5 Best Oil Vape Pens 2021 Review and Instructions

    5 Best Oil Vape Pens 2021 Review and Instructions

    UPENDS Guide to the Best Oil Vape Pens

    Vaping has received a mash following in the recent past as many people are quitting smoking for vaping. Vaping is the modern way of consuming and satisfying your cravings for nicotine. Vaping is facilitated by different vaping equipment and different vapes. A vape contains many components, among them nicotine, THC and CBD, metals, and many more.

    A vape pen can be used to vape all the chemicals in an e-liquid, but some of the vape pens are specially built to vape THC oil. When you buy these specific pens, you will be guaranteed a quality vaping experience.

    In this article, we shall introduce you to the five best vape pens for vaping oil.

    What is an Oil Vape Pen?

    This is a special vape pen that is designed to be used in vaping oil and not any other concentrate. Oil vape pens have become so popular in the recent past because of their ease of use, convenience, and versatility. They are also preferred by many vapers because their taste is excellent while the smell is suppressed. 

    An oil vape pen houses a battery that heats the heating element that later heats up the vape e-liquid and turns it into an inhalable vapor. Most oil vape pens are puff-activated; hence they don’t come with many complicated buttons.

    5 Best Oil Vape Pens Review and Instructions

    In case you need the best oil vape pens, then here is a list of the best you can consider;

    Kandypens Slim Oil Vape Pen

    Kandypens Slim Oil Vape Pen is one of the best-known powerful and compact oil vape pens by KandyPens. Many vapers prefer vaping using this vape pen because of its portability nature, making it versatile and reliable for them to vape anywhere anytime.

    It houses a refillable cartridge that is easy to refill with your favorite e-liquid. After making puffs and draining the cartridge, Kandypens Slim Oil Vape Pen allows you to easily load a new e-liquid without any risk of spillages. The tank is also leakproof thus;, there is no risk of any shortcomings that are associated with leaking.

     Kandypens Slim Oil Vape Pen is air-activated. Its 180mAh battery is puff-activated and activates the whole unit when you place the mouthpiece on your mouth and take a puff. This marks it as an easy-to-use vape pen that you can always use even without any prior vaping experience.

    Yocan Stix Oil Vape Pen

    Yocan Stix Oil Vape Pen features three basic requirements for a standard oil vape pen: leak-proof, a rechargeable battery, and variable heat settings.

    It comes with a sleek and small design that makes it easy to carry along and vape anywhere you wish to. Depending on the throat hit you want from your vape, you can vary the vaping power between its three power settings. This allows you to curb your cravings as soon as you make your first puff.

    Its 320mAh battery is powerful enough to allow you to vape for a long time before the next charge. When this powerful battery combines with Yocan Stix Oil Vape Pen’s portability, you can travel with your Yocan Stix Oil Vape Pen even to places where there is no source of power and still continue enjoying the vape.

    Powering Yocan Stix Oil Vape Pen ON is easy: just press its power button five times at quick succession and three times at quick succession when you want to power it off.

    CCell TH2 Oil Vape Pen

    CCell TH2 Oil Vape Pen is a unique and state the art vape pen made from a ceramic material. It comes with variable e-liquid capacities, including 1ml, 0.5ml, and 0.3ml. You can choose between the three capacities depending on how long you wish to vape after a full refill.

    Unlike other oil vape pens that use a cotton wick, CCell TH2 Oil Vape Pen makes use of a ceramic atomizer. This atomizer has an advantage in that it does not get burnt easily; thus, there is no way that you can experience a burnt vape.

    It is made leak-proof, allowing you to carry it in your pocket without the risk of contamination and leaking the e-liquid.

    Linx Hermes 3 Oil Vape Pen

    We can classify Linx Hermes 3 Oil Vape Pen as a sleek, portable vape pen with a pure flavor. Its small size allows it to fit uniformly on your pocket, allowing you to vaporize your oil anywhere, anytime.

    It comes with a 0.5ml e-liquid tank that allows you to enjoy a long vaping time before the next refill. Its 290mAh capacity rechargeable battery also delivers an amazingly long vaping time after a full recharge.

    Vessel Expedition Oil Vape Pen

    Vessel Expedition Oil Vape Pen is an elegant vape pen that you can always count on. It is robust in nature, allowing enjoy the best and outstanding vaping experience.

    It is 510-threaded, making it versatile and compatible with many vaping equipment and accessories. This makes it easy for you to find an accessory if it breaks down.

    With a 240mAh capacity battery, you are guaranteed a long vaping time before the next recharge.

    Getting Started in Using Oil Vape Pen

    The Oil Vape Pens come in two broad categories; those with the prefilled cartridges and those with refillable cartridges. If you get a prefilled oil vape pen, you don't need to go through the process of refilling its cartridge, but if you buy a refillable oil vape pen, you will be required to refill it before you start vaping.

    Here are some key points to put in mind when using the oil vape pens;

    • If you experience a drop in flavor and performance of your vape, then you need to have the cartridge replaced.
    • If you use an oil vape pen with variable vaping power, make sure you start vaping at the lowest power settings as you adjust the settings while vaping.
    • Make sure your oil vape pen is fully charged before you start vaping to avoid being interrupted as you vape.
    • Always go for an oil vape pen with a high milliamp rating that will give you more battery life.

    Let's have a Look at the FAQs Associated with Oil Vape Pens

    How do I Refill my Oil Vape Pen?

    As we stated earlier, you can decide to use a refillable oil vape pen or a prefilled oil vape pen. A refillable vape pen comes with an empty cartridge that you need to refill with your favorite e-liquid before you start vaping.

    To achieve this, you need your preferred vape e-juice and a syringe, then follow the following easy steps;

    • Fill the syringe with your favorite e-liquid.
    • In a slow manner, inject the e-liquid into the cartridge while making circular motions with the syringe.
    • You need to take caution that you don't inject your e-liquid down the cartridge's chimney.
    • Fill the cartridge until all the wicking holes are covered.
    • Allow the cartridge to sit for a period of 30 minutes before starting to vape. This is to allow the refilled e-liquid to soak into the wick to avoid a burnt vape.

    Enjoy vaping until all the e-liquid in your oil vape pen cartridge is depleted before refilling it again. But before you refill it again, you need to refill it;

    How do I Clean my Oil Vape Pen

    A prefilled oil vape pen is disposable and does not require much cleaning as to that of the refillable oil vape pen. The refillable oil vape pen requires that you always clean some of its parts, like the 510-connection, which is a threading connection that connects the cartridge.

    To clean the 510 threading connection, using cotton wool, soak it in a Q-tip and high strength isophyl and wipe the connection till it's clean. This will make sure it gives you a long lifespan of your oil vape pen and its cartridge.


    Vaping is the best alternative to smoking. It is made more effective and satisfying when you vape using the right vape equipment like the oil vape pens. The oil vape pens are preferred by many vapers because of their portability and versatile nature. Try out using the oil vape pen, and you will never regret.



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