and talking about the Cannabis vapes brand- AiroX Disposable Vapes. What is AiroX Disposable Vape? What makes AiroX Disposable Vapes unique? These Questions and many others would be addressed in this article.

    Airo Brand

    Airo Brand is the producer of AiroX Disposable vapes, the company is located in the US and was established in 2016. The brand is an award-winning brand that has led the vape market for so many years. They produce several amazing vape products ranging from disposable vapes to pods, and others. Airo brand mostly deals in Cannabis products, making sure that the cannabis extracts are natural and gotten from plants. They also ensure that their products go through various lab tests before they sell them to the public. AiroX vape products are well known for their effectiveness and durability.

    AiroX Disposable Vapes

    AiroX Disposable vapes are ready-to-use vapes that come in a very beautifully designed body and pack. These 300mg vapes contain live resins of cannabis oil that are natural and carefully extracted from plants, these extracts are then preserved such that vaping these products feels like you are on to marijuana itself. The vapes are easy to use, do not require any installations, are light to handle, and are easy to carry around. AiroX disposable vapes come with a very strong battery that guarantees you a good vape session without quick battery shut-offs, you do have to wait to recharge the battery before using this product, it comes fully charged and ready to use at go. This product is also not a button-activated one, it is a mouth-activated draw. All you need to do is to remove the vape from the pack and put it in your mouth to start vaping. It is a one-time-use product; this means that the battery is not rechargeable, and the e-juice tank is not refillable. Once you vape it one time, then you throw it right away.

    AiroX Disposable Vape comes with a LED-light indicator that guarantees you a personalized experience during vape, the light lets you know when the vape is on and working, and it also lets you know when it is not working. These vapes are built with strong materials that prevent them from spoiling easily, even when they fall. There are various discount offers for you if you are buying this product, it comes with discounts of reduced prices on certain amounts of buys you make, or a buy certain amount, get a certain amount of free discounts. AiroX Disposable Vape comes in 10 different flavours and strains, you can choose the one that best suits your taste or feeling at every particular time. The flavours that are available in this collection are Northern Lights, Black Mamba, Pineapple Diesel, Mystical Melody, Sumatran Sunrise, Midnight Moon, Clementine, Flower Sativa, Flower Indica, and Flower Hybrid.

    AiroX Disposable Vape  Flavours

    AiroX Clementine

    The Clementine flavour of AiroX is all you need to get you fully pumped in the morning for the day’s activities. The flavour is a sour citrus flavour that offers you a sweet-sour taste in your mouth both in the inhale and exhale. The flavour lasts long in your mouth even when you have stopped vaping. It is a Sativa dominant-Hybrid flavour which has effects that keeps you excited, happy, and energized. If you are a bit moody or you are feeling down, then try vaping this flavour and see what happens after. To arrive at this strain, the Tangie strain and Lemon Skunk Strain were crossed. The flavour itself is a blend of orange, citrus, and lemon flavours which all come together to give you that sharp sour-sweet tropical taste. The Airoc Clementine Flavour is medically used to relieve feelings of depression, unrest, and anxiety. This flavour is not a highly potent one as it contains 20% to 25% THC level, which is moderate, making it a good choice for people trying Cannabis vapes for the first time.

    AiroX Black Mamba

    The Black Mamba flavour is a tasty flavour that keeps your mouth watering for more. It gives you the feel of drinking a delicious blackberry citrus juice while also giving you good cannabis effects. When you inhale this vape, the citrus flavour takes over the whole of your bud, followed instantly by the sweet blackberry taste; this is the same thing that happens when you exhale it too. It is a Sativa flavour that keeps you happy and hyped all through the day. To get the full effects of this flavour, vape it in the morning before any activity- you will certainly feel pumped up through the day. The Granddaddy Purple strain and Black Domina strain were crossed to arrive at this strain. The strain also works so well as a form of pain reliever for certain health conditions like migraine, arthritis, and others. The flavour is a perfect blend of sweet blackberries and sour-sweet citrus. The THC content level in this flavour is 82.04%.

    AiroX Northern Lights

    The Northern Light flavour has a herbal taste so if you are a lover of herbal vapes, then try this one out. This not-so-sweet flavour is great for when you are feeling so tired and stressed or when you are just about asleep at night. The flavour is a mix of flowery flavour, Earthy Flavour, and Herbal/Spicy flavours. Once the inhale and exhale, this flavour tastes and smells like an original herbal drink. It delivers good Indica effects that help you relieve any pain that you are feeling and also help you feel very relaxed and give you a sound, deep sleep. This flavour is best vaped at night to enjoy its full effects. This flavour contains 81.5% THC content. The strain is a cross of Afghani and Thai landrace strains.

    Airox Pineapple Diesel

    The Pineapple Diesel flavour is a sweet-pungent flavour that gives you the taste of sweet pineapples mixed with the taste and smell of pungent diesel or fuel. It is a Sativa-dominant vape that keeps you full of life and energy, and makes you ever strong to combat all the difficulties that might come your through the day- it is best vaped in the morning. The flavour is a mix of pineapple and tropical flavour, in addition to diesel flavour. To get this strain, hybrid Pineapple and sativa Sour Diesel were crossed. This flavour has a THC content of 6.5% to 15.5%, which makes it a mild Cannabis vape and a good choice for beginners.

    AiroX Live Flower Sativa

    The live flower series in this collection is an interesting one. In making this flavour, live terpenes from natural plants are extracted and then preserved to retain the freshness of all their components. This flavour gives the effect as though you are on to raw marijuana, it is very effective and highly concentrated. It is a full spectrum extraction from live flower terpenes and is a Sativa flavour whose strain varies according to the terpenes available. It contains a THC level of 77.64%, it is quite potent so you should take it slow with this flavour if you are vaping cannabis vapes for the first time. This Sativa flavour delivers effects that make you feel so happy, excited, energetic, and ready to be on the go.

    AiroX Sumatran Sunrise

    Sumatran Sunrise Flavour is a taste of delicious Oranges. Just like the shines from the rays of the sun, this flavour shins into your soul and body and brings much energy and liveliness to them. It is a Sativa- flavoured product that gives you everything you need to have a happy and active day. If you want to feel how effective this flavour is, vape it early in the morning.

    AiroX Disposable Vape Review

    The disposable vapes are good, they are cannabis-based vape that serves as a psychoactive agent for you. You can also use them for therapeutic purposes for conditions like depression, anxiety, and pain. Asides from these medical conditions, AiroX disposable vapes are the perfect choice for you if you a looking to enjoy a great vape session. The 300mg device is available in various flavours and strains. This device is not rechargeable or refillable.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How do I Refill AiroX Disposable Vape?

    AiroX disposable vape is not refillable, it is a one-time use product that you dispose of after use.

    How many flavours are there in AiroX Disposable Vape?

    Currently, thereare 10 flavours of AiroX Disposable Vape available to buy from Athe iro Brand.

    Is AiroX Disposable Vape worth it?

    Yes! It has many features that make it unique and great to vape, the only thing is that it is not refillable or rechargeable.

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