WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Aegis Hero Vape Pod: All You Need to Know About Aegis Hero Vape Pod

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Vaping has been accepted largely by the people who used to smoke. This is due to the fact that vaping is safer as compared to vaping. This is so because vaping does not involve the burning of any substance, and therefore there are no harmful compounds produced.

As you plan to start vaping, you need to understand that vaping requires different vaping devices for it to serve its purpose. Some of the common vaping devices include disposable vapes, vaping pods, vaping mods, vape pens and many more.

In this article, we shall discuss one of the best vaping equipment; Aegis Hero Vape Pod. Here is more on this vape equipment;

What is Aegis Hero Vape Pod?

Aegis Hero Vape Pod is a wonderful vape equipment developed by Geekvape. This vape pod is designed to give you the unique vaping experience that you must be dreaming of. Aegis Hero Vape Pod comes with a 4ml e-liquid pod that is clear. This allows you to monitor the e-liquid level and know when it is ready for refilling so that you cannot be caught unaware. Aegis Hero Vape Pod is further characterized by a 510-drip tip, 1200mAh capacity battery, adjustable airflow, Optimized output, intense flavor, IP67 Rating, and compact and sleek design, among other features.

We shall know more about Aegis Hero Vape Pod in the review here!

Aegis Hero Vape Pod Review

Key Features

  • 15 x 25.4 x 82.9mm
  • 88g Weight
  • 1200mAh Capacity Battery
  • 5-45W Power Output
  • 42-inch OLED Screen
  • 10 – 45 °c Temperature Range
  • 510 Drip Tip
  • Top E-liquid Filling
  • 4ml E-liquid Capacity
  • IP67 Rating
  • Refillable Pod Kit
  • Variable Colors

Design and Build Quality

The design of the Aegis Hero Vape Pod is a great and unique one. Its main body is constructed from Zinc Alloy with a bracket cover and exposed screws. It also has rubber and padded leather sections that not only make it classy but also strong enough to withstand any conditions it is exposed to. These features, coupled with the IP67 rating, make Aegis Hero Vape Pod water-resistant, dust-proof and shockproof. All this means that Aegis Hero Vape Pod is built to last long.

On the top of the Aegis Hero Vape Pod, the two gold connectors and a magnet hold the pod in place. The magnet is strong enough to hold the pod in place, and you won't worry about the pod being lost.

At the front of the Aegis Hero Vape Pod is the operating buttons. Here there is a fire button that takes the shape of a trapezium and another up/down control button. To separate the buttons is a small green OLED display screen that displays the information about the parameter you are vaping at. The parameters include the vaping temperature and the vaping power.

Battery and Battery Charging

Aegis Hero Vape Pod is powered by a rechargeable battery. With a 1200mAh capacity, the battery offers a decent amount of power for extended vaping sessions. This means that you can vape for a while before you can worry about you taking a break to recharge it. The inclusion of a Type-C charging port is also convenient as it allows for faster and more efficient charging compared to older USB port types.

To recharge the Aegis Hero Vape Pod's battery, you can follow these general steps:

Locate the Type-C charging port - The charging port is typically located on the side or bottom of the device. It is usually covered by a rubber plug or flap to protect it from dust and moisture.

Plug in the Type-C cable - Insert the Type-C end of the charging cable into the corresponding port on the Aegis Hero Vape Pod.

Connect the other end of the cable - Plug the other end of the cable into a suitable power source. This can be a USB wall adapter, a computer's USB port, or any other USB-compatible charging device.

Charging indicator - The Aegis Hero Vape Pod usually features an LED indicator light that displays the charging status. It may light up or change colors to indicate different stages of the charging process.

Allow time for the battery to charge - Leave the device connected to the power source until the battery is fully charged. The charging time may vary depending on the remaining battery level and the output of the charging device used.

Unplug and use - Once the battery is charged fully, disconnect the charging cable from both the Aegis Hero Vape Pod and the power source. You can now use the device for vaping.

Aegis Hero Vape Pod Features Review

5-45W Power Output - The Aegis Hero Vape Pod allows you to adjust the power output within a range of 5 to 45 watts. This feature allows you to modify your vaping experience by selecting the desired wattage level, which can affect the intensity and flavor production of the vapor.

0.42-inch OLED Screen - The device is equipped with a compact OLED screen measuring 0.42 inches. This screen provides important information such as battery life, wattage, resistance, puff counter, and other relevant settings. It allows you to conveniently monitor and adjust various parameters to enhance your vaping experience.

10 – 45 °C Temperature Range - The Aegis Hero Vape Pod offers a temperature range of 10 to 45 degrees Celsius (50 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit). This temperature control feature allows you to optimize the temperature of your vaping coil, which can impact flavor and vapor production. Temperature control can help prevent dry hits and ensure a consistent vaping experience.

510 Drip Tip - The device is designed with a 510 drip tip, which is a standardized mouthpiece size in the vaping industry. The 510 connection allows you to easily interchange drip tips with other compatible devices or use your preferred drip tip for a personalized vaping experience.

Top E-liquid Filling - The Aegis Hero Vape Pod features a top-fill design, which means you can conveniently refill the e-liquid without removing the pod from the device. This makes the refilling process quick and mess-free.

4ml E-liquid Capacity - The pod of Aegis Hero Vape Pod has a maximum e-liquid capacity of 4ml. This capacity allows for a sufficient amount of e-liquid to be stored, reducing the frequency of refills during your vaping sessions.

IP67 Rating - The Aegis Hero Vape Pod has an IP67 rating, which indicates its high level of water and dust resistance. The "IP" is an abbreviation for Ingress Protection, and the "6" indicates complete protection against dust particles, while the "7" signifies the device's ability to survive immersion in up to 1 meter (3.3 feet) of water for a limited time. This ruggedness makes the Aegis Hero Vape Pod durable and suitable for outdoor or active lifestyles.

Pros and Cons


  • Aegis Hero Vape Pod comes with a rugged design for durability
  • Aegis Hero Vape Pod is compact and slim for portability
  • It allows you to vary the vaping temperature allowing you to customize your vape
  • It is powered by a prevailing rechargeable battery
  • Aegis Hero Vape Pod has a large e-liquid capacity
  • It allows you to vary the vaping power


  • It does not produce a lot of clouds when vaping
  • It comes with a rechargeable battery hence may require you to stop from time to time to allow time for recharging.

FAQs Aegis Hero Vape Pod

How do I fill the Aegis Hero Vape Pod with e-liquid?

To fill the Aegis Hero Vape Pod, simply remove the pod from the device, locate the filling port, which is usually on the top of the pod, and open it. Then, pour your desired e-liquid into the filling port, being careful not to overfill. Close the filling port securely and reinsert the pod into the device.

How long does the battery of the Aegis Hero Vape Pod last?

The battery life of the Aegis Hero Vape Pod can vary depending on usage patterns, wattage settings, and other factors. With a 1200mAh capacity, the battery should provide a decent vaping session. However, actual battery life will depend on individual usage habits.

How do I clean the Aegis Hero Vape Pod?

To clean the Aegis Hero Vape Pod, first, remove the pod from the device. Wipe the exterior of the pod and the connection area with a clean, dry cloth. For the pod itself, you can rinse it under running water (without the coil installed) or use a damp cloth to wipe the inside. Make sure to dry everything thoroughly before reassembling and using the device again.

Can I use other drip tips with the Aegis Hero Vape Pod?

Yes, the Aegis Hero Vape Pod features a 510-drip tip connection, which is a standardized size in the vaping industry. This means you can use other compatible 510 drip tips if you prefer to customize the mouthpiece.

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