A guide to nearby Vape shops in Indiana, IN, which are open

    A guide to nearby Vape shops in Indiana, IN, which are open

    1           UPENDS Guide to the Best Vape Stores

    Vaping is your only alternative to smoking. As much as Caffeine or nicotine is addictive, it is not about the addictive substance that is harmful but rather how you deliver them.

    If you are residing in Indiana, there are a dozen vape shops. They offer quality vape products and equipment to help you deliver the addictive substance in the most unharmful way. This article will make your work easier. We have analyzed a list of 20 Vape stores in Indiana that offer quality vape products and equipment.

    Find the Vape Shops Open in Indiana, IN, Which are Open (My Location)

    Using this free Vape locator tool to help you to find Vape shops in Indiana, IN, which are open (my location).

    2           Artisan Vapor & CBD Castleton Point


    Established in 2013, the shop has always strived to provide superior customer service. And knowledge of vaping and CBD while offering top-of-the-line juices, CBD types, and hardware.

    Name: Artisan Vapor & CBD Castleton Point

    Contacts: (317) 516-5132

    Location: 5497 E 82nd St Indianapolis, IN 46250

    Opening and Closing Hours

    Monday-Thursday 10 AM – 9 PM

    Friday              10 AM – 10 PM                     

    Saturday          10 AM – 10 PM         

    Sunday            10 AM - 9 PM

    3           Vapes N Things 2

    Vapes N things shop was established in 2015 to educate people on how harmful smoking tobacco was and give them an alternative. The shop has various vaping products from hookahs to wraps, a large variety of CBD, coils, coals, RDAs to RTA's, premium E-juices, detox, shisha, and glass products.

    Name: Vapes N things

     Contact: (317) 516-5920

    Location: 5955 E 82nd St Indianapolis, IN 46250

    Opening and Closing Hours

    Monday Saturday

    11 AM - 8 PM

    Sunday                      12 PM - 6 PM

    4           Fog Life Vapor and Hemp

    Fog Life Vapor deals with disposable E-cigarettes, Vape Juice; Bad Drip, Falcon, GeekVape, Glass, Juice Head, Keep it 100, Lost Vape, Naked, Ruthless, Sad Boy, Smok, Twist, Vapetasia and Vaporesso

    Name: Fog Life Vapor and Hemp

    Contacts: (317) 757-3280

    Location: 5333 W 10th St Indianapolis, IN 46224

    Opening and Closing Hours

     Monday- Thursday    10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

    Friday-Saturday          10 AM - 9 PM

    Sunday                        12PM - 6PM

    5           Indy E-Cigs

    Indy E-Cigs, established in 2013 it provides quality US-made E Liquids, E-cigarettes, vape mods, vape batteries, and all vapor products and supplies.

    Name: Indy E-Cigs

    Contacts: (317) 438-5336

    Location: 901 Broad Ripple Ave Indianapolis, IN 46220

    Opening and Closing Hours

    Monday-Saturday          10 AM - 9 PM

    Sunday                           12 PM - 6 PM

    6           World of Vapor Indy

    World of Vapor Indy specializes in personal vaporizers, batteries, mods, e liquids, cartomizers, tanks, cases, and other vapor accessories

    Name: World of Vapor Indy

    Contacts: (317) 351-8273

    Location: 5533 E Washington St Indianapolis, IN 46219

    Opening and closing time

    Monday-Saturday 10:30 AM - 6 PM

    Sunday                 12 PM - 5 PM

    7           Vaper Kings

    It was established in 2014 as a family business to get people off cigarettes.  Later on specialized in high-end mods and keep the beginner in mind.

    Name: Vaper Kings

    Contacts: (317) 661-3613

    Location: 5135 S Emerson Ave Indianapolis, IN 46237

    Opening and Closing Hours

    Monday-Friday 10 AM - 8 PM

    Saturday          11 AM – 8 PM           

    Sunday            12 PM – 4 PM

    8           Dragon Smoke and Vape Shop

    Dragon Smoke and Vape have a little bit of everything. Various Juice and Vape equipment to some of the best glass selections and prices in the Indiana area.

    Name: Dragon Smoke and Vape

    Contacts: (463) 206-2699

    Location: 1419 W 86th St Indianapolis, IN 46260

    Opening and Closing Hours

    Monday-Saturday       10AM - 8PM

    Sunday                        10 AM - 6 PM

    9           Pike's Pipes

    The Pike's Pipes smoke shop was established in 2020 in the Indianapolis area accepting walk-ins or curbside pick-up orders.

    Name: Pike's Pipes

    Contacts: (317) 723-3175

    Location: 11737 Pendleton Pike Indianapolis, IN 46236

    Opening and Closing Hours

    Monday-Saturday       10 AM - 10 PM

    Sunday                        10 AM - 9 PM

    10       Vapor Room

    Vapor Room was established in 2013, specializing in getting people to stop smoking cigarettes, saving money, smelling better, and living a healthier life.

    Name: Vapor Room

    Contacts:  (317) 375-7757

    Location: 916 N Shadeland Ave Ste B Indianapolis, IN 46219

    Opening and Closing Hours

    Monday -Friday          10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

    Saturday          12PM - 5PM  

    Sunday            12 PM - 5 PM

    11       Hashtag Smoke Shop

    Hashtag Smoke sells unique and high-quality Products like CBD, Glass Pipe, Vaporizers, E-juice, Shisha, Tobacco, Novelties, and accessories at incomparable rates and Value

    Name: Hashtag Smoke Shop

    Contacts: (317) 300-0158

    Location: 2308 E County Line Rd Indianapolis, IN 46227

    Opening and Closing Hours

    Monday-Sunday 10:30 AM-10:00 PM

    12       Denver CBD Indianapolis

    Denver CBD Indianapolis was opened in 2019 in Indianapolis to highlight Indiana hemp farmers. Also, to educate consumers on the benefits of CBD and show them the many different ways to take CBD.

    Name: Denver CBD Indianapolis

    Contacts: (631) 404-0862

    Location: 8235 E 96th St Ste 110 Indianapolis, IN 46256

    Opening and Closing Hours

    Monday-Saturday       10 AM - 7 PM

    Sunday                        12 PM - 5 PM

    13       Cbd Revolution

    The CBD Revolution was opened on 1st Sep 2018, located in Washington Square Mall. Deals with 100% State legal Hemp CBD products, certified medical grade CBD products, among other products.

    Name: The CBD Revolution

    Contacts: (631) 404-0862

    Location: 10202 E Washington St Ste 446 Indianapolis, IN 46229

    Opening and Closing Hours

    Monday           Closed

    Tuesday-Saturday       10 AM - 9 PM

    Sunday                        12 PM - 6 PM

    14       Naptown Vapors

    Naptown vapors was established in 2016. It offers top-quality customer services and products like batteries, mods, coils, detoxing systems, e-liquids and devices, and over 200 different flavors of e-juice, parts, pod-style devices, starter kits, tanks, and disposables.

    Name: Naptown Vapors

    Contact: (317) 455-9589

    Location:5020 S Kentucky Ave Indianapolis, IN 46221

    Opening and Closing Hours

    Monday-Saturday       11 AM - 9 PM

    Sunday 1 PM - 7 PM

    15       Just Vapor

    Visit Just Vapor vape shop for a fantastic vapor experience. Here they pride themselves on quality customer service and ever-expanding e-juice and hardware selection.

    Name: Just vapor

    Contact: (317) 827-2939

    Location: 8238 Center Run Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46250

    Opening and Closing Hours

    Monday-Saturday       10AM - 8PM

    Sunday                        11AM - 5PM


    16       Cool Breeze Vapor

    Cool Breeze Vapor, established in 2014. It is well-known for its great deals, convenience, customer service, quality and taste of our USA-made premium e-juices, which are sold in various exceptional flavors.

    Name: Cool Breeze Vapor

    Contacts: (317) 875-1309

    Location: 8403 N Michigan Rd Indianapolis, IN 46268

    Opening and Closing Hours

    Monday-Saturday       10 AM - 7 PM

    Sunday                        12 PM - 5 PM

    17       Your CBD Store

    CBD Store, established in 2019. It is a dedicated CBD store carrying only the top products like CBD water-soluble, CBD oil, CBD Tinctures, CBD edibles, CBD Vape products, CBD pet care, CBD skincare, and CBD Topical cream.

    Name: Your CBD Store

    Contacts: (317) 288-7154

    Location: 7433 Shadeland Ave Indianapolis, IN 46250

    Opening and Closing Hours

    Monday-Saturday       10 AM - 6 PM

    Sunday              Closed

    18       Vapor Madness Lounge - Greenwood

    Vapor Madness  Greenwood is the second Vapor Madness location and the Southside's Premiere Vapor Shoppe & Social Lodge. A proud Indiana family that are zealous about our culture and community.

    Name: Vapor madness Greenwood

    Contacts: (317) 888-8273

    Location: 200 S Emerson Ave Ste A Greenwood, IN 46143

    Opening and Closing Time

    Monday -Thursday     10 AM – 8 PM

    Friday    -Saturday      10 AM - 9 PM

    Sunday                        11AM - 6PM

    19       Smokers Choice

    Smokers Choice is a vape store, which was established in 1996. It is Indiana's largest walk-in humidor and is sure of satisfying all of your tobacco needs.

    Name: Smokers Choice

    Contacts: (317) 858-0297

    Location: 729 N Green St Ste 200 Brownsburg, IN 46112

    Opening and Closing time

    Mon-Sun         9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

    20       Vapor Trails

    Vapor Trails, established in 2014. It is a one-stop shop for all your Electronic Cigarette supplies & accessories.

    Name: Vapor Trails

    Contacts: (317) 863-8141

    Location: 8793 E 116th St Fishers, IN 46038

    Opening and Closing time

    Monday-Saturday       10:00 AM - 9:00 PM

    Sunday                        11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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    22       Conclusion

    Vaping is the safest alternative to smoking if you have equipment that is of the best quality. The listed shops in Indiana are accessible 24/7, either online or physically. As a US citizen, you can access the stores easily. You can also trust for quality vape products.


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