A Review and Instructions for Smok Nord, Smok Nord X, and Smok Nord AIO 22

    A Review and Instructions for Smok Nord, Smok Nord X, and Smok Nord AIO 22

    Smok is one of the most sought vape brand. The brand is dedicated to producing high-quality products. Most of the Smok products have a sleek unique design that enables you vape from anywhere. In addition, the products are easy to use which makes them user-friendly, not only to the beginners but also the seasoned vapers. In this article, we shall review the Smok Nord series, the Smok Nord, Nord X, and Nord AIO 22.

    1.Smok Nord

    The Nord Smok is a high-performance and versatile vape device from Smok. It shares a few similarities with the Novo, although it has a few of its own unique features. Smok Nord has a bigger volume and weight and it feels much more comfortable on the hand. Also, the quality of the vape and autonomy is higher. Let’s get to know the Nord Smok a little more;

    The Smok Nord Kit comes with:

    • Nord pod system
    • 6-ohm mesh coil
    • 4-ohm regular coil
    • USB charging cable
    • User manual

    The Design

    The Smok Nord has similar external features with the Smok Novo. With a rounded rectangular shape and cobra-skin design. The outer shell is made with durable and top-quality plastic. It has dimensions of 94 x 30 x 18.8 mm and weighs 80 grams. It feels comfortable in the hands and a easy to carry in the pocket.

    The charging slot is placed at the bottom side of the device. Smok Nord is powered by a 1100mAh battery.

    The Smok Nord Coils and Performance

    The Smok Nord Kit comes with two coils, the MTL and the Sub Ohm Mesh Coils. Both the coils deliver a great deal of thick vapor and excellent flavor. Both coils last for a good amount of time, even up to two-three weeks, depending how regularly you vape. The mesh coils is suitable for restrictive lung hit.

    The Battery Life

    The Smok Nord comes with a 1100mAh capacity internal battery which lasts long. You can vape all day long using the MTL coil and approximately 9-10 hours if you are vaping with the power-consuming DTL coil.

    The battery delivers 10-15 W depending on the level of the charge and the resistance. To recharge the battery, use the USB cable provided.


    • Large 1100 mAh battery capacity
    • Compact size and portable
    • Comfortable in the hand
    • Uses both MTL and DL pods
    • Convenient and easy filling system
    • Excellent vapor production
    • Great flavor
    • Great restrictive lung draw
    • 3 mL e-juice


    • Excess airflow for MTL pods
    • Hard to monitor juice levels
    • It fires in pocket if you don’t turn it off.

    2.Smok Nord X

    The Smok Nord X is a small sized, sleek and portable vape device suitable for both the DTL and MTL vapers. The device runs on a 1500mAh battery with wattage output of 60W. It comes with a 2ml capacity pods and with two coils. Also, the Smok Nord X features a side filling design and it is activated using a button. Generally, this pod system is easy to use, portable, and feels comfortable in the hands.

    Smok Nord X Kit Contains:

    • Nord X Device
    • Nord X RPM Pod
    • RPM Mesh-0.4Ω Coil
    • Nord X RPM-2 Pod Cartridge
    • RPM 2 Mesh-0.16Ω Coil
    • USB Cable
    • User Manual

    The Design

    The Smok Nord X is a small portable device with dimensions of 100mm x 31mm x 23mm. It has an ergonomic and sleek design which sits on the hand comfortably. The body of this device is made from Zinc alloy which enables it withstand all the pressure.

    The device has a LED clear and bright screen which makes it easy for the user to read the displayed information. There are buttons under the display for adjusting the wattage. The charging port-USB-Type-C is hidden under the rubber plug.

    The Smok Nord X Coils and Performance

    The Nord X comes with a 0.16ohm RPM 2 Meshed coil, and the 0.4ohm RPM Mesh coil.  The 0.16ohm RPM 2 is the best performing coil among the two. It gives out great wattage, and in return you get an excellent flavor. It works best with open airflow.

    The 0.4ohm RPM isn’t bad either. It suitable only under 25W but gives out a decent flavor. If you want to save on your battery and eliquid, this is the best coil to use.

    The Smok Nord X Pods

    The Smok Nord X kit comes with a pair of pods for the RPM coils and new RPM2. With these pods, you can use the coils of your choice.

    The pods have a minimalist design with a clear eliquid view window, easy to use and comfortable mouthpiece, and magnetic fitment.

    The Nord X Battery

    Smok Nord X runs on a 1500mA which utilizes 1.2A quick charge. It charges fully within 75 minutes. Depending with the coil you are using and how heavy you vape, the battery can last you for up to a whole day or more.


    • The device is portable
    • User-friendly
    • Easy to use for beginners
    • Good-build and a great design
    • Great flavor and cloud output
    • It is dustproof, Shock, and Water proof
    • 60W max power output
    • Quick charge at only 75 minutes
    • Suitable for both DTL and MTL


    • The airflow is not adequately tight

    3. Smok Nord AIO 22 Vape

    SMOKTECH has been in market of vapes for a long time and their devices are known for their cutting-edge technology. The Nord AIO 22 has almost similar features with AIO 19. However, Nord AIO 22 has a larger tank and powerful 2000mAh battery which fires up to 60W.

    Nord AIO 22 Kit Contains:

    • Nord AIO 22 Device
    • Nord 0.6ohm mesh coil (max 25w)
    • Nord 1.4ohm regular mesh coil (max12w)
    • USB Cable
    • User Manual

    Features and Design of Smok Nord AIO 22

    The Nord AIO 22 is a simple and small vape device from SMOKTECH. The tank is integrated and well enclosed in the stainless steel outer covering of the device.

    The firing button is enclosed with LED light indicators that alert you the charge status of the battery.

    How to Re-fill the Nord AIO 22

    Filling the tank of this device is pretty simple. Press the quick release button as you slid the lid clockwise. Add the vape juice into the slot while ensuring to drip into the central airflow tube. Close the lid cap and let the device to sit for a few minutes. This is to let the cotton saturate well in the liquid.

    Nord AIO 22 Coils

    The Nord uses two coils, the 0.6 Ohm mesh coil and the 1.4 Mesh coil. The 0.6 Ohm Mesh coil heats up fast and it is specifically designed for Sub Ohm vaping. The 1.4 Mesh coil is designed for MTL vaping, specifically throat hit.

    Safety Features

    Nearly all SMOK products are equipped with smart safety features. Smok Nord AIO features include the short circuit protection, low voltage protection, 8-second cut off, and impedance protection.

    Performance of Smok Nord AIO 22 Vape Device

    The Nord AIO 22 is a high-performance device with a capacity of 3.5 ml and a maximum wattage of 60W. The Smok Nord AIO 22 is a great device that offers both MTL and DL vaping. It has a decent flavor thanks to the coils. The device lacks airflow adjustability which makes it for DL vaping rather than the MTL.

    Features of Smok Nord AIO 22

    • Dimensions: 125.5 x 22mm
    • Construction: Stainless Steel
    • Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh
    • E-liquid: 3.5ml capacity
    • Resistance range: 0.5ohm-1.4ohm
    • Standby Current: <20A
    • Maximum output power: 60W
    • Input voltage range: 3.3V-4.2V
    • Output voltage range: 2.5V-4.1V
    • Charging voltage: 5V
    • Charging Current: 0.66A±0.05A
    • Weight: 128g

    Pros and Cons of Smok Nord AIO 22

    • Great build and quality construction
    • Ergonomic and comfortable to hold
    • Durable and quality glass construction
    • Great flavor and vapor output
    • Comes with two coils, MTL and DL
    • Large eliquid 3.5ml capacity
    • Large 2000mAh battery
    • Top-fill convenient design


    • The airflow is not adjustable
    • The MTL is too airy

    4.Upone UPENDs

    Upone is a disposable vape from the UPENDS vape brand. The pros of disposable vapes is that they are affordable and easy to use. Additionally, the disposable vapes gives you an easy time especially if you have a busy lifestyle or when you are travelling. This is because, you will not have to refill the device, change the coils, or other maintenance needs of the device.

    So, if you are looking for a reliable, top-quality, and long lasting disposable vape, Upone is among the best in the market. Upone comes with 850mAh battery capacity and tank capacity of 4.5 ml. The 4.5ml tank capacity is three times bigger, compared to the size of most regular disposable vapes which usually have a capacity of 1.5ml.

    The vapor and flavor output from Upone is just excellent. With every puff, you get a strong thick clouds of vapor. Upone comes in six different flavors to take care of all your taste buds. When it comes to your safety when vaping, Upone guarantees your safety by using quality food grade materials.


    All the above reviewed Smok and UPENDS vape devices are high-performance. There are shared similarities with the devices as well as differences. The most important aspect to consider when buying a vape device is the portability, charging system, the wattage output, the coils, and the type of vaper you are, i.e. MTL or DL. However, if you have a busy lifestyle and you cannot keep up with maintenance of a regular vape system, get yourself a Upone disposable vape.


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