WARNING:  This product contains nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Can Vaping Help You to Quit Smoking?

20th Nov 2020 | 748 | ZengGreta

Smokers who have decided they want to quit have, over the years, used a range of different methods, often with mixed results. The nicotine hit gained by the burning of tobacco is notoriously addictive, making smoking a difficult habit for many people to quit. A former smoker may suddenly feel that strong, familiar urge when smelling cigarette smoke at an unexpected moment, while another buys “just one pack” to help get them through a stressful time. 

Vaping is seen by many as a potential route to becoming an ex-smoker, but the huge variety of devices available can be confusing for anyone new to vaping! So, what is the best vape kit to quit smoking? 

At UPENDS, we understand that making the decision to quit smoking is a big step, and have focused on developing a kit that is specially designed to help new vapers make that transition from smoker to non-smoker. 

Meet the Uppen. 

This lightweight, easy-to-use device has been created to give users an experience very close to that of smoking a cigarette, making the move to vaping as smooth as possible: 

  • It is draw-activated, meaning it is super-easy to use, with no buttons to press, or settings and controls to decipher. 
  • Uppen comes with a USB charger, and is ready to use within an hour of first charging. The battery will last at least a full day for most users. 
  • Filling the pod with e-liquid is easy; lifting the silicone plug gives access to the chamber, and the plug fits snugly back in place once filled, preventing leaks. The liquid should be left to soak into the coil for five minutes before use. 
  • Magnets in the base of the pod draw it into the right position, every time, giving a small vibration to show it’s in place – so easy! 
  • Inside the pod is our specially-developed EtchipTM coil, regulating the heat and flow of the e-liquid very precisely, giving a natural-feeling draw and great flavour from the very first puff. 
  • Extra peace-of-mind comes with Uppen’s enhanced hygiene; it features the world’s first antibacterial mouthpiece, and has a stylish cap to keep everything clean when not in use. 
  • The cap has the additional advantage of preventing oxidation of the e-liquid in the pod, prolonging the fresh taste.  

Uppen is compatible with a wide range of e-liquids at different nicotine levels. The strength of nicotine in the e-liquid you choose will depend on your habits as a smoker; an occasional smoker that uses up to around 10 cigarettes a day, would need a low-level option such as a 3mg freebase e-liquid, or 10mg nicotine salt. In contrast, a heavy smoker who smokes two packs or more a day, would need a much higher level of nicotine such as 12mg freebase. These are details you can discuss with your local reputable vape retailer, who will be able to give expert advice tailored to you. 

Uppen’s pods are designed to be replaced after approximately five refillings. Using a pod for too long can lead to poor flavour and affected performance of the device; replacement pods are available in packs of two, either from upends.com or your local retailer. 

Good luck to everyone stepping out on the path to quitting smoking through vaping!