20 Vape Shops (Stores) Near me in Massachusetts

    20 Vape Shops (Stores) Near me in Massachusetts

    Some vapers find it hard to choose the vape store or vape shop to visit, and this is totally understandable. This is because as vapers, they need to ensure that the store they would go into would give them the thing they are looking for at a great price and at a great quality. No one want to waste time visiting a store that could not give the things that they want. So, if you love vaping, if you live in Massachusetts, then this article would help you find the best stores in your state. We know how important it is to find the vape stores that would cater your vaping needs, and that is why, in this article we will give you 20 vape stores and smoke shops that you can visit in the “Bay State”.

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    There are a lot of vape stores in the “Bay State”, and here are 20 vape & smoke shops (stores) near  me in Massachusetts:

    1. The Vape Way: Vape-Smoke shop

    The Vape Way Hyannis is one of the 7 stores of The Vape Way in Massachusetts. Along with its “sister” stores, it also offers a wide array of vape related products from e-liquids, electronic cigarettes, and vape hardware.  The Vape Way Hyannis proud itself as one of the vape shops that sells the largest collection of the aforementioned products in Cape Cod.


    Name:                          The Vape Way: Vape-Smoke Shop

    Location:                     11 Enterprise Rd, Hyannis, MA 02601, United States

    Contacts:                     +17744704529

    Website:                      http://www.thevapeway.com/

    Opening Hours:           Monday to Sunday 10am-7pm

    2. Main street Smoke Shop & Vape

    This smoke shop has an extreme large collection of products that you can expect on a vape shop. They offer a wide selection, from water pipes, vape pods, vape liquid refills, and other accessories.

    Name:                          Main Street Smoke Shop & Vape

    Location:                     7 Main St #5509, Peabody, MA 01960, United States

    Contacts:                     +19785328118

    Opening Hours:            Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm (Hours might differ on Saturdays)

                                         Sunday 7am-2pm

    3. High End Smoke Shop

    This store is a hot spot for excellent vape and smoking products, a one-stop shop that would cater all your smoking and vaping needs. They sell CBD products, premium Vape products and accessories, hookahs, cigars, and many more.

    Name:                          High End Smoke Shop: Everett

    Location:                     378 Broadway, Everett, MA 02149, United States

    Contacts:                     +16172941836

    Website:                      https://high-end-smoke-shop-everett.business.site/

    Opening hours:            Monday to Sunday 10am-9pm

    4. Kloud King Smoke Shop

    A smoke shop that would match your vaping needs. They offer a wide selection of products including e-cigs, more than 70 brands of premium E-juices, water pipes, hookahs, and many more to make your vaping and smoking experience incredible.

    Name:                          Kloud King Smoke Shop

    Location:                     957 Broadway, Everett, MA 02149, United States

    Contacts:                     +16172940379

    Website:                      http://www.smokeshopeverett.com/

    Opening Hours:           Monday-Thursday 10am-9pm

                                        Friday-Saturday 10am-10pm

                                        Sunday 10am-8pm

    5. Safehouse Vapors

    If you are looking for a vape store that would give your vaping needs for a decent price then Safehouse Vapors is for you. Safehouse Vapors offer a wide selection of quality products for a prize that is worth it. They offer CBD products, vape products, pipes, hookahs, and etc.


    Name:                          Safehouse Vapors

    Location:                     855 Main St, Waltham, MA 02453, United States

    Contacts:                     +17818993235

    Opening Hours:           Monday to Saturday 11am-7pm

                                        Sunday 12nn-7pm

    6. Jolly Vapors

    If you are looking for a service and delivery that is on-point then Jolly Vapors is the store you should visit. This store aside from its wide selection of products that ranges from juices to accessories, also has knowledgeable employees that would guide and help you to have a more exquisite vaping experience.

    Name:                          Jolly Vapors

    Location:                     104 Woodman St #1k, Lynn, MA 01905, United States

    Contacts:                     +17814179178

    Opening Hours:           Monday-Sunday 12nn-10pm

    7. The Vape Shop Cleveland Circle

    The second store of the same brand that was established in 2015 with a goal of helping people to quit smoking cigarettes, The Vape Shop Cleveland Circle is a store that would help you to have a satisfying vaping experience. They offer the latest mods, e-liquids, and other vape related products and accessories.

    Name:                          The Vape Shop Cleveland Circle

    Location:                     354 Chestnut Hill Ave, Brighton, MA 02135, United States

    Contacts:                     +16175055224

    Website:                      http://tvsboston.com/

    Opening Hours:           Monday-Thursday 11am-7pm


    8. Phat Daddy’s Smoke Shop


    Satisfying your needs is always the priority in this Vape shop, Phat Daddy’s Smoke Shop is among the shops that offers a wide selection of products that would make you delighted. The e-cig, e-juice, pipes, hookahs, vaporizers that they sell are truly top-notch.

    Name:                          Phat Daddy’s Smoke Shop

    Location:                     3147 Cranberry Hwy, Wareham, MA 02538, United States

    Contacts:                     +15087438435

    Opening Hours:           Monday-Sunday 10am-8pm


    9. Goodfella Vapor New Bedford

    Goodfella is one of the best shops that serves the New Bedford area. If you are looking fo a shop that has quality products like glasss, CBD, hookahs, and vape-related products, and wonderful customer service, then be sure to visit Goodfella Vapor New Bedford.

    Name:                          Goodfella Vapor New Bedford

    Location:                     1861 Acushnet Ave, New Bedford, MA 02746, United States

    Contacts:                     +17744252191

    Website:                      http://www.goodfellavapor.com/

    Opening hours:            Monday 2pm-7pm

                                        Friday 12nn-7pm

                                        Saturday 11am-6pm

                                        Sunday 11am-5pm

    10. Raja’s Smoke Shack and CBD Store

    Just by looking at their store and set-uo one would definitely realize that this store is a vape haven. Raja;s Shack and CBD store combines quality customer support and service with top-notch but affordable vape products such as pods, e-juices, and CBDs.

    Name:                          Raja’s Shack and CBD Store

    Location:                     50 Summer St, Malden, MA 02148, United States

    Contacts:                     +17816051211

    Website:                      https://rajas-smoke-shack.business.site/

    Opening hours:            Monday to Sunday 9am-10pm


    11. Smoke Out

    If you are looking for a vape shop to go to at the cape then this one is for you. Smoke Out offers a variety of vape products that you would surely enjoy, and would definitely lighten your mood. 

    Name:                          Smoke Out

    Location:                     628 Main St, Hyannis, MA 02601, United States

    Contacts                      +15088277747

    Opening Hours:           Friday-Sunday 12 nn-7pm

    12. Symphony Smoke Shop

    Symphony Smoke Shop is one of the vape stores in Boston and in Masachussets as a whole that provides a great collection of products for a reasonable price. This vape shop has knowleadgeable staff that would guide you to the products that they offer.

    Name:                          Symphony Smoke Shop

    Location:                     293 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115, United States

    Contacts:                     +16174377901

    Website:                      https://symphonysmokeshop.business.site/

    Opening hours:            Monday-Sunday 9am-11pm

    13. Expo’s Smoke Shop NB

    The vape store is one of the high-rated vape stores in the area. Their products include tobacco products, energy drinks, CBD, and of course vape products like e-juices and pods.

    Name:                          Expo’s Smoke Shop NB

    Location:                     309 Dartmouth St, New Bedford, MA 02740, United States

    Contacts:                     +15089909146

    Opening hours:            Monday-Sunday 5:30am-8pm

    14. J’s Vapor Den

    J’s Vapor Den is one of the shops you can easily fall in love to. They have a great customer service coupled with a wide selection of vapes, coils, atomizers, and e-juices. They also have their own kind of juice, so you better try it.

    Name:                                      J’s Vapor Den

    Location:                                 679 Washington St, Attleboro, MA 02703, United States

    Contact:                                  +15086399845

    Opening hours:                        Monday to Saturday 10am-7pm

                                                    Sunday 12nn-4pm

    15. Beantown Vapor store

    This first-rate store is one of the more starred vape shops in Massachusets. The interior of their shop is superb and combined with the producst they offer such as e-liquids, and e-juices, you would surely have a new favorite vape store.

    Name:                          Bean Town vapor Store

    Location:                     24 Samoset St, Plymouth, MA 02360, United States

    Contacts:                     +17743435181

    Opening hours:            Monday to Sunday 10am-6pm

    16. Leaf N Legend Vape & Smoke Shop

    Are you fond of e-juices? Then you should definitely visit this vape store. Leaf N Legend Vape & Smoke Shop  boasts a wide collection of e-juices and other vape products that would surely leave you in awe.

    Name:                          Leaf N Legend Vape & Smoke Shop

    Location:                     605 Bedford St #3, Whitman, MA 02382, United States

    Contacts                      +17815241057

    Website                       http://leafnlegend.com/

    Opening Hours:           Monday to Sunday 10:30 am-8pm

    17. Lifestyle Vape

    Lifestyle Vape offers you top-notch and premium e-liquids together with other first-rate vape products that would satisfy your vaping needs.

    Name:                          Lifestyle Vape

    Location                      1280 Belmont St, Brockton, MA 02301, United States

    Contacts                      +17745175928

    Opening Hours:           Monday to Wednesday 11am-9pm

                                        Thursday to Saturday 10am-9pm

                                        Sunday 10am-8pm

    18. Vapeology

    If you want new and top-of-the-line flavors then you might want to visit this store. Vapeology has a wide selection of juices that are worthy to try and experience. Aside from these quality and flavorful juices, they also offer mods and other vape accessories.

    Name:                          Vapeology

    Location:                     320 W Center St #112 113, West Bridgewater, MA 02379, United States

    Contacts:                     +15082323539

    Website                       http://www.vapeologyma.com/

    Opening hours:            Monday to Saturday 10am-10pm

                                        Sunday 10:30am-7pm

    19. Vape Solutions

    Vape solution is a great store for those looking for quality vape accessories, they offer quality mod tanks and coils. They also have a wide selection of e-juices.

    Name:                                      Vape Solutions

    Location:                                 687 N Bedford St, East Bridgewater, MA 02333, United States

    Contacts:                                 +15087155122

    Opening Hours                        Monday-Saturday 12nn-7pm

    20. Vape City Smoke Shop

    Vape City Smoke Shop offers a full line of vape products at a reasonable and decent prize. Some of the offerings they have are vaping mods, e-liquids, tanks, coils, pipes, hookahs, and e-cigarettes.

    Name:                                      Vape City Smoke Shop

    Location:                                 306 Winthrop St #6, Taunton, MA 02780, United States

    Contacts:                                 +15083862421

    Website:                                  https://www.vapecitysmokeshop.com/

    Opening Hours:                       Monday to Sunday 10am-10pm

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    Massachusetts has one of the most vape stores in the whole New England Region of the United States. There are hundreds of vapes outlets in the state that you can visit, and so we have brought 20 vape shops (store) near you in Massachusetts. So, visit these stores because they might just have the things you are looking for.






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