A Guide on Vuse Vape Pen. A Review of the Vuse Epod 2 and Vuse Epen

    A Guide on Vuse Vape Pen. A Review of the Vuse Epod 2 and Vuse Epen

    Smoking has been around for many milieus, but a revolution is happening. Vaping is your health’s friend, and vape pens are meant to give you pure hits any day. Vuse vape pens bring the crispness of various flavors to you through their bold designs and efficacy. Vuse gifts you these pens for ultimate vaping.

    So, today you will learn more about the vuse epod 2 and Vuse epen. Make sure you read to the end.

    Let’s Start.

    The Vuse epod 2

    This pen is packed with genuine handling comfort so that even on the run, your vaping delivers the relaxation you need. Sleek is the word, and the pocket size pen is something that will make you feel its true companionship. It is discreet and almost tiny, making it easier for it to fly under the radar. The epod 2 also comes with more than 16 nicotine salts flavors for you to choose from and has a black metallic color.

    Above all, Vuse ensured that the splash-proof pen is compatible with almost every e-liquid pods out there. The epod is stylish and cute. Apart from its nice makeup, the tiny pen has approximately puffs of 275 packed in its life per pod. You will also discover that the pen can be vaporized while still charging.

    With a battery power of 350mAh and a fast-charging system, it only takes 30 to 40 minutes of charging to boost the battery to 80%. You will notice the high-quality delivery system that delivers rich nicotine flavors to even the last puff. Each puff is created with pure satisfaction in mind.

    The Vuse epod 2 is a lightweight vaporizer weighing just 23.6 grams. The user-friendly epod has a capacity of 1.9 ml and will deliver a resounding 200 puffs with every charge. This no-button epod will gift you with vaping excellence. It is a tiny thing that you will marvel at; with dimensions of 104.2mm in length, 19.0mm in width with a deepness of 11.0mm, the pen can surely fit in your pockets.

    How to use the Vuse epod 2

    Simplicity is truly the ultimate sophistication; when you want to try this beautiful pen for the first time, keep that in mind. All you need to do is to insert the pen between your lips. You will, however, discover that the pod doesn’t have any button to activate it into action. Please don’t panic; give it a nice puff, and the pen will do the rest for you. Enjoy.

    Watch this YouTube video for more about Vuse epod 2;


    The Vuse epod 2 also comes with a few unique accessories that will enhance your vaping ordeal. They range from 3D stickers, which gives your epod a life of its own. These accessories will significantly complement your pod. You can choose some epod skins, including Pash, which is a limited-edition creation from Vuse.

    The company partnered with Marcus Watson, an award-winning designer who created this skin with a passion for field inspiration in mind.  There is also a vuse epod magnetic charger that enhances fast charging. Other notable accessories that will catch your eye include; Onyx, a 3D textured sticker with a gloss finish, and Coast, a 3D textured gloss sticker.


    • Vape while charging
    • Fast charging
    • Splash proof
    • Gives smoothly draws
    • Comfortable and pocket-sized
    • Easy to use
    • No dry puffs
    • Buttonless
    • It has an excellent nicotine delivery system


    • It has a limited capacity of only 1.9 ml
    • Battery deteriorates after 12 months of use
    • It does not support refilling

    Flavors for your Vuse epod 2

    The pod is built to couple up with quite several flavors of high-quality ingredients, and you will have an easy time picking from over 17 salt flavors. The flavors are mixed and blended craftily so that your taste buds can indulge ideally. The flavors and the excellent delivery system of the vuse epod 2 are gentle to your throat and lungs.

    Here are some of the flavors that you can choose.

    • Dark cherry. A mix between deep cherry and red fruit
    • Golden Tobacco. A blended balance of golden Tobacco that is creamy and rich with smoothness
    • Cucumber mix. Cranberry unfused cucumber
    • Vanilla Madley. A blissful and mellow creamy vanilla
    • Original strawberry. Strawberry with a touch of green notes
    • Blushed mango. A sensational mango rich flavor
    • Crisp watermelon. A blend of juicy notes with a fresh watermelon flavor
    • Passion fruit field. Almond noted coupled with a nice tropical passion fruit kick
    • Creamy mint. Chilly mint with a contrasting warm sweetness
    • Iced mango. A touch of pineapple, floral honey, and fresh mango has a cool after taste effect
    • Tequila sunrise. A balanced and blended mix of zesty orange and deep pomegranate

    Vuse epen

    This pen is a cute but straightforward vaporizer that you will probably lay your hands on. Unlike the vuse epod 2, this one comes with a button to activate the vape into ecstatic action.

    It also comes with 200 puffs guaranteed in every pod. This pen is meant to give your taste buds an intense taste due to its generous and rich vapor. It also comes with 10 unique flavors and 2 nicotine salts for you to pick from.

    The button activation vaping is easy to use and seamless. It only takes about 50 minutes of charging to get the battery to an impressive 85% charge and a whopping one and a half hours to fully charge.

    The battery comes with 650 mAh power, which means your fully charged pen will give you a long-range vaping experience. The 2ml capacity pod will ensure that you enjoy premium flavors of high-quality ingredients for a long.

    How to Use the Vuse epen

    The vaporizer has a button that kicks it into action. It is pretty easy to get that total cloudy vapor out of the pen. All you need to do is insert the pen gently between your lips, click the button thrice, and then puff to activate it.

    Watch this YouTube video for more about the Vuse epen;



    • A high voltage battery
    • Available with nicotine salts
    • No dry puffs
    • Fast charging
    • Has good moderate e-liquid holding capacity
    • You can change the flavor with a few clicks


    • It takes a long time to charge fully
    • Button activated

    Flavors Available for Vuse epen

    You will find abundant salts and bespoke e-liquids available so that you can customize your vaping. Most of them have been made in the United Kingdom. Also, they have been mixed and blended with experienced experts in the vaping world.

    Take a look at some of the flavors Vuse epen has to offer;

    • Blended Tobacco. A marriage of fine roasted Tobacco and creamy, nutty feel
    • Peppermint tobacco. Tobacco balanced with rich peppermint mint crispness
    • Wild berries. Freshly mixed berries and a mellow dose of vanilla
    • Fresh apple. Cool mint leaves notes doused on green apples
    • Dark cherry. Dark cherry blended with red fruit
    • Classic peach. Coy floral notes balanced with juicy white peach
    • Infused vanilla. A caramel blended vanilla
    • Fresh spearmint. Spearmint infused with a delicate dose of fresh peppermint
    • Crisp mint. Vanilla notes coupled up with a tremendous splash of fresh mint.

    How to Refill the Vuse Epen

    Here is video showing you on how to refill your vuse epen.



    How old should I be to use Vuse vaporizers?

    According to many countries’ laws and regulations, one should be an adult of 18 years and above to vape or smoke

    Can I use Vuse epod 2 with Vuse e-liquid pods?

    Both the epen and e-liquid pod are compatible.

    How can I clean my Vuse epod pen?

    Buildup of dirt in your vaporizer can drastically reduce the efficiency of the pen. To clean the pen, you should detach the epod pen and the e-liquid pod and then clean it with a dry cloth.

    Why do I have to click the button 3 times to activate my Vuse epen?

    This is designed this way intentionally as a child protection feature, and it also prevents the vape pen from turning on accidentally in your pocket or bag.

    How will I know it is time to change the e-liquid pod?

    When the e-liquid runs out, the pen will stop working until you change the e-liquid pod.

    How will I know if I have put down my epen that it is on or off?

    You will realize that the pen is still on if you press the button once the light comes on. You will notice it doesn’t light on if not pressed thrice.

    How long will my Vuse epen last?

    Each pod is designed to contain 2ml of e-liquid, on average, about 200 puffs per pod.

    How do I return the product?

    If a damaged product is delivered to you or it is a wrong order, please contact the supplier that you purchased from via their official business contacts.

    Summing up

    Scores of top-notch scientists have tested vuse products, and their feedback is then implemented to improve their Vapes and other accompanying products constantly. You will enjoy their exceptionally engineered vaping gadgets.

    Vaping might be a relatively new industry, but its benefits support traditional smoking by a great deal. Enjoy the healthy experience.

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