WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

A Review of Smok NFIX Pod System and Instructions for Use

30th Aug 2021 | 16 | upends v

What is Smok NFIX?

It is a small sized, portable light weight vaping device from Smok brand. The NFIX operates on low to middle power range, which is between 1-25W. It is one of the easiest to use vape device you can lay your hands on. It has a minimalist and simplistic design, which makes it extremely beginner-friendly.

What is in the Package?

  • Nfix Device
  • Nfix DC 0.8ohm MTL Pods
  • USB-C Cable
  • User Manual

Features and Specs of Smok NFIX

  • Size: 110 x 21.5 x 13mm
  • Weight: 32g
  • Colors: 12 assorted
  • Screen: 0.69″ OLED Display
  • Puff Counter
  • Battery capacity: 700 mAh
  • Charging: Micro USB-C Charging Port
  • Device charge Time: 40 Minutes
  • Adjustable Wattage: 1-25w
  • Draw Activated

How Much is a Smok NFIX Kit?

The Smok NFIX costs approximately $19.99. The price varies across different locations and retailers. The cost of replacement pod is separate and costs approximately $9.

Body Design and Build

Smok NFIX is an innovative vaping device which allows you carry it everywhere you go in your pockets. The NFIX has an impressive design, which is well built and comfortable on the hand.

The dimensions of this device are 110mm x 21.5mm x 13mm and it weighs 32g. The body of the NFIX is rectangular-shaped with sloppy edges. It has single airflow openings on either sides. The Smok logo is printed on the front side of the device, while the word NFIX at the backside.

The device has a 0.69-inch OLED display screen and a single button for adjusting the wattage and firing or switching off the device. The NFIX is activated when you take a draw. Which means, inhale from the mouthpiece to start vaping.

To adjust the wattage, simply click on the button three times. The wattage display will pop. Click on the button once more and the wattage will start increasing from 1. Once you have your preferred wattage, wait for a few seconds and the flash will disappear. You can start vaping now.

Smok NFIX Performance

The Smok NFIX performs pretty well. If you are a moderate vaper, it can last you for up to a full day. Both the vapor and flavor output from this device is awesome. The airflow holes is what makes a whole difference on this device.

The Battery

The capacity of the NFIX vape device is 700mAh. Good enough for such a tiny device. It gives you up to 12 hours of vaping if you are a moderate vaper. You will need to recharge it often if you are a heavy vaper. However, charging is quite fast and it only takes 40 minutes. The battery can fire up to 25W.

To recharge the battery, you need to use Type-C charger. The device updates you on the charging progress on the OLED display screen.

The Smok NFIX Pods

The Smok NFIX pods are refillable. But, you can dispose them off when the coil burns out. The coils are permanently fixed on the pod, so if the wick/coil burns out, you need to replace the pod. This feature is not good. Smok has a series of vape devices where you don’t dispose of the pod, but you just change the coil. Which ends up cutting down on your vaping costs. The pods are made with clear sturdy plastic.

Smok NFIX Coils

The NFIX is specially designed for MTL vapers. It comes with two coils, the 0.8ohm DC MTL or 0.8ohm Mesh coils. The two pod options have a similar design and a capacity of 3 ml each. However, the two have different wattage levels.  The flavor output with these coils is amazing and the vapor as well.

How to refill Smok NFIX

Filling NFIX is easy and fast. First, remove the pod. Lift the lid cover of the pod, fill it in will eliquid, and the replace the cover. The pod has line marked minimum to ensure that the it does not dry out completely.

Smok NFIX Airflow

The Smok NFIX vape device does not have the required tight MTL draw. The airflow of NFIX leans much more on the restricted DTL side. So, it requires a bit of lung power to draw the fire. But, it does fire up to 25W.

How to Fix The Airflow for MTL?

The NFIX is not a MTL device in actual sense. The airflow is a bit loose, and not suitable for MTL. However, you can make it tighter using the following technique:

Technically, the NFIX has two air holes at the base. To make the airflow a bit tight, use a tape to cover the holes. And there you have a tight airflow for Mouth To Lung vaping.

Pros and Cons of Smok NFIX


  • Quality Build and body design
  • Ergonomic, comfortable and portable
  • Fast USB-C Charging
  • Variable Wattage 1-25W
  • Good flavor Output
  • Leakage-free
  • Simple to use-beginner friendly
  • Lightweight and pocket-friendly
  • Clear OLED display screen
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Responsive power button
  • Transparent window for checking level of eliquid
  • It has a wide and comfortable drip-tip
  • Good airflow intake
  • It is both button and draw activated
  • Perfect for discreet MTL vaping
  • Excellent vapor output


  • It has minimal condensate issues
  • The coils are not replaceable
  • Marketed as true MTL when its Loose MTL


1.Does the Smok NFIX leak?

No, it does not leak. However, as is the case with many vape devices, you may notice little amount of condensate.

2.How long does Smok NFIX vape device last?

It will last you for more than a week or two depending with how frequently you vape. If you want to prolong the life of your device, use the fill the juice in the ratio of 50/50.

  1. How can I charge my Smok NFIX?

Charging your device is easy. NFIX uses a micro-USB type charger. Plug in the charger to a power source and connect it to the charging port on your device.

  1. How much does the NFIX kit costs?

It costs approximately $19-$20 depending with where you purchase it and your location.

UPENDs: Disposable Vape Pens

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What is Upone?

It is high-value and top-quality disposable vape pen that allows you to enjoy a great vaping experience while saving your money.

The Upone comes with an 800mAh battery which is god enough to last you for days. In addition, it comes with a large liquid capacity of 4.5 ml, which is three times the size of ordinary disposable vape devices. Although, it has a large capacity, it is affordable, and that is how you get to save money in the long run.

Upone Flavors

Upone comes in a variety of six pleasant flavors. The flavors are Lychee crush, cool mint, juicy grape, pineapple ice, Cuban tobacco, and raspberry. Also, the vapor output from this device is excellent, thanks to the specially designed mouthpiece with thick cotton filter. The mouthpiece is effective at preventing annoying issues such as spitting and condensate.


UPEND ensures that all its vape products are safe for all users. First, the quality of Upone has been certified by the GMP pharmaceutical grade manufacturing environment. In addition, the mouthpiece is made with high quality and food grade plastic to ensure the safety of your health. The cotton used on the device is pure and organic derived from non-polluted sources.


The Smok NFIX is good vaping device with a nice design and comfortable to hold. It is lightweight and portable which allows you to vape anytime you want. It performs really well and it is easy to operate, especially when changing the coils and adjusting the wattage. The only down side of this device is that it is marketed as a tight MTL, but it is a loose MTL. However, you do a quick DIY to convert it into a tight MTL as discussed above.

If you find yourself not having time for a regular vape device and its maintenance needs, you can go for disposable vapes. Upone is a great vape device that comes ready. Your only job is to enjoy the hit. It comes in handy if you are traveler or if you have a busy lifestyle.