WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Tutorial: How to Use Uppen Vape Pod?

15th Jun 2020 | 1447 | Greta

Uppen is a portable refillable vape pod system shaped in an exquisite pen. Upends created it for people chasing elegance and style.

Designed with the joy of every detail of life, Uppen demonstrates an elegant and concise image, extremely delicate touch feeling, and comfortable and natural ergonomic design.

Let’s see how to use it!

First, an Uppen is composed of a dirt-resistant cap with a 18k gold clip, a refillable pod of 2ml capacity and a battery of 600mAh.

How to Use An Uppen Vape Pen

Then, let’s set it up by the following steps. 

Set Up Uppen Vape Pen

Besides, UPPEN is a draw-activated vape, meaning there is no fire button. UPPEN comes with an empty pod. Please fill the pod in accordance with the Set Up instructions and remember not to puff it before the pod is filled with e-liquid.

Each pod of Uppen holds up to 2.0ML e-liquid. So, for the purest taste, it is better to change the pod when changing e-liquid flavor and refill the pod when the e-liquid is running low to avoid dry hits.

Moreover, please do not disassemble or tamper with your device. Any inappropriate, incorrect, or irresponsible use of your vape pod system will void the warranty and may cause serious injury.

And these are other tips you should know for a better vaping experience with your Uppen vape pod.

  1. Low voltage protection:

When battery voltage goes below 3.3v ± 0.1v before vaping or 3.0v ± 0.1v during vaping, the red LED light will blink 8 times and the device will vibrate for 1 second and stop working. If this occurs, charge your device.

  1. Overdraw protection:

When you inhale for 8 seconds or more, the light that indicates the current battery level will blink 5 times then the device will automatically stop drawing.

  1. Charging state:

During charging (charging current: 750mA±50mA), red light will be on. The white light will be on for 1 minute till fully charged. Meanwhile, Uppen vape pod system supports charging while vaping.

  1. Short circuit protection:

When short circuit occurs, the red LED light and the white LED light will fast blink 3 times, the device will vibrate and stop working.

  1. Battery power indication:

Red LED light indicates: battery power is 1%-30%.

White LED light indicates: battery power is 30%-100%.


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