12 Different Disposable Vape Brands: Types, Flavors, Where To Buy

    12 Different Disposable Vape Brands: Types, Flavors, Where To Buy

    We are in 2022, so it is not unusual for a person to prefer to carry a super convenient and portable smoking device. This is perhaps one of the major reasons people prefer vaping devices to traditional cigarettes.

    These are mostly draw-activated and prefilled with e-liquid, so you don't have to bother refilling or recharging your device. Also, disposable vapes are environment-friendly, and you can dispose of them in waste bins once done.

    Disposable vapes are a popular option among vaping devices. Their high-performing features match their discreet design for advanced vapers and new vapers looking to switch from traditional smoking. In addition, disposable vapes come in various tasty flavors optimized for a satisfying throat-hit experience and draw sensation.

    So this article will take you through all you need to know about disposable vape brands, their types, flavors, and stores.

    Types of Disposable Vapes

    Every person has their vaping preferences and needs, so it is not rare to find that disposable vapes come in different models. These models serve specific vaping needs and optimize convenience in different situations. For instance, outdoor vapers, traveling vapers, and new and old vapers all have their personal needs.

    Disposable vape brands are categorized into 3 different types, namely:

    1. Disposable vapes
    2. Disposable vape tanks
    3. Disposable vape pods

    Disposable Vapes

    This is a popular device used by most vapers. Vapes are very similar to conventional cigarettes and have diverse features that serve you to meet your smoking needs or preferences.

    Disposable vapes do not require refilling or recharging, which means you spend less on maintenance. Vapes are typically small, super portable, and easy to handle. In addition, they provide a great draw sensation and throat hits that leave you on the edge of your seats.

    Some popular disposable vapes you can try your hands on include:

    • Puff Bars: Puff bars can amplify the smoking experience of vapers irrespective of their status – whether old or new. So they are suitable for those trying to switch from cigarettes and those that have started vaping. Puff bars hold enough nicotine salt and release quality clouds with tasty flavor fragrance.
    • Voom Ultra: This is a disposable vape with impressive durability and typically lasts about 1000 puffs. Voom Ultras are small-size e-cigs that deliver premium value for their worth. They also come in different flavors. You should try your hands on the lush ice flavor.
    • Allo Ultra: This is a disposable vape with a battery capacity of 550mAh that can generate over 800 puffs. Allo Ultra vapes come prefilled with 3.8ml of e-juice, and their unique flavor fragrance options only match their durability. In addition, their high-performing coils further boost their flavor vapor amplification. Some popular options include blue raspberry and cool mint flavors.

    Disposable Vape Tanks

    Disposable vape tanks are renowned for their high-capacity and cost-effective durability features. This is the major edge they have over e-cigs and vape pods. Disposable vape tanks are ideal for those looking to upgrade from MTL vaping to the monster cloud territory.

    These tanks are mostly sub-ohm, meaning that they have lower resistance which generates hotter e-liquid vapors. They are usually below 1.0 ohms resistance. However, there are vape tanks that range between 1.2 to 2.0 ohms.

    In addition, these sub-ohms give you a personalized vaping experience with high temperature and power outputs. They also amplify flavor and puff clouds.

    Another interesting fact about sub-ohm tanks is that although they give off monstrous clouds and intense flavor hits, they have less nicotine. Moreover, vape tanks are generally cost-effective since you can easily recycle coils and replace tanks.

    There are several high-quality tanks, but here are a few:

    • Blitz Mate: This is a top-quality disposable vape tank defined to enhance flavourful cloud production. It is also durable and suitable for advanced vapers.
    • Innokin Gomax: This is a long-lasting vape tank with a 5ml e-juice capacity. It gives off monstrous clouds and has an attractive top-filling system.
    • Freemax GEMM: The Freemax GEMM tank is popular for its simple handling, unique, tasty flavors, and impressive vapor amplification.

    Disposable Vape Pods

    Disposable vape pods are typically designed with improved personalization systems to meet the specific needs of vapers. They are popular for their simple handling and consistent firepower generation.

    Vape pods use lower resistance coils that create smaller puff and amplifies nicotine delivery. What particularly distinguishes vape pods is their solid but discrete design.

    Below are some popular vape pods you should try your hands on:

    • Juul:The Juul pod houses a strong battery capacity that makes it one of the best disposable vapes available. They are also designed to optimize user convenience.
    • Stlth:The Stlth closed vaping pod system also allows you to savor every last bit of e-juice in them. They are available in several flavors that range from banana ice to pink lemonade flavors.
    • Vype:Vype is also a high-performing closed vape pod system that does not use switch buttons to operate. They are draw-activated and do not require refills.


    Vapers consider the type and quality of flavor in selecting a vape product. Flavor taste and preference are unique to every individual, so it would help if you knew the best flavors on the market.

    So here are some of the best flavors of available disposable vape brands:

    • Peach Mango Watermelon
    • Strawberry Banana
    • Cotton Candy
    • Watermelon Ice
    • Blueberry Ice
    • Blueberry Razz
    • Grape Fruit
    • Cool Mint
    • Lush Ice

    List of 12 Different Disposable Vape Bars

    Here is a list of 12 different disposable vape brand bars in 2022:

    1. SuperGood Bar Disposable Vape ($5.99)

    The SuperGood Bar is packaged in a disposable vape bar prefilled with 1.4ml of e-liquid. This means little to no maintenance is required to enjoy tasteful puffs. Once exhausted, all you need to do is dispose of the package.

    With a battery capacity of 280mAh, the SuperGood Bar can last about 300 puffs. This brand of disposable vape bar has an impressive MTL draw and comes in different tasty flavors. You should try your hands on their strawberry milk and super mint flavors.

    1. Switch Mods Disposable Vape ($6.99)

    Switch Mods are draw-activated disposable vape bars packaged in portable pods prefilled with 1.3ml of e-juice. Like the SuperGood Bar, Switch Mods also require zero upkeep. Asides from its impressive MTL draw, another interesting feature of this vape bar brand is its anti-leakage design.

    Switch Mods last about 300 puffs having a battery strength of 280mAh. They offer vapers a satisfying throat-hit experience and are available in 23 tasty flavors. Their blue razz, strawberry watermelon, lush ice, and peach ice are especially tasty.

    1. Ezzy Super Disposable Vape ($8.99)

    The Ezzy Super Disposable Vape bar brand is also draw-activated, but they accommodate more e-juice – 3.2ml. As a result, it gives off tasty puffs, and a 500mAh battery capacity means that it lasts longer. In addition, this bar brand is packaged in portable anti-leak disposable bars, which makes it more durable.

    Ezzy Super Vapes are available in about 19 different tasty flavors: the icy cola, orange soda, blue razz, and lush ice flavors.

    1. Helix Bar Max Disposable Vape ($10.99)

    In addition to their impressive MTL draw, Helix Bars also feature an adjustable airflow control system which makes them more attractive. Furthermore, they come in several tasty flavors, including strawberry ice, peach ice, blue raspberry ice, and mango ice flavors.Helix Bar Max is a disposable vape brand prefilled with 5.6ml of nicotine e-liquid. This brand typically lasts about 1500 puffs and is packaged in disposable bars, so you can easily dispose of it after use.

    1. Xtra Max Disposable Vape ($11.95)

    The Xtra Max Disposable Vape comes in a portable bar with 7ml of nicotine e-juice. Its strong battery capacity allows users to enjoy an estimated 2500 puffs. In addition, it has an impressive MTL draw that gives vapers a satisfying draw sensation and throat-hit experience.

    This brand comes in 15 different tasty flavors: strawberry milky, mango pineapple, cola ice, and cool mint flavors.

    1. Air Bar Max Disposable Vape ($12.99)

    With a battery capacity of 1250 mAh, this brand is about 2000 puffs before exhaustion. The Air Bar Max Disposable Vape Brand is available in 9 tasty flavors.The Air Bar Max is a Suorin Disposable Vape brand that comes prefilled with 6.5ml of nicotine e-liquid. This vape brand is draw-activated and has a smooth MTL draw that combines to give vapers a satisfying throat-hit experience.

    1. Lush TFN Disposable Vape ($13.99)

    The Lush TFN Disposable Vape comes prefilled with 8ml of zero-tobacco nicotine e-liquid. With a strong battery capacity of 1200mAh, Lush TFNs typically last about 2500 puffs. In addition, this vape brand comes in portable, lightweight packages that are easily disposable when exhausted.

    Other notable features of this vape brand are its draw-activated, adjustable airflow, and anti-leakage design that allows for a satisfying draw-and-throat-hit experience. The Lush TFN vapes are available in 11 tasty flavors.

    1. SWFT Lux TFN Disposable Vape ($14.99)

    The SWFT LUX Disposable Vape brand comes prefilled with 8ml of nicotine e-liquid. This brand is popular for its durability and typically lasts about 3500 puffs.

    Though t SWFT LUX is limited to tobacco-free nicotine, it has some of the finest e-juice flavors. You can try your hands on the aloe grape, mango ice, blue razz ice, and cool mint flavors.

    1. Elf Bar Disposable Vape ($15.99)

    The Elf Bar Disposable Vape pods come prefilled with as high as 13ml of nicotine e-liquid. They typically last about 5000 puffs, an impressive puff count among vape bars in today’s market.

    Unlike other disposable vape bars, the Elf Bar holds a rechargeable battery capacity of 650mAh. Their satisfying draw sensation and excellent throat-hit experience come in different tasty flavors. Some of their flavors include peach mango watermelon, strawberry kiwi, and pineapple coconut ice flavors.

    1. Flum Float Disposable Vape ($15.99)

    The Flum Float Disposable Vape brand comes in a stylish portable design. This stylish design features a no-refill non-adjustable system that requires zero upkeep. It also has an impressive draw sensation available in several tasty flavors. Flum Floats are prefilled with 8ml of nicotine e-liquid and last about 3000 puffs.

    Some of their signature flavors you should try your hands on are strawberry ice cream, cool mint, peach gelato, and aloe grape flavors.

    1. Puff Labs Air Mesh Disposable Vape ($15.99)

    The Air Mesh is a disposable vape brand of Puff Labs that utilizes a mesh coil that allows up to 3000 puffs throughout its life cycle. This brand also comes prefilled with 8ml of nicotine e-juice and is available in different tasty flavors.

    1. Geek Bar X6000 Disposable Vape ($29.99)

    Finally, the Geek Bar X6000 Disposable Vape brand comes prefilled with 14ml of nicotine e-juice that lasts about 6000 puffs. This puff count is a market all-high and is made possible by its 630mAh battery strength.
    The GeekVape high-quality coils allow for a consistent tasty throat-hit experience. In addition, they are available in different flavors, some of which are the strawberry milkshake, blue razz, and menthol flavors.

    Find the Right Disposable Vaporizers

    You should know that finding the right disposable vape brand can be tricky. This article has already highlighted the specifications of the different types of vape brands alongside some of their reputable options. However, you should consider other important things when buying disposable vaporizers that are the right fit for you.

    For instance, the right disposable vaporizer needs high-quality e-juice content and tasty flavor vapor. It should also be easy to handle with little to no technical know-how. As a result, you are advised to go for the trusted brands with a strong reputation over the years.

    You can get a glimpse of the quality of disposable vaporizers from their ingredients, specifications, and customer reviews. These will help you determine whether or not a disposable vaporizer is a right fit for your smoking needs – in the short and long term.

    In addition, you should go for vaporizers based on their performance and how well they meet your specific vaping needs. For example, disposable vaporizers serve different purposes for those that plan to quit smoking or upgrade their vaping. They also offer varying benefits for those who usually vape outdoors or while traveling.

    Where To Buy

    It is not enough to know the best disposable vape brands to purchase. You also need to know the right place to buy them.

    For one, you can find different disposable vape brands online. In addition, some reputable online stores list high-quality vape products. In addition, they display the important features and ingredients of each product, be even reviews to guide you to make the right decision.

    However, due to government regulations, online stores often need you to verify your age before you are permitted to purchase a vaping product. In addition, there are different age restrictions in different regions and states. For instance, the age restriction is pegged at 18 years in most European countries and 21 years in the United States.

    There are also different dedicated vape brand stores that sell quality vaping products. This should be your primary option when you plan to buy a vaping device. In addition, you can find high-performing vapes in reputable market stalls, approved convenience stores, and gas stations. However, these purchase locations may not offer the best vape brands because they usually sell cheap models.

    Ultimately, the best place to find different disposable vape brands is in dedicated stores: brick–and–mortar or online stations. They offer you a flexible variety of vaping options according to your smoking tastes and preferences.

    Now that you know this, why not try UPENDS to get some of the best disposable vape collections available on the market today.

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